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Every dwelling place in Cradley in 1782, together with the owner and occupier, and an indication of its location, and the quantity and value of land belonging to each proprietor

Cradley Links wishes to record our sincere thanks to Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt for their generous permission to reproduce these excerpts from their book, "The History of Cradley: A Survey of Cradley and the Enclosure Book".

In pursuance of the aforesaid order of Sessions & also upon application of the Overseers of the poor of ye said Hamlett, we, the said Harry Court & William Callow have valued the rateable property therein for the relief of the Poor and made an assessment therefrom at 5d in the pound.

House survey 1782
NoOccupiers Proprietors Situation  Annual value
73Appleby, JohnLord of the manorLight GreenTenement & garden 154
94Allchurch, Thos.Biggs, Thos.Homer HillBuildings & land83196
97Allchurch, Thos.Townsend, john Land2492
101Allchurch, Thos.Buffery, Humph.Near Park woodLand1183
130Allchurch, Thos.Amphlett, JohnIn CradleyBuildings & land3389
331Allchurch, Thos.Hadley, Mrs Land 146
330Allchurch, Thos.Reed, John Land3158
329Allchurch, Thos.Pargeter, T. B Land258
142Allchurch, Thos.Attwood, Jas. Land51811
170Allchurch, Thos.Southwick, JohnCradleyLand6190
165Allchurch, JohnPowell, Saml.CradleyLand 140
143Allchurch, JohnPargeter T. FCradleyBuildings & land597
277Allchurch, JohnHaydon, John Land646
328Allchurch, JohnHospital land   140
193Andrass, Jas.Tibbetts, Thos.CradleyA tenement 160
258Appleby, JasHodgetts, Benj.Upper EndTenement, shop [1] & garden140
231Attwood, Geo.& Prop.Near Ash BankBuildings, 2 mills & land44112
4Bloomer, Jas.Webb, EdwardNetherendTenement & garden1168
167Bloomer, Thos.Cox, JohnCradleyTenement & garden100
8Brettell, Wm.Lord of the manorNetherendTenement & garden1168
9Brettell, NoahLord of the manorNetherendTenement & garden1168
13Brookes, Saml.Crane, JohnNetherendTenement, shop & garden168
23Baker, Rev.Dissenting Co.NetherendMessuage [2] & buildings7134
24Brettell, Jos.& Prop.NetherendMessuage & buildings2168
80Brettell, Jos.Brettell, MaryNetherendTenement & garden   
26Brookes, PhebeBrettell, Jos.NetherendTenement & garden100
27Brecknell, JohnBiggs, Thos.NetherendMessuage, buildings & land19410
28Brecknell, John& Prop.NetherendLand339
383Brecknell, JohnFor tithesNetherend  24
30Brettell, MarthaMillward, Benj.NetherendTenement & garden 100
31Bloomer, Saml.Millward, Benj.NetherendTenement & garden100
34Beddal, Saml.Biggs, Thos.NetherendBuildings & land6117
41Bloomer, Jas.Biggs, Thos.Netherend 1168
42Brettell, Thos.& Prop.NetherendLand546
382Brettell, Thos.For tithes Pasture   
48Bloomer, Wm.Lord of the manorNetherendTenement, shop & garden168
171Bloomer, Wm.Jones, JohnNetherendTenement 134
59Bird, RichardLord of the manorNetherendTenement & garden 134
69Brettell, John junLord of the manorLight GreenTenement & garden 168
71Brettell, John senLord of the manorLight GreenTenement & garden100
80Brettell, Jos.Brettell, MaryNetherendTenement, shop & garden1168
85Box, Richd.Biggs, Thos.Mitchell FarmBuildings & land5172
86Biggs, Thos.& Prop.Part of do.Land886
