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The Cradley 2020 project was undertaken during the summer of 2020 to photograph as many key places in Cradley as possible. This was done to provide a visual record that will become more important as time goes on and also to allow direct comparisons of how streets and places have changed over the last 100 years.

The Majority of these photographs were taken digitally. However those that are for direct comparison with older photographs were taken on high quality medium format film for the best possible archival images.

The galleries below show both Cradley  as it was in 2020 along with a video showing direct comparisons of certain areas such as Windmill Hill, Colley Lane etc. throughout the last century. It is interesting to see what has changed and some of the curious things that have survived relatively unchanged.

Cradley Then & Now Comparison Images

Cradley 2020

Central Cradley - Colley lane, Mapletree Lane, Furlong Lane, Homer Hill.

Colley Gate, Windmill Hill & Drews Holloway

Fatherless Barn

Netherend and Lyde Green



Two Gates

All images were taken by Stephen Cox during July & August 2020