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A table prepared by the appointed Surveyor, Harry Court, in 1782/83, listing every owner and occupier of every field in Cradley, together with its name, acreage and the way in which the field was being put to use.

Cradley Links wishes to record our sincere thanks to Margaret Bradley and Barry Blunt for their generous permission to reproduce these excerpts from their book, "The History of Cradley: A Survey of Cradley and the Enclosure Book".

A Survey of Cradley Lands made by Harry Court in the years 1782 & 1783 with the Rate, and handed over by me to Lord Ward's Mines Office 17th day of August 1855.

Richard Court

Field survey 1782
No OwnerOccupier Name of field Crop Size (Acres)
1Rich. PhillipsAb. Grigg Pasture3.706
2DoDo Pasture3.262
3DoDo Pasture4.412
4DoDo Pasture2.194
5DoDo Pasture0.231
6DoDo Oats3.956
7DoDo Pasture3.225
8DoDo Pasture1.675
9Thos. BiggsIn hand Fallow1.594
10DoRich. Box Pasture1.931
11DoDo Pasture2.762
12DoDo  0.081
13DoIn handYork MeadowMeadow2.744
15DoDoFordraft CloseMeadow2.400
16Rich. PhillipsAb. GriggHays Dingle 3.412
17John TownsendIn handLower WardenPasture4.025
18DoDoCopy Warden 3.875
19DoDoLittle WardenPasture1.331
20DoDoUpper WardenPasture2.025
21DoDoGarden Homestead 0.931
22DoDoHouse, PleckMeadow0.400
23DoDoLower StockallPasture2.631
24DoDoWheat FieldMeadow5.300
25DoDoUpper StockallOats2.819
26PowellIsaac Bissell Meadow1.944
27DoDo Clover1.225
28DoDo Potato1.562
29DoDo Meadow1.712
30DoDo Wheat1.606
31DoDo Pasture1.969
32DoDoOrchard & Garden 0.312
33DoDo Wheat0.975
34DoDoGardens 0.156
35T Pargeter BJos. HadenColbourne CloseOats2.419
36DoDoThree cornered ClosePasture0.469
37John TownsendThos. AllchurchColly gate ClosePasture1.325
38DoDoBurfield InhedgeWheat2.900
39Thos. BiggsDoColly gate PieceSeeds1.419
40DoDoLong InhedgeFallow5.251
41DoEdward WebbMill CroftOats1.725
42DoDoPiece of land & dingleOats0.900
43DoJohn BrecknellThe HillWheat2.400
44DoThos. AllchurchHighway hill croftBarley3.644
46DoDoRick InhedgeBarley2.793
47DoDoHeadland in 9 landsWheat0.125
48Thos. MillwardIn hand Pasture0.750
49Thos. BiggsThos. AllchurchS w side the 9 landsWheat1.494
50T Pargeter BDoIn 9 landsWheat1.825
51Thos. BiggsDoIn 9 landsWheat0.264
52T Pargeter BJohn RoperDo Silver AcreWheat0.906
53DoBenj. MaleColly gate ClosePasture1.606
54Thos BiggsJohn JonesLittle SlingPasture0.525
55DoThos. AllchurchThe SladeSeeds4.019
55DoDoThe SlingPotato2.331
56DoDoSilver InhedgePeas3.025
57DoDoCradley InhedgeSeeds3.612
58Gosling & PainterMoses ReadingBank ley CloseSeeds1.681
59John HedgerSaml. ForestThe Moors & CoppiceSeeds3.331
60Thos. BiggsThos. AllchurchBarn CloseVetches3.825
61DoDoHomestead & Orchard 0.794
62DoDoHouse & Garden 0.119
63DoDoThe DolePasture6.725
65DoDoRoad ClosePotato0.881
66DoDoOx LeasowPotato7.975
67DoDoThe MeadowMeadow4.400
68DoSaml. BedallThe PinglePasture0.387
69DoDoStoney ClosePasture2.144
70DoDoHome ClosePasture1.312
71DoJos. KendrickGarden ground 0.337
72DoJohn Brecknell Pasture0.325
73DoDo Pasture1.025
74DoDoGreat Broody CroftPasture3.269
75DoDoUpper Broody CroftPasture2.937
76DoDoHomestead 0.194