91Bissell, IsaacPowellCuckold's CornerBarn, stable & land1582
98Bissell, IsaacPargeter Thos.Nr Park WoodMessuage, shop & garden600
102Buffery, MaryBuffery, Humph.Nr Park WoodTenement & garden100
103Buffery, Humph.& Prop.Nr Park WoodWarehouse & stable 154
129Brook, Thos.Hicken, Geo.Nr Park WoodTenement & garden100
139Burley, Wm.Burley, JohnColley GateTenement, shop & garden1134
145Burley, Richd.Newton , widowCradleyTenement, shop & garden168
149Barnett, Geo.Hill, widowCradleyTenement & garden 168
152Bloomer, SarahAllchurch, Thos.CradleyTenement & garden100
153Bloomer, SarahBloomer, SarahCradleyA shop 68
154Buffery, Saml.& PropCradleyTenement & garden 188
156Bloomer, BoazLilly, Saml.CradleyTenement, shop & garden134
157Brettell, Martha& PropCradleyTenement 168
162Bate, Richd.Powell, Saml.CradleyTenement, shop & garden110
167Bloomer, Thos.Cox, JohnCradleyTenement, shop & garden100
216Bloomer, Thos.Brettell, Jos.CradleyShop & garden 100
195Buffery, Jos.Lord of the manorCradleyTenement, shop & garden 168
377Buffery,John junLord of the manorCradleyTenement, shop & garden 168
378Buffery,John senLord of the manorCradleyTenement, shop & garden 168
229Buffery, Saml.Lord of the manorCradleyTenement, shop & garden 188
198Bridgewater, SarahLord of the manorCradleyTenement 100
202Buffery, NoahGrovenor, JohnCradleyTenement100
208Beardsley, Jos.HipkissCradleyTenement100
215Burley, IsaacBrettell, Jos.CradleyTenement & garden154
219Beesley, Jos.Burley, Jas.CradleyTenement, shop & garden114
221Beesley, Wm.Burley, Thos.CradleyBuildings & garden1100
222Beesley, Wm.Millward, Thos.CradleyLand 189
240Bloomer, GilesLord of the manorCradleyTenement, shop garden & orchard168
241Beesley, JohnLord of the manorCradleyTenement & garden100
285Bache, Wm.Cashman, widowCradleyTenement, shop & garden154
287Bennett, Saml.Smith, Thos.Colman HillTenement, shop & garden168
292Bloomer, MissBloomer, Robt.Colman HillMessuages & buildings4134
308Beesley, Jos.Cole, JohnTwo GatesTenement, garden & land218
313Bache, JohnLord of the manor Buildings & land3115
333BeesleyRead, John Land 44
327Bowater, Wm.& Prop. Land4150
334Brettell, Jos.Pargeter T. F Land 52
335Brettell, Jos.For Biggs, Thos. Land 52
349Bache, Thos.Bloomer, Robt.Two GatesTenement & garden120
87Biggs, Thos.& Prop.Light GreenLand1080
380Biggs, Thos.For tithes  932
125Brettell, Jos. Blacksmith& Prop.Colley GateBuildings & land6141
376Buffery, JosLord of the manorCradleyTenement, shop & garden168
10Croft, Richd.Lord DudleyNetherendBuildings & land. Part of a forge2943
78Croft, Richd.Lord of the manorHell HoleGarden or Pleck 40
14Carter, Richd.Crane, JohnNetherendBuildings & garden2134
21Colley, John& Prop.NetherendTenement & garden120
22Coley, Saml.& Prop.NetherendTenement, shop & garden1100
83Coley, Saml.Townsend, JohnNetherendTenement, shop & garden1134
53Crompton, HenryLord of the manorLight GreenTenement, shop & garden100
76Cox, MaryLord of the manorHell HoleTenement, shop & garden1134
200Cox, MarySouthwick, JohnHell HoleTenement, shop & garden1120
81Cox, HenryMary BrettellHell HoleTenement, shop & garden134
89Creed, JohnPowell, RevdCuckold's CornerTenement & garden168
105Cox, Nathan& Prop.Near Park woodTenement, shop & garden154
