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The Advertiser, 12 January 1861

On New Year's Day, and subsequently on the 8th of January, the amount subscribed to the above fund was distributed in blankets, flannels, and other articles of clothing, to more than 200 people residing in the parish of Cradley, about half the number being poor old men and widows. The distribution took place in the National School Room and was superintended by Mr. and Mrs. Hingley, Mr. Thomas Wood, and Mr. J. W. Aston, by whom the circumstances of each applicant were previously investigated. The following is a list of subscribers :- J. H. H. Foley, Esq., £5 ; Lord Lyttelton, £3 ; Hon. F. H. W. 0. Calthorpe, M.P., £2 ; Messrs. Samuel Evers and Sons, £10 ; Messrs. N. Hingley and Sons, £5 ; Messrs. Harper and Moore, £3 ; Messrs. King Brothers Brothers, £3 3s. ; New British Iron Company, £5 ; Mr. Thomas Wood, £5 ; Mr. Jeston Homfray, £5 ; Mr. Joe Purser, £5 ; Mr. J. W. Aston, £1 ; Mr. Jos. Wythes, £1.

Cradley poor relief fund 1861