77Thos. BrettellIn handBroody CroftPasture3.094
78DoDoHanging ClosePasture0.962
79DoEdward WebbUpper Coalpit FieldSeeds2.825
80DoDoLower Coalpit FieldPasture4.250
81Thos. BiggsJohn Stafford Clover2.837
82DoDo Pasture2.775
83DoDo Meadow2.306
84Lord DudleyDo Pasture0.625
85John CraneEdward Webb Meadow0.975
86DoDoHouse & Garden 0.244
87DoDo Meadow0.956
88DoDoHouse & Garden 0.257
89John BrecknellIn handRoundaboutPotato1.594
90T Pargeter BDoHomestead & Garden 0.694
91Widow OliverDoWorks & Garden 0.137
93T Pargeter BDoHouse meadowPasture2.712
94DoDoLong meadowMeadow3.331
95DoDoThe MoorPasture3.181
96DoDoLittle MoorPasture1.644
97DoDoMiddle MeadowPasture2.944
99Thos. BiggsWm. HarrisFar PiecePasture1.106
100DoDoStoney CloseBarley1.706
101DoDoMiddle FollymoorPasture2.775
102DoDoHither FollymoorMeadow2.131
103DoDoThe PleckPasture0.181
104DoThos. DarbyLamb PleckClover0.669
105DoDoDarby's HillBarley1.000
106DoDoRough adjoiningPasture0.600
107DoEdward Webb Meadow1.756
108DoDo Meadow1.750
109DoDo Wheat1.750
110Lord DudleyRich. Croft Meadow3.719
111DoDo Meadow4.306
112DoDoOsier Bed 0.750
113John AmphlettJohn YardleyLight green PieceMeadow1.269
114John SouthwickThos AllchurchSmart's meadowMeadow2.150
115John CoxSaml. ForestPinfold meadowMeadow3.231
116Thos. BiggsIn handLight green pieceSeeds3.700
119DoEphraim NewtonTibbatt's ClosePotato0.581
120John AmphlettThos AllchurchLight green leasowPasture2.137
122DoDoDo next Copy MoorPasture1.550
123John SouthwickDoCradley InhedgePotato2.131
124Fer. SmithSaml HickmanLower Towns meadowPotato1.212
125DoDoUpper Towns meadowMeadow2.825
126Jos. GroveJohn TrowmanPaddockSeeds1.450
127DoDoBarn ClosePotato0.512
128Do Houses & Garden 0.200
129Thos. MillwardWm. BeesleyBurley's ClosePasture0.469
130John AmphlettThos AllchurchJones's CloseBarley1.662
131DoDoThe LinnardsBarley0.581
132DoDoThe DingleBarley0.500
134Saml. PowellJohn AllchurchButler's CloseBarley0.437
135T Pargeter FDoHightown CloseBarley1.062
136John AmphlettThos AllchurchLand in Copt CroftWheat4.394
137DoDo Peas0.294
138James AttwoodDoPaled InhedgeSeeds2.225
139BarrarThos TibbatsCopt Croft InhedgePasture4.687
140Geo. AttwoodIn handOrchard near the MillPasture0.819
141Wm LeaThos DowlerOrchardPasture0.656
142Lord of the manorDo Job FlyfieldsPleck at OverendPotato0.169
143Jos DeeleyIn handBank CloseSeeds0.706
144DoDoHomestead & Garden 0.578
145DoDoPiece next the gardenPotato0.906
146DoDoCopt Croft InhedgeSeeds3.025
147DoDoAlms House CloseBarley1.737
148Geo AttwoodJohn TruemanSiden meadowPasture0.962
149BarrarThos TibbatsHomestead & Gardens 1.112
150DoDo Seeds0.644
151DoDoBig FurlongBarley3.687
152DoDo Pasture2.437
153DoDo Pasture2.225
154DoDo Barley2.025
155DoDo Clover3.006
156Robert BloomerIsaac Rock Pasture2.269
157DoDoThe Lower endsPasture2.981
158DoDo Potato0.225
159Saml. WestwoodFrancis HowzenThe PleckPotato0.481
160DoDoThe CroftPasture3.331
161Edward PittThos. RockBanners PiecePasture2.425
*DoDoPleck at the housePasture0.331
162John CoxJohn HollowayPleckPotato0.950
163DoDoMill meadowMeadow5.125
164DoDoWilkins CroftPasture2.375
165DoDoBridgewater's PieceOats1.712