236Cox, NathanLord of the manorNear Ash BankTenement & garden 168
118Cole, ElizabethPearsall, Jas.Colley GateTenement 134
127Cox, Thos.Hicken, Geo.Colley GateTenement, shop & garden134
148Cox, JamesHill, widowCradleyTenement & garden100
186Cox, JamesTibbitts, Thos.CradleyTenement & garden 180
164Cox, Wm.Brettell, John jun.CradleyTenement, shop & garden154
176Cox, JonathanHadley, MrsCradleyTenement & garden120
359Coley, MaryTibbitts, Thos.CradleyTenement, shop & garden140
365Cox, JohnCox, John @ Rod MillCradleyTenement & garden 168
367Cox, Wm.Low, JohnCradleyTenement, shop & garden134
379Cox, Jas.Lord of the manorCradleyTenement, shop & garden 168
212Crumpton, JonathanBrettell, Jos.CradleyTenement & garden100
213Cox, JosephHill, PhoebeCradleyTenement 74
234Christopher, WmAttwood, Geo.Near Ash BankTenement & garden168
250Cox, EdwardBrettell, Jos.Upper EndTenement, shop & garden134
261Cliff, Jas.Cox, JohnUpper EndTenement & garden134
264Cook, Wm.Brettell, Jos.Upper EndHouse, shop & garden1120
266Cox, LewisHouseman, FrancisUpper EndTenement & garden134
196Cox, JohnLord of the manorCradleyTenement, shop & garden 168
297Cliff, JohnPargeter, T. BAt Two GatesBuildings & land2187
232Chandler , Wm.Mee, Richd. Land6193
279Cox, John& Prop. Smith Coppice110
6Deeley, Geo.Lord of the manorNetherendTenement, shop & garden100
12Drew, Benj.Crane, JohnNetherendTenement, shop & garden168
51Darby, Thos.Biggs, Thos.NetherendBuildings & land331
362Darby, Thos.Cox, JohnNetherendTenement & garden128
363Darby, Thos.Cox, JohnNetherendHouse, buildings & garden288
197Darby, Thos.Lord of the manorCradleyStable, shop & warehouse 134
375Drew, Richd.Lord of the manorCradleyTenement, shop & garden100
70Davis, SolomonLord of the manorLight GreenTenement & garden 154
108Deeley, Richd.Brettell, widowLight GreenTenement, shop & garden1168
120Drew, Saml.Cox, JohnColley GateBuildings & land180
173Drew, Saml.Jones, MarkCradleyTenement & garden100
126Darby, Saml.Pargeter, T. BColley GateHouse, offices, stable & garden234
134Drew, Wm.Woodcock, WalterColley GateTenement & garden100
151Dillard, Jos.Allchurch, Thos.CradleyTenement, shop & garden120
189Drew, Richd.Bird, Jos.CradleyTenement & garden 180
204Davis, JohnTibbitts, Thos.CradleyTenement & shop120
243Deeley, Jos.& Prop.Upper EndBuildings & land13130
336Deeley, Jos.Pargeter T. F Land31211
252Dowler, Thos.Lea, Wm.Upper EndBuildings, house & land497
255Dowler, Thos.Lord of the manor Land 50
339Dowler, Thos.Gaunt, Saml. Land343
306Dicks, Wm.Westwood, Saml.Upper EndTenement, bakehouse & shop154
312Dicks, Daniel& Prop.Upper EndBuildings & land5810
337Dicks, DanielBiggs, Thos.   168
259Edwards, Wm.Hodgetts, Benj.Upper EndTenement, shop & garden140
268Edwards, Jos.Westwood, Saml.Upper EndTenement, shop & garden 174
316Eaton, Rich.& Prop Windmill & land11183
338Eaton, Rich.Hospital feoffees Land 196
20Forrest, Rich.Breaknall, JohnNetherendTenement, shop & garden134
36Forrest, widowBiggs, Thos.NetherendTenement, shop & garden168
56Forrester, SarahLord of the manorNetherendTenement & garden 134
57Flyfields, JohnLord of the manorNetherendTenement, shop & garden168
121Foxall, Thos.Haden, JohnColley GateHouse, warehouse & garden1148
