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Magna Britannia, Worcestershire (1721) records a fleeting reference to the then tiny village of Cradley  

Cradley Links wishes to record our sincere thanks to Mr Rod Neep of The Archive CD Books Project for his generous permission to reproduce this excerpt.

The Archive CD Books Project exists to make reproductions of old books, documents and maps available on CD to genealogists and historians, and to co-operate with libraries, museums and record offices in providing money to renovate old books in their collection.

Cradeley, the Lordfhip and Eftate of John de Someri, Baron Dudley, who having no Iffue Male, left his Inheritance to his two Sifters, Margaret and Joan, which laft married Thomas de Botetort, and brought her Part of the Eftate of Someri's into his Family ; fhe, I Edw. III. procured a Charter for Free Warren in all her Demefne Lands in this Place, and fome others; fhe died 12 Edw. III. and left her Son John fole Heir of her Lands. He died 9 Rich. II. and Joyce, the Wife of Sir Hugh Burnel, was found his Coufin and next Heir ; but fhe dying without Iffue, the Sifters of John Botetourt, and their Children, were Heirs to his Eftate; yet the faid Sir Hugh having had Children by her, enjoyed this Manor and fome other of her Eftates during Life. We have no Information how this Manor paffed in the Divifion, but find it in the Poffeffion of John Lord Dudley and his Son Edward, in the Reigns of King Edw.VI. and Queen Mary, in whofe Time this Manor being in the Crown by Reafon of the Attainder of John, Duke of Northumberland, was beftowed upon the faid Edward, from whom it had been unjuftly taken by the Duke.

Magna Britannia, Worcestershire (1721)

Magna britannia, Worcestershire 1721