166DoIn handThe Rough (or Smiths Cop.)Wood3.519
167DoJohn HollowayBanners PieceSeeds2.556
168John TayIn handDoPasture0.612
169Daniel WinwoodDoDoPasture1.437
171Thos BrettellDaniel WinwoodDoOats 
173DoDo}Part of w pool  
174DoDo}below the dam  
175Robert BloomerSam Hingley junUpper Mill fieldPasture3.650
176DoDo senLower Mill fieldPasture3.712
177DoDo jun Pasture2.644
178DoMrs BloomerHomestead & Garden 0.969
179DoSam Hingley junStable CroftPasture0.675
180DoDo Pasture1.225
181DoDo Pasture1.156
182DoDo Pasture1.556
183John LeaIn handHomestead & Orchard 2.156
184DoDoPaston's InhedgeWheat2.875
185DoDoRick CloseWheat3.856
186DoDoChurch HighwayFallow2.356
187 GauntThos DowlerPineapple PieceOats2.294
188John HadenJohn Allchurch Peas1.475
189DoDo Pasture2.869
190T PargeterJos. DeeleyChurch HighwayPasture2.606
191Robert BloomerIsaac RockFlaxen WallSeeds3.431
192John TownsendIn handStrutlandsBarley1.425
193John AmphlettThos MillwardIn Coleman FieldWheat0.825
194Robert BloomerIsaac RockDoOats0.869
195T Pargeter FJohn AllchurchDoWheat0.544
196Thos RaybouldIn handDirty PieceSeeds2.119
197Mrs HadleyThos AllchurchIn Coleman FieldWheat0.106
198John AmphlettDoDoWheat0.100
199Thos MillwardIn handDoPasture0.475
200Wm. BowaterDoDoBarley0.981
201Thos. BiggsJohn HarrisDoBarley1.637
202John CoxDoLower Hanging InhedgeSeeds1.450
203DoDoUpper Hanging InhedgeSeeds0.925
204Robert BloomerIsaac RockBloomer's InhedgeOats0.987
205T Pargeter FIn handColman Hill InhedgeSeeds1.931
206T Pargeter BJos. HadenInclosure by Colman FieldOats2.362
207Robert BloomerSam Hingley sen. Pasture3.837
208DoDo Pasture2.737
209DoDo Pasture1.887
210DoDoMillars ClosePasture1.506
211DoDo Pasture3.175
212John LeaIn handBroomy HaysSeeds6.637
213DoDoHolloway LeasoweBarley3.944
214DoDoNew Inhedge part ofSeeds3.312
212DoDoThe PaddockSeeds3.025
215DoDoPart of Great FurlongOats4.712
214John HadenJohn LeaPart of New InhedgeSeeds0.662
216John LeaIn handLittle FurlongBarley2.375
217Mrs Lea & sisterDoCalves CloseBarley1.581
218John LeaDoDoBarley1.956
219Thos. MillwardDoLittle Bull AcresPasture2.631
221DoDo Pasture2.537
222DoDo Pasture2.562
223DoDoGosty HillPasture2.131
224 BarrarThos Tibbats Wheat3.362
225T Pargeter FIn handLutlee Gutter InhedgePasture0.675
226Thos BiggsDaniel DicksLutlee Gutter FurlongSeeds0.350
227Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture0.594
228T Pargeter FDoDoSeeds0.612
229HospitalT Pargeter FNether Woo FieldSeeds0.306
230Wm. BowaterIn handDoBarley0.331
231Thos BiggsMrs PowellDo shooting to Match fur.Oats0.262
232HospitalWaldron HillDo doSeeds0.194
233Thos. MillwardIn handDo doPasture2.012
234John ReadThos. AllchurchDo shooting to Little GutterWheat0.362
235Wm. TayIn handIn Nether Woo FieldPasture0.356
236T Pargeter FJohn AllchurchDo shooting to Lutlee GutterPotato0.725
237Thos. MillwardIn handDo adjoining doPasture0.325
238DoDoBy Bull AcresPasture0.994
239 BarrarThos TibbatsHeadland at Dansel gapPasture0.231
240Thos. MillwardIn handIn Dansel gapPasture0.537
241Thos. BiggsMrs PowellDoWheat0.381
242Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture0.425
243T Pargeter FJohn AllchurchDoSeeds0.337