144Fownes, SarahPargeter, T. BCradleyTenement & garden 148
150Forrest, SusannaAllchurch, Thos.CradleyTenement & garden 134
159Forrest, JohnPearsall, John senCradleyTenement, shop & garden114
307Forrest, JohnPowell, Jas.CradleyBuildings & land41210
340Forrest, JohnHospital land Land11811
341Forrest, JohnMillward esq. Land 22
342Forrest, JohnBloomer, Robt. Land239
179Forrest, Saml.Cox, JohnCradleyBuildings & land916
364Forrest, Saml.Hedger, JohnCradleyBuildings & land600
374Forrest, Saml. junLord of the manorCradleyLarge shop 154
182Forrest, Benj.Reading, MosesCradleyTenement & garden120
185Franks, JohnTibbetts, Thos.CradleyTenement 160
191Franks, Thos.& Prop.CradleyBuildings & garden2168
192Forrest, EnochTibbetts, Thos.CradleyTenement & garden100
360Fieldhouse, Eliz.Cox, JohnCradleyTenement 188
373Forrest, Edwd.Lord of the manorCradleyHouse, buildings & garden1100
211Felton, JohnSkelding, MaryCradleyTenement, shop & garden180
218Forrest, Jos.Gosling & FieldCradleyTenement & garden180
220Forrest, Wm.Burley, Wm.CradleyTenement, shop & garden114
272Foxall, Richd.Gaunt, Saml.CradleyTenement, shop & garden1134
303Forrest, Wm.Westwood, Saml.At Two GatesTenement & garden 168
304Forrest, Wm. JunWestwood, Saml.At Two GatesTenement, shop & garden100
343Foxall, Jos.Bissell, Isaac Land118
311Foxall, Jos.Lea, JohnAt Two GatesBuildings & land986
300Foxall, Jos.Blick, Richd.Coleman HillTenement & garden1134
2Grovener, John& Prop.NetherendTenement, shop & garden234
17Grove, OliverHollier, Mrs.NetherendTenement & garden134
40Grove, OliverBiggs, Thos.NetherendTenement & garden 134
44Grove, OliverLord of the manorNetherendTenement & garden100
49Grove, Wm.Lord of the manorNetherendTenement, shop & garden134
75Grigg, AbrahamPhillips, Rev.The HayesLand1712
128Grove, MarkHicken, Geo.Colley GateTenement, shop & garden134
370Green, Thos.Hedger, JohnCradleyTenement & garden100
194Green, Thos.Lord of the manorCradleyTenement, shop & garden100
317Grove, MarkMillward, Thos. Windmill & land8196
39Homer, HannahBiggs, Thos.NetherendTenement, shop & garden1100
43Harris, Wm.Biggs, Thos.Maypole InnBuildings & land1824
67Homer, BendyLord of the manorLight GreenTenement & garden 154
99Haydon, Jos.Pargeter, Thos.Nr. Park WoodBuildings & land2511
109Heathcock, SamlPargeter, Thos.Nr. Park WoodTenement, shop & garden1100
132Hacket, JohnWoodcock, WalterColley GateTenement & garden100
133Hill, Wm.Woodcock, WalterColley GateTenement & garden154
137Harris, Eliz.Grovenor, JohnColley GateTenement & garden 86
140Harris, JohnGrovenor, JohnColley GateHouse & buildings2134
256Harris, JohnFerdi Smith esq.Upper EndTenement & garden100
275Harris, JohnCox, JohnUpper EndLand470
344Harris, JohnBiggs, Thos. Land970
345Harris, JohnBrettell, Blacksmith Land 1910
146Harper, Jos.Newton, widowColley GateTenement, shop & garden1100
163Hingsley, Saml.Brettell, John junColley GateTenement & garden 168
199Hickman, Saml.Ferdinand SmithCradleyBuildings & land111211
203Horton, Jas.Woodward, JohnCradleyTenement, shop & garden 168
224Harper, NehemiahGroves, JohnCradleyTenement & garden134
235Harper, NehemiahLord of the manorNr. Ash BankTenement, shop & garden 174
225Harris, JohnGroves, Jos.CradleyTenement, shop & garden1100
