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The entry for Cradley in Kelly's 1880 directory has 149 individuals.

CRADLEY is a township, and extensive and populous district of the parish of Halesowen, having a station on the Birmingham and Stourbridge section of the Great Western railway, situated 2 1/2 miles east from Stourbridge, 4 south from Dudley, and 9 1/2 south-west from Birmingham, in the Eastern division of the county, hundred of Lower Halfshire, Stourbridge union and country court district, rural deanery of Dudley, and archdeaconry and diocese of Worcester. The town itself lies a little off the main road ; it forms part of a populous mercantile and manufacturing neighbourhood, in which the iron trade is carried on in all its branches. The church, orginally intended for a Lady Huntingdon chapel, is a brick building, which was restored in the year 1874, at a cost of £3,500 : has chancel, nave and aisles, and modern Gothic tower containing 8 bells. The register dates from the year 1798. In 1852 a grant of land was made by the sons of the late Rev. George Biggs (a former vicar of the parish of Halesowen) for the enlargement of the burial ground of this parish. The living is a vicarage, yearly value £300, in the gift of the rector of Halesowen, and held by the Rev. Joseph Hesselgrave Thompson, B.A., of Hertford College, Oxford. Here are places of worship for Unitarians, Baptists, Wesleyans, and New Connexion Methodists. The Unitarian school is supported partly by endowment and partly by annual collections. The extensive iron works of Messrs. Evers and Sons are in this district : the firm are engaged principally in the manufacture of superior qualities of iron : files, rasps, vices, anvils, hammers, nails, anchors, chain cables, and fire bricks are made ; and here are the extensive works of Messrs. Harper and Moores, manufacturers of fire-bricks, clay retorts, and crucibles ; this firm are also proprietors of Stourbridge clay. Messrs. King Brothers are also proprietors of the celebrated Stourbridge clay, and have likewise extensive works for the manufacture of bricks and other fire-clay goods. The works of the Cradley Colliery Company are situated in the centre of the parish. One mile from the northern extremity of Cradley, in a romantic vale, agreeably diversified with plantations of firs, is a spring of salt water, called the Lady Well, highly esteemed on account of its medicinal qualities : in the summer it is very much frequented. There are a few handsome residences here : the Elms is the seat of W. P. Strawson, esq., the view from the grounds and windows of which is extensive and picturesque. Lord Lyttleon is lord of the manor. The principal landowners are the New British Iron Company, Jeston Homfray, esq., and the Old Swinford Hospital. The soil in general is a rich clay, producing all kinds of grain, and forming excellent pasturage ; and the lands on the north and west of Netherend (a part of the township of Cradley) abound with coal and ironstone. The area is 732 acres ; rateable value, £11,287; the population in 1861 was 4,075, and in 1871, 4,700.

  NETHEREND, Colley Gate, Overend, Two Gates, and Coleman Hill are near the town.

 Parish Clerk, Isaac Bloomer.

POST OFFICE.- Mrs Elizabeth Christopher, receiver. Letters arrive from Brierley Hill at 7.15 a.m.& 2.15 p.m.; dispatched at 8.45 a.m. & 6.45 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Cradley Heath

INSURANCE AGENTS.- Imperial Fire, J.Bloomer, Eaton place ; & J. Bridgewater


Excise Officer, Osborne Oliver, Clay Bank

Rate Collector, Ambrose Pearson, Two Lane ends, Colley gt

Registrar of Births & Deaths, Felix Smith, Halesowen


British, Mr James Homer, master; Mrs Mary Ann Owen, mistress

National, Thomas Davies, master; Miss Annie Grice, mistress

Unitarian, James McIlwrath, master ; Miss Alice Dolley, mistress ; Miss Eliza Hingley, infants' mistress

Railway Station, Richard Roach, station master

CARRIERS TO BIRMINGHAM.- Simeon Wooldridge, to Crown inn, Broad st. on tues. thurs & sat, ; Lloyd, to Crown inn, Broad st. on tues. thurs. & sat, returning at 5 p.m. ; to 'Spread Eagle', Spiceal st. tues. thurs. & sat. returning at 3.20 p.m

 [For other names in the district, see STOURBRIDGE & ROWLEY REGIS.]


