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Policeman's startling Discovery – County Express 02.07.1910

 P.C. Bricknell  had a most sensational surprise yesterday (  Friday)  morning, at 3:30. He was passing the police station in Colley Lane, when he noticed the man lying within the railings which are erected in front of the station. on closer inspection he found that the man's throat was cut and blood flowing freely, but he was not unconscious. Bricknell immediately called up P.S. Nobes,and P.C. Ashford also arrived on the scene.

Meantime Dr Belbin was sent for, the man was removed into the station and bathed, and when Dr Belbin arrived he dressed the wound, which was about 1 ½ inches long, following which the man was removed to the workhouse Infirmary.

It transpired that his name is Harry Willetts, age 37, a chain striker, of Little Hill, Cradley.  He gave the police no reason for the attempt on his life, or why a police station had been selected as the place for the purpose. The wound is not a serious one. A pocket knife covered with blood was found on the ground near the man.

Policeman's startling  discovery

Policeman's startling Discovery – County Express 02.07.1910