237Harper, Wm.Lord of the manorCradleyTenement & shop 168
238Holloway, Saml.Lord of the manorNr. Ash BankTenement, shop & garden154
246Haydon, Wm.Brettell, Jos.Upper EndTenement & garden 168
263Holloway, JohnCox, JohnUpper EndBuildings & land221011
265Haines, Thos.Hodgetts, Benj.Upper EndBuildings & land2100
267Houseman, FrancisWestwood, SamlUpper EndBuildings & land 101
284Hingley, Saml. senBloomer, RobertUpper EndLand2326
288Horton, Saml.Bloomer, RobertUpper EndTenement & garden134
289Harris, NoahBloomer, RobertUpper EndTenement & garden 168
283Hingley, Saml. junBloomer, RobertColman HillBuildings & land2200
298Harris, Jos. junBissell, IsaacAt Two GatesTenement buildings & garden168
299Harris, Jos. senBissell, IsaacAt Two GatesTenement & garden 134
305Homer, JesseWestwood, SamlAt Two GatesTenement & garden 180
315Hill, WaldronHospital land Buildings & land3918
346Hill, Francis& Prop. Land629
82Instone, JohnTownsend, JohnNetherendTenement & garden168
95Jones, JohnBiggs, Thos. Land 159
110James, Jos.Pargeter T. B.Park WoodTenement, shop & garden100
119James, Saml.Cox, JohnColley GateBuildings & land100
166Jones, MarkAmphlett esq.CradleyHouse, shop & orchard2134
172Jones, John& Prop.Blue Ball InnHouse & buildings3138
281Ingley, Wm.Tay, JohnUpper EndTenement & garden120
29Kenrick, HenryBiggs, Thos.NetherendTenement & garden 180
32Kenrick, Jos.Millward, BenNetherendTenement, shop & garden168
37Kenrick, JohnBiggs, Thos.NetherendTenement & garden 168
93Kenrick, widowBiggs, Thos.Homer HillTenement & garden 140
33Kenrick, Jos.Biggs, Thos.NetherendTenement, shop & garden 1610
166Kenrick, Wm.Cox, JohnCradleyTenement & garden 174
16Lambert, Saml.Crane, JohnNetherendTenement & garden134
106Laugher, Wm.& Prop.Colley GateTenement, shop & garden1100
169Laugher & HancoxCox, JohnCradleyWarehouse & stable234
290Lea, John& Prop.Colman HillBuildings & land7270
347Lea, Mrs& Prop. Land3164
348Lea, JohnHaydon, John Part of new Inhedge 1910
190Lawrance SturgesFranks, Thos.CradleyTenement & garden114
50Mayberry, Wm.Biggs, Thos.NetherendTenement & garden134
65Mansell, JohnBird, Jos.NetherendTenement, shop & garden134
96Male, Benj.Pargeter T. B. Land280
115Male, Benj.Townsend, JohnColley GateBuildings & land8148
223Mansell, SaraBurley, Richd.CradleyTenement & garden 168
247Mason, JamesBrettell, Jos.Upper EndTenement, shop & garden154
249Mosley, MaryBrettell, Jos.Upper EndTenement & garden 148
262Mason, Benj.Cox, JohnUpper EndTenement & large garden180
280Mum, Wm.Tay, JohnBanners LaneTenement, shop & garden154
318Moor, IsaacBloomer, RobertColman HillTenement, shop & large garden1120
320Moor, JamesLord of the manorColman HillTenement, garden & pleck168
385Mee,& Prop. for tithes  105
325Millward, Thos.& Prop. Land53611
381Millward, Thos.for Rectorial tithes  3796
46Newton, Jas.& Prop.NetherendTenement, shop & garden134
55Newton, Saml.& Prop.Light GreenTenement & garden 168
369Newton, Eph.Low, JohnCradleyRose Inn, house & buildings248
209Nock, Benj.Franks, Thos.CradleyTenement & garden 134
245Newton, Eph.Biggs, Thos. Land 175
3Oliver, widow& Prop.NetherendBuildings & land780
273Overseers of the Poor-Upper EndFour tenements & garden2134
1Pargeter Thos& Prop.NetherendBuildings & land4310
