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Data from the field and house survey of 1785

Cradley Links wishes to record our sincere thanks to Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt for their generous permission to reproduce these excerpts from their book, "The History of Cradley: A Survey of Cradley and the Enclosure Book".

Feld survey

Please note: The field survey only shows information which is additional to the 1782 survey.

 The same Field Numbers have been used as in the 1782 survey.

House survey

 ALL the information relative to houses is shown, but houses are not numbered.

Field & house survey 1785

© Copyright 2002 Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt.

Reproduced with permission.

1785 field survey

Field NoOwnerOccupierField NameObservations
12  Garden 
48Oliver  Sold to Thos. Biggs
81  Far Coalpit Leasow 
82  Hither Coalpit Leasow 
83  The Little Meadow 
107  1st Smithy Croft 
108  Middle Smithy Croft 
109  Far Smithy Croft 
113   Sold to Mr Croft
156  The over ends 
158  The Pleck 
171  Meadow late Bloomer 
172  Two Mill Fields 
173  Part of the pool 
193   Sold to Mr Brettell
198   Sold to Thos. Pargeter F
205Pargeter FIn handColman Hill InhedgePurchased off Cox, Hedger & John Rock
244   Sold to Mr Brettell
252  Headlands by Paradise 
260   Sold to Mr Pargeter Foxcote
260OliverMichael PrattCrooked DolesSold to Mr Pargeter Foxcote
275Tay, John senIn handBy Fatherless PieceSold to Sam'l Westwood
312  In Big MeersPurchased off Cox & Dancer
333   Sold to Edward Pitt
341  In the Butts 
345  Downings InhedgeSold to Mr Pargeter F
370  House & garden 
386  Round Inhedge 
387  Bloomers Close 
390  New Inhedge 
404   By Cradley Park
422Edwd. PittIsaac RockMarlpit HillSold to Richard Eaton
427Eaton, RichdIn handMarlpit BankPurchased of Jn. Hedger & Jeptha Gaunt
442  In Coleman Field 
443  In Coleman Field 
444  In Coleman Field 
446   Sold to Thos. Pargeter F
451   Sold to Nathaniel Cox
458  Dirty Piece 
459   Sold to Benj. Male & given up again

1785 house survey

All the houses are given the same value of 30 shillings.

Owner Occupier Situation Observations
Robert BloomerIsaac RockThe M HouseAt a place called the Ems
Robert BloomerIsaac MoorHouse & gardenColman Hill
Wm BloomerIn handCottage & gardenAt Cradley Forge
Giles BloomerIn handCottage & gardenUnder the Hill nr Attwoods Forge
Buffery, Jos. junIn handCottage & gardenNear Cradley Pound
Buffery, John senIn handCottage & gardenBelow Cradley Pound
Buffery Saml.In handCottage & gardenAbove Cradley Pound
Brettell, Jos. BrIn handHouse & gardenAt Netherton,(Netherend) bought of Thos. Brettell
Brettell, Jos. BrWm. CookHouse & gardenAt Overend
Brettell, Jos. BrJonathan CrumptonHouse & gardenNear the well at Cradley
Brettell, Jos. BrSarah BurleyHouse & gardenAbove the last
Brettell, Wm.In handCottage & gardenAt Brettle Town nr the Rod Mill
Bird Thos.Benj. BeesleyHouse & gardenNr Light Green
Burley, Thos.Will. BeesleyHouse & gardenBy the Methodist meeting
Beesley, Wm. senIn handCottage & gardenUnder the hill nr Attwoods Forge
Brecknell, JohnRichd. ForestHouse & gardenAt Netherend
Biggs, ThosThos. AllchurchHouse at Homer Hill 
Biggs, ThosJn. BrecknellHouse at Netherend 
Biggs, ThosRichd. BoxHouse by Park side 
Biggs, ThosSam. BeddallHouse at 2 Lanes end 
Biggs, ThosWill. HarrisHouse at Maypole Inn 
Biggs, ThosJames Bloomer senHouse nr Cradley Forge 
Biggs, ThosWm. ForestHouse nr 2 Lanes end 
Biggs, ThosThos. PriceHouse at Homer Hill 
Cox, JohnJn. HollowayLate Downings House 
Cox, JohnThos. DarbyHouse & gardenAt Cradley
Deeley, GeorgeIn handCottage & gardenAt Brettell Town at the Rod Mill
Drew, Richd.In handCottage & gardenBelow Cradley Pound (under lease)
Franks, Thos.In handHouse & gardenIn Cradley
Flyfield, JnIn handCottage & gardenAt Light Green next the Stour
Forrest, Edwd.In handCottage & gardenBelow Cradley Pound
Forrest, Saml.In handCottage & gardenAdjoining the above
Green, Thos.In handCottage & gardenThe Pound House
Grove, Wm.In handCottage & gardenAt Cradley forge
Gosling, Richd.Sam Forrest junHouse & garden 
Gosling, Richd.Jn. ParksHouse & garden 
Hipkiss, JohnJos. Beesley senHouse & gardenNear the Well in Cradley
Haden, JohnThos. FoxallHouse & garden 
Hodgetts, Benj.Thos HainesHouse & orchardAt Overend
Hodgetts, Benj.Mary CoxHouse & gardenAt Overend
Hill, PhebeJames CoxHouse & gardenHigh town in Cradley
Hadley, SarahJonathan CoxHouse & gardenNear the stocks in Cradley
Jones, Jn.In handHouse & garden 
Jones, Jn.Wm. BloomerHouse & garden 
Pargeter, T. FJos. HadenHouse 
Peshall, Sir JohnJn. ForestHouse & gardenAt High town in Cradley
Pitt, Edwd.Isaac RockHouse 
Parkes, Jos.In handCottage & gardenAt Light Green
Parry, JohnIn handHouse, garden & orchardIn Cradley
Reading, MosesIn handHouse & garden 
Smith, FerdinandoDudley BagleyHouse 
Skelding, MaryJn. FeldonHouse & garden 
Souden, MaryIn handCottage & gardenAt Light Green
Tay, John senIn handHouse & garden 
Townsend, JohnJohn InstoneHouseAt the Wardens
Townsend, JohnBenj. MaleHouse 
Tibbetts, Thos.Abraham SitchHouse & gardenIn Cradley
Taylor, Wm. Cottage & gardenUnder the Hill by Attwoods Forge
Thompson, Thos.Thos. GreenHouse & garden 
Thompson, Thos.Saml. ForestHouse & garden 
Westwood, Saml.Fr. HouzenHouse 
Walker, WmIn handCottage & gardenAt Light Green
Whorton, Jos.In handCottage & gardenAt bottom of Cradley next the Stour
Whorton, Wm.In handHouse & gardenNear the Well in Cradley (supposed to Phoebe Hill's)