244John AmphlettThos AllchurchDoWheat0.194
245Thos. MillwardIn handDoBarley1.662
246John LeaDoDoWheat0.450
247Thos. MillwardDoDoPasture3.243
248John TownsendThos AllchurchFirst lot at Dansel gapBarley0.481
249Thos. BiggsDaniel DicksBy ParadisePasture0.250
250Mrs PowellIn handDoPasture0.594
251Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture0.212
252 BarrarThos TibbatsDo HeadlandsWheat0.550
253Thos. MillwardIn handCrooked DolesPasture0.375
254T Pargeter BJos. HadenDoWheat0.612
255Thos. BiggsThos AllchurchDoWheat0.306
256 BarrarThos TibbatsDoBarley0.350
257 Brettell BrEd. WebbDoSeeds0.331
258John TownsendThos AllchurchDoWheat0.325
259John LeaIn handDoWheat0.687
260Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture0.350
261HospitalT Pargeter F }
John Allchurch }
262John TayIn handDoWheat0.894
263John TownsendThos AllchurchDogtree Acre FurlongBarley0.731
264T Pargeter FIn handDoSeeds0.506
265HospitalWaldron HillDoSeeds0.300
266Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture1.356
267Wm BowaterIn handDoBarley0.831
268John AmphlettThos AllchurchDogtree AcreSeeds0.750
269Thos. BiggsMrs PowellDo FurlongOats0.350
270John TownsendThos AllchurchDo doWheat0.319
271T Pargeter BJohn HadenDo doWheat0.581
272Thos. MillwardIn handIn Match FurlongPasture2.531
273Mrs PowellIn handDoPasture1.787
274John TownsendThos AllchurchFatherless PieceWheat3.344
275John TayIn handBy Fatherless PiecePasture1.575
276Thos. MillwardIn handShooting to Lutlee GutterBarley1.019
277John TownsendThos AllchurchDoWheat0.969
278Richard MeeWm. ChandlerDoClover3.969
279John TownsendThos AllchurchBullocks InhedgeWheat1.756
280T Pargeter FIn handAdjoining Nether Woo FieldPasture1.581
281John LeaIn handHedge CornerSeeds5.600
282Edward PittThos. RockAdjoining Grove's FieldOats1.575
283John AmphlettThos AllchurchIn Grove's FieldBarley2.287
284Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture2.000
285T Pargeter FIn handDoSeeds0.344
286Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture0.381
287John AmphlettThos AllchurchDoWheat1.019
288Richard MeeWm ChandlerPearsall's PiecePasture1.125
289John TayIn handFar InhedgeSeeds1.687
290Thos. MillwardIn handIn Grove's FieldPasture0.687
291John TownsendThos AllchurchDoBarley0.887
292John AmphlettThos AllchurchDoBarley0.944
293T Pargeter FIn handDoSeeds0.620
294Thos. BiggsThos AllchurchLong ComptonPotato2.394
295John TownsendDoDoPotato3.162
296John ReadDoDicks InhedgeSeeds2.506
297Thos BiggsT Pargeter FHunts InhedgeSeeds1.919
298Francis HillIn handIn Lower MeersWheat0.719
299 T Pargeter FDoBarley0.369
300Francis HillIn handDoWheat1.144
301Thos BiggsT Pargeter FDoBarley0.750
302John LeaJos. FoxallSmock SkirtsSeeds4.837
303Francis HillIn hand Pasture1.844
304John DurantThos. PageFar Brook FurlongVetches4.125
305DoDoHither Brook FurlongFallow4.394
306Francis HillIn handBy Lutlee LanePasture0.106
307T Pargeter FIn handDoPasture0.087
308Francis HillIn handDoOats0.281
309John LeaMrs PowellFoxen DeanWheat1.906
310T Pargeter FIn handIn Big MeersSeeds1.275
311Thos. BiggsT Pargeter FDoSeeds0.275
312T Pargeter FIn handDoSeeds1.006