5Parkes, Hump.Lord of the manorNetherendTenement, shop & garden120
15Parkes, Hump.Crane, JohnNetherendTenement, shop & garden1100
18Parkes, JohnHollier or Oliver, widowNetherendTenement & garden134
60Parkes, Jos.Lord of the manorLight GreenTenement, shop & garden134
88Perkes, Thos.Powell, Revd.Cuckold's CornerTenement, shop & garden1134
90Pearson, Jos.Powell, Revd.Cuckold's CornerTenement & garden168
92Price, Thos.Biggs, Thos.Homer HillTenement, shop & garden 174
117Pearsall, James& Prop.Colley GateHouse, brewhouse & garden234
161Perrins, JohnPowell, Sam.CradleyTenement, shop & garden 160
175Parkes, JohnHadley, MrsCradleyTenement & garden120
181Parkinson, JohnReading, MosesCradleyTenement & garden120
184Parry, John& Prop.CradleyBuildings & orchard400
361Parkes, Jos.Cox, JohnCradleyTenement & garden140
368Perry, Wm.Low, JohnCradleyTenement & garden 188
205Pickerill, Jos.Tibbetts, Thos.CradleyTenement 148
248Passmore, PhebeBrettell, Jos.Upper EndTenement & garden 80
276Pargeter at Foxcott& Prop. Land19157
286Price, Thos.Smith, Thos.Colman HillTenement & garden100
296Powell, widow& Prop.At Two GatesBuildings & land2178
352Powell, widowBiggs, Thos.-Land174
354Powell, widowLea, John-Land278
355Powell, widowHospital landNr Two Gates  44
350Pargeter T. F.Hospital land Buildings & land2519
349Pargeter T. F.Biggs, Thos. Land4911
351Page, Thos.Durant, Revd Land1043
353Powell, Mrs& Prop. Land641
38Rodes, widowBiggs, Thos.NetherendTenement, shop & garden134
45Rock, ElijahLord of the manorNetherendTenement & garden100
54Richards, BenLord of the manorLight GreenTenement, shop & garden100
100Roper, Wm.Pargeter, Thos.Nr Park WoodTenement, shop & garden138
104Rose, Wm.Townsend, JohnNr Park WoodTenement & land1152
111Rose, JohnPargeter, T. BNr Park WoodTenement & garden100
112Rock, IsaacPitt, Edwd.Upper EndBuildings & land1223
278Rock, IsaacBloomer, RobertUpper EndBuildings & land181111
158Raybould, RichdPearsall, John senCradleyTenement, shop & garden148
180Reading, MosesGosling & FieldCradleyLand2155
183Reading, Moses& PropCradleyHouse & buildings568
206Round, Edwd.Tibbetts, Thos.CradleyTenement & shop154
210Robison, Jos.Hill, PhoebeCradleyTenement, shop & garden154
226Richards, MarthaGroves, Jos.CradleyTenement & garden100
254Rock, Thos.Lea, Wm.Upper EndTenement & garden120
274Raybole, Thos.& Prop. Land336
293Roberts, JohnHospital land Tenement, shop & garden134
356Roper, JohnPargeter, T. F. Land128
7Stafford, Wm.Lord of the manorNetherendTenement & garden100
19Seager, ObadiahHollier, MrsNetherendTenement & garden134
63Stringer, JudithBird, Jos.Light GreenTenement & garden 168
72Sowden, Thos.Lord of the manorLight GreenTenement & garden 154
74Sowden, widowLord of the manorLight GreenTenement, shop & garden100
77Shaw, JohnLord of the manorHell HoleTenement & garden134
160Sowden, RichdPowell, Saml.CradleyTenement, shop & garden100
187Sitch, AbrahamTibbetts, Thos.CradleyHouse, offices & garden200
233Simes, Saml.Attwood, Geo.Nr Ash BankTenement & garden168
251Siddaway, Thos.Lea, Wm.Upper EndA warehouse 168
253Sowden, Wm.Lea, Wm.Upper EndTenement, shop & garden120
314Stafford, JohnBiggs, Thos. Land12196
327Stafford, JohnLord DudleyAt Rod MillPleck of land1110
