Party Time 1

Useful formulae:

=SUM(A1+B1) Addition

=SUM(A1:A20) Addition of a set of numbers (sum)

=SUM(A1-B1) Subtraction

=SUM(A1*B1) Multiplication

=SUM(A1/B1) Division

Ten friends have a total of £100 to spend on a birthday party.

Forty people will be attending the party, so they need to carefully consider what food and drink to buy with their £100.

The local shop sells the items below at the given prices:

Canned drinks 40p

Sandwiches 50p

Crisps 15p

Jelly 30p

Sausage rolls 60p

1. Copy the spreadsheet that is shown started below.

2. Write the formula for Cost X Quantity To Buy into the Money Spent column.

3. Copy it down the spreadsheet by clicking and dragging the small square in the corner of the cell.

4. Use the sum function to display the Total Spent so far.

5. Now add values into the Quantity To Buy  column so that exactly £100 is spent on party food and drink.

6. Apply currency formatting to any cells that contain money.

7. Save your work call it – PARTY


Food / Drink


Quantity To Buy

Money Spent

Canned drinks
















Sausage rolls






Total Spent =