313HospitalT Pargeter FDoSeeds0.587
314T Pargeter FIn handDoSeeds0.606
315Francis HillIn handDoWheat0.500
316Thos. BiggsT Pargeter FDoWheat0.775
317T Pargeter FIn handDoBarley3.956
318Francis HillIn handDoWheat0.431
319T Pargeter FIn handDoWheat0.325
320Francis HillIn handDoWheat0.256
321HospitalWaldron HillGreen CloseOats4.675
322HospitalDoOldnall Gate InhedgeWheat6.000
323 T Pargeter F Pasture1.231
324Richard Blick House & Garden 0.112
325Sam. WestwoodIn handPleckPasture0.306
326Sam. Westwood House & Garden 0.212
327HospitalWaldron HillCausey InhedgePasture3.062
328T Pargeter FIn handBy Lutlee LaneSeeds1.131
329Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture0.694
330John TownsendThos. AllchurchDoSeeds0.425
331DoDoStevens PieceSeeds0.637
332Thos. MillwardIn handIn the ButtsPasture0.381
333John AmphlettThos. AllchurchDoBarley0.556
334T Pargeter FJos. Brettell WDoSeeds0.225
335Edward PittThos. RockDoSeeds0.281
337Thos. BiggsJos. Brettell BlDoSeeds0.225
338John TownsendThos. AllchurchBig InhedgeSeeds0.562
339T Pargeter FIn handDoSeeds0.325
341HospitalWaldron Hill }
John Forest }
342Thos. MillwardIn handDoPeas2.225
342Thos. MillwardJohn ForestLittle Lane End (Lutley)Barley0.094
343T Pargeter FIn handIn Big InhedgeSeeds0.625
343DoIn handLutlee Lane EndBarley0.062
344HospitalJohn ForestIn Big InhedgeOats1.431
345Thos. MillwardIn hand Pasture3.175
346 BarrarThos. TibbatsPart of new housesPasture0.225
347Jos. Brettell Bl.In handDoPasture0.756
348Thos. MillwardIn handIn Upper Woo FieldPasture0.375
349John MeeJos. FoxallDoSeeds0.669
350Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture1.062
351Wm BowaterIn handDoBarley0.137
352John TownsendIn handDoPasture0.262
353John CoxJohn HarrisDoBarley0.519
354HospitalWaldron HillDoSeeds0.106
355John TayIn handDoPasture0.200
356DoIn handDoPasture0.037
357HospitalWaldron HillDoPasture0.037
358John TownsendIn handDoPasture0.575
359Thos BiggsDaniel DicksDoOats0.175
360John CoxJohn HarrisDoBarley0.200
361Jas. AttwoodThos. AllchurchWelchman's AcreWheat1.931
362John AmphlettDoAmphletts InhedgeWheat3.156
363Wm BowaterIn handThe InhedgeBarley1.468
364Daniel DicksIn handParadisePasture1.456
365Isaac BissellJos. FoxallBetween Dicks'sSeeds0.369
366Mrs PowellIn handDicks's PieceSeeds0.606
367Isaac BissellJos. FoxallPiece next the RoadSeeds0.250
368Daniel DicksIn handBarn ClosePasture0.631
369Lord WestcoatJohn BacheHouse PiecePasture1.594
370DoDoGarden 0.137
371DoIn handCradley Park - Upper Part

Lower Part

372Wm. TayIn handLittle FollyPasture0.612
373John ColeJos. BeesleyOrchard & Garden 0.625
374Thos. BiggsThos. AllchurchIn Little FollyPotato0.100
375Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture0.100
376HospitalThos Pargeter FDoSeeds0.462
377John ReadJos. BeesleyDoSeeds0.162
378Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture0.150
379HospitalT Pargeter F

Wm Tay
In the FollyPasture0.337
380Wm TayIn handDoPasture0.756
381HospitalT Pargeter F

Wm Tay
382Mrs LeaIn handThe SlingSeeds0.850
383Jas. PowellJohn Forest Past1.650
384DoDoHouse & Garden 0.150
385Mrs PowellIn handPiece by Forest'sSeeds0.544