323Smith, Ferd.& Prop. Cornmill, house & garden3000
35Taylor, Thos.Biggs, Thos.NetherendHouse, shop & garden2168
84Townsend, John& Prop.NetherendBuildings & land4894
113Tay, JohnSkelding, Mary Land1166
116Tay, JohnBarrar Land 76
282Tay, John& Prop.Nr Colley GateBuildings & land1073
358Tay, JohnAmphlett esq. Land 43
114Tay, Wm.& Prop.Colley GateBuildings & land7180
122Tay, Wm.Pargeter, T. B. Land 112
123Tay, Wm.Biggs, Thos. Land463
357Tay, Wm.Hospital land - 145
141Tibbetts, Thos.BarrarCradleyBuildings & land3998
188Tibbetts, Thos.& Prop.CradleyTenement 180
155Taylor, Jona'nTay, Wm.CradleyTenement 154
227Trueman, JohnGrove, JohnAsh BankBarn & land3910
228Trueman, JohnAttwood, Geo.Ash BankHouse & buildings1168
239Taylor, Wm.Lord of the manorAsh BankTenement, shop, garden & orchard 168
242Trueman, JohnAttwood, Geo. Land 136
269Trueman, Jos.Gaunt, Saml.Upper EndTenement & garden100
64VoidBird, Jos.Light GreenTenement & garden 168
66VoidBird, Jos.Light GreenTenement & garden 168
47VoidLord of the manorNetherendTenement & garden134
366VoidCox, John at Rod MillCradleyTenement & garden 168
62VoidTibbetts, Thos.NetherendTenement & garden 168
138VoidWoodcock, Walt.Colley GateTenement & garden154
147VoidBrettell, Thos.CradleyTenement 134
174VoidJones, MarkBlue Ball InnTenement, smiths shop & garden1114
177VoidCox, JohnBlue Ball InnMansion House & buildings7134
178VoidCox, John Adjoining ditto a tenement 168
372VoidLord of the manorCradleyTenement, stable & garden168
217VoidGosling & FieldCradleyTenement, shop & garden180
230VoidAttwood, GeoNr Ash BankA messuage, offices etc.1000
256VoidFerd SmithUpper EndBuildings & land296
270VoidGaunt, Saml.Upper EndSlaughter house & stable 168
295Void  Tenement & garden168
309VoidLea, JohnAt Two GatesTenement, hogsty & garden100
310VoidLea, JohnAt Two GatesTenement & garden100
260Vaughan, JohnHodgetts, JohnUpper EndTenement, shop & garden140
11Webb, Edwd.Crane, JohnNetherendTenement, garden & land651
79Webb, Edwd.Brettell, Thos. Land10123
326Webb, Edwd.Brettell, Brickmaker Land 76
52Webb, Edwd.Biggs, Thos.Homer HillLand1200
25Wesson, Jos.Brettel, Thos.NetherendTenement, shop & garden134
58Walker, Wm.Lord of the manorLight GreenTenement & garden 134
61Worton, Eliz.Tibbetts, Thos.Light GreenTenement, shop & garden134
68Waldron, Fra.Lord of the manorLight GreenTenement & garden 154
107Wallace, Wm.Wittaker, Wm.Colley GateTenement, shop & garden120
124Woodward, JohnKettle, John Land 711
201Woodward, JohnSouthwick, JohnCradleyTenement, shop & garden168
135Willetts, Jas.Grovenor, JohnColley GateTenement, shop & garden1108
136Willetts, MarkGrovenor, JohnColley GateTenement, shop & garden1108
371Worton, Jos.Lord of the manorCradleyTenement, shop & garden100
201Woodward& Prop.CradleyTenement & garden with shop168
214Warton, Wm.Hill, PhoebeCradleyTenement & garden100
271Watson, JohnGaunt, Saml.Upper EndTenement & garden140
294Westwood, JobHospital feoffeesOldnallTenement & garden100
301Westwood, Sam.& Prop Pleck of land 109
302Westwood, John& PropUpper EndTenement, shop & garden134
322Winwood, Dan.& Prop. Land5111
321Winwood, Dan.Brettell, Thos. Building & land with mill25170
324Westcote, Lord& Prop. Cradley Wood34164
207Webster, Jos.HipkissCradleyTenement, shop & garden188
386Wilmett, Revd  For vicarial tithes3191
294Westwood, Job  Tenement & garden100
384Webb, EdwdBrettell, Thos.For tithes in upper
& lower Coal Pitt field pasture
244Yardley, JohnAmphlett, John Land2170

Quantity of Land belonging to each proprietor in Cradley

Attwood, GeorgeIn Hand0311
 Jn. Truman0336
Amphlett, JohnThos. Allchurch24201
 John Tay0034
 John Yardley1103
Attwood, JamesThos. Allchurch4025
Buffery Hump.Thos. Allchurch1010
Bowater, Will.In hand3315
Brettell, Jos. BlacksmithIn hand1336
 John Harris0307
Brettell, Thos.In hand4009
 Edw. Webb7012
 Daniel Winwood6337
Brettell, BricklayerEdw. Webb0113
Brecknall,In hand1215
Bloomer, RobertJohn Forrest110
 Sam. Hingley sen16317
 Sam Hingley jun10325
 Isaac Rock10302
Bissell, IsaacJos. Foxall0219
BarrowJohn Tay0121
 Tho. Tibbitts24207
Biggs, Tho.Tho. Allchurch61106
 Sam. Beddall3315
 Rich. Box4304
 Jos. Brettell Bl.0036
 Jn Brecknell10024
 Jn Darby2103
 Daniel Dicks0304
 Jn Harris7201
 Will Harris7324
 Jn Jones0204
 Jos Kendrick0114
 Eph. Newton0213
 Tho. Pargeter Fox3235
 Mrs Powell1034
 Will Tay2320
 Edw Webb7321
 Jn Stafford7327
 In hand15219
Cole. JohnJoseph Beesley0220
Cox, JohnIn hand323
 Sam Drew0230
 Sam Forest3037
 Jn Harris3015
 Jn Holloway12235
Crane, JohnEdw Webb2028
Dudley, LordJn Stafford0220
 Rich. Croft834
Deeley, Jos.In hand6332
Dicks, DanielIn hand2014
Durant, JnTho. Page8203
Eaton, Rich.In hand1215
GauntTho. Dowler2107
Grove, MarkIn hand030
GoslingMoses Reading1229
Grove, JosephJn Troman1334
Hadley, MrsTho. Allchurch0211
Haden, JnJn Allchurch4115
 Jn Lea0226
HospitalJn Allchurch0222
 Rich. Eaton0318
 Jn Forrest1231
 Waldron Hill27326
 Tho Pargeter19104
 Mrs Powell0020
 Will Tay0134
Hedger, JohnSam Forrest3113
Hill, FrancisIn hand515
Kettle, JohnJohn Woodward0107
Lea, WillTho. Dowler0225
Lea, JohnJos. Foxall5201
 In hand45314
 Mrs Powell1325
Lea, MrsIn hand2201
 Mrs Powell0139
Milward, Thos.Wm Beesley0135
 In hand41002
 Jn Forrest0015
Mee, RichW Chandler5015
Oliver, wid.In hand0129
Pargeter, Tho. B.In hand1523
 Tho. Allchurch1312
 Isaac Bissell0310
 Joseph Haden14201
 Benj. Male1217
 Jn Roper0325
 Will Tay0121
Powell, SamJn Allchurch0130
Powell, WillIsaac Bissell11109
Pargeter Tho. FIn hand15234
 Jn Allchurch2335
 Jos Brettell Black0036
 Jn Cliffe0024
 Joseph Deeley2217
Powell, Jas.Jn Forrest1308
Phillips, Rich.Ab. Grigg26012
Powell, MrsIn Hand4029
Pitt, EdwdIsaac Rock7127
Read, JohnTho. Allchurch2319
 Jos. Beesley0026
Raybould, Tho.In hand2019
Southwick, JohnTho. Allchurch410
Smith, Ferd.Sam Hickman400
Skelding, MaryJn Tay112
Townsend, JohnIn hand27120
 Thos Allchurch17312
 Benj. Male1330
 Will Rose0208
Tay, WillIn hand2305
Tay, JohnIn hand500
Winwood, Dan.In hand430
Westcoat, Lord[3]In hand69221
 Jn Bache1237
 Tho. Dowler0027
Westwood, Sam.In hand0109
 Fra. Houzen3310


[1] Note that a shop refers to a workshop rather than a retail outlet

[2] Messuage = A large dwelling house, usually with its surrounding land.

[3] Lord Westcoat was one of the titles held by Lord Lyttleton

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Reproduced with permission.

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