386HospitalWaldron Hill Pasture2.581
387Robt. BloomerJohn ForestBy Cradley ParkPasture1.250
388HospitalT Pargeter FPark CloseOats2.594
389DoDoThe MeersWheat2.625
390DoWaldron Hill Pasture3.956
391DoDoShop ClosePasture2.600
392DoT. Pargeter FDoBarley2.288
394DoDoHomestead 0.563
395DoDo Pasture0.831
396DoDoHollow CloseFallow2.200
397DoDo Barley2.538
398DoWaldron HillUpper MoorPasture1.400
399DoDoLower MoorPasture3.000
400DoT Pargeter FPiece above Oldnall CopyFallow1.519
400DoDoOldnall CoppiceWood2.281
401T Pargeter BJoseph HadenBarn CloseBarley1.021
402DoIsaac BissellHouse & Gardens 0.813
403DoJoseph HadenChapel MeadowMeadow0.888
404Hump. BufferyThos. AllchurchChapel Yard and CloseMeadow1.063
404Do House & Garden 0.069
405John TownsendWm RoseWainhouse ClosePotato0.531
406Do Garden 0.088
407T Pargeter BJos HadenForest MeadowMeadow2.000
408John TownsendBenj. MalePiece before the housePasture1.381
409DoDoSling adjoiningPasture0.056
410DoIn handRead's CloseWheat1.494
411Jos. Brettell BlDoRidding's ClosePasture1.219
412T Pargeter BJos. HadenHorse PasturePasture1.656
413DoDoUpper MeadowMeadow1.513
414Ed. PittThos. RockPitt's closePasture1.394
415Mary SkeldingJn. TaySkelding's ClosePasture1.406
416Hospital & Mrs LeaMrs MeeNear the 2 GatesPasture0.075
417T Pargeter FJn CliffeThree cornered Pleck at 2GPasture0.150
418HospitalMrs PowellNear the 2 GatesFallow0.125
419Mrs LeaDoDoFallow0.125
420DoDoHouse Garden Orchard 0.369
421Powell Hadley BiggsDoBy Marlpit BankPasture0.654
422ED. PittThos. RockMarlpit HillPotato0.212
423John TownsendIn handMarlpit BankBarley0.306
424HospitalRich. EatonDoWheat0.188
425Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture0.387
426HospitalRich. EatonDoWheat0.494
427Richard EatonIn handDoWheat1.594
428HospitalRich. EatonUnder Marlpit BankWheat0.131
429Thos. MillwardIn handDoPasture0.175
430Thos BiggsJn. HarrisUpper Part of Marlpit InhedgeWheat}5.869
430DoDoLower do.Wheat}
431Jn. LeaIn handIn Colman FieldWheat0.331
432Jos. Brettell BlJn. HarrisDoBarley0.344
433Jn. LeaIn handDoWheat0.619
434Jos. Brettell BlJn. HarrisDoBarley0.450
435Thos MillwardIn handDoPasture0.362
436Jn LeaIn handDoWheat0.313
437T Pargeter BJos. HadenDoSeeds0.450
438Jn. LeaIn handDoWheat0.388
439Thos MillwardIn handDoPasture0.437
440Thos. BiggsMrs PowellDoOats0.219
441T Pargeter BJos. HadenCorner piece between Roads 0.475
442Wm. BowaterIn handDoBarley0.094
443Jn. LeaIn handDoWheat0.244
444T Pargeter FJn. AllchurchDoWheat0.300
445Mark GroveIn handWindmill CloseBarley0.750
446Jn. AmphlettThos. AllchurchIn Colman FieldBarley0.356
447Mrs HadleyDoDoBarley0.462
448Wm. TayIn handBrick KilnPasture0.662
449Thos. BiggsWm TayDirty PieceMeadow1.956
450Wm. TayIn handBy Dirty PieceMeadow0.369
451Jn. AmphlettJohn Tay Pasture0.212
452 BarrarDo Pasture0.256
453DoDo Pasture0.125
454Jn. CoxSam. DrewDalton's CloseSeeds0.644
455DoDoGarden over the lane 0.044
456T Pargeter BWm TayColly gate ClosePasture0.381
457Thos BiggsDoUpper Dirty PiecePasture0.919
458Jn. KettleJn. Woodward Potato0.293
459Jn. AmphlettThos. AllchurchDirty PieceWheat0.650

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