Attwood Thos. Essington ho. Colman hl

Barnett Miss, Fair View lodge

Bloomer Isaac Parkes, Coleman hill

Bridge Samuel, Aston villas

Brougall James, Homer Hill house

Buncher Rev. James [curate]

Calderwood Robert, Colley gate

Cochrane Rev. Walter [Unitarian], Netherend

Dakin Geo. Fdk. Clent view

Forrest Joshua, Poplar cottage

Griffin William

Hingley Joseph, Linton house

Hingley Noah, Hatherton Lodge

Hingley Samuel, Fairview

Homer Joseph Benjamin, Chapel house

Homer Miss, Colley gate

Homer Thomas, Colley gate

Homfray Jeston, Colman hill

Kendrick Wm. West end, Colley gate

Lloyd Thomas Hemmings

Mountford John, Colley Gate house

Mountford Richard, Highfield house

Strawson William Pearson, The Elms

Thompson Rev. Joseph H. B.A. [vicar]

Thompson Wesley Hayes, Lyde green

Tibbetts Mrs. Colley gate


Adams Jabez, Bull's Head, Overend

Adams Wm. chair maker, Windmill hl

Attwood Eliza (Mrs.), hame maker & beer retailer

Attwood James, butcher, Two gates

Attwood William, butcher

Bateman Thomas, colliery manager, Netherend

Batham Daniel, beer retailer

Bayliss George, Bridge inn

Beasley Allen,  Old Vine, Park road

Bennet Saml. beer retailer, Two gates

Bird Mary Ann (Mrs.), haberdasher &c

Bloomer Thomas & Sons, nail & chain manufacturers, Colley orchard

Bloomer Geo. Albert, draper, Colley gate

Bloomer Isaac Parkes, bldr. Windmill hl

Bloomer John, grocer, Windmill hill

Bloomer Joseph, grocer

Bloomer Mary (Mrs.), pawnbroker

Bloomer Mrs. chain maker

Blunt Felix, shopkeeper

Blunt Thomas, chain maker

Boxley Henry, grocer, Two gates

Boxley Peter, chain maker

Brettell Edward, grocer

Brettell James, grocer

Bridgwater John, grocer & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants

BROUGHALL JAMES, mining engineer, Homer Hill house

Brooks David, Black Swan

Clewes T.M. & Son,wool dealers, woollen manufacturers & merchants, Park side

Clift Henry, boot & shoe maker

Coley Christopher, shopkeeper

Cornock James, shopkeeper

Cox Joseph, Blue Ball

Cox Thos. beer retailer, Windmill hill

Cradley Colliery Co. (Joseph King & Co.), coal masters

Crompton Henry, nail maker

Darby Joseph, tailor, Windmill hill

Deeley Lousia (Mrs.), Rose &Crown

Evers Samuel & Sons, iron manufactrs. Cradley iron works

Fellows Thos. beer retailer, Netherend

Finch Simeon, Old Two Gates

Foley Martha (Mrs.), dress maker

Forrest Brothers & Co. manufacturers of horse nails & wrought nails, chain cables, anchor, crane & ship's rigging chains, spades, shovel & forks, anvils, vices & cart hames &c. & iron merchants

Forrest Richd. beer retailer, Windmill hl

Fox Thomas, maltster, Overend

Gadd Joseph, greengrocer

Gill Daniel, butcher

Gilbert Sarah (Miss), ladies' school, Colley gate

Griffin Wm. anchor ma. Victoria works

Harper David, shopkpr. Windmill hill

Harper Reuben, beer retailer, Colley gt

Hawkeswood Benjamin, Sun, Overend

Hawkeswood William Herbert,farmer, Overend

Hawkeswood James, butcher

Heeles Edward, grocer, Lyde green

Hickman Wm. general dir, Park side

Hill Albion, nail maker

Hill Christopher, shopkeeper

Hill John, boot & shoe maker

Hingley Benjamin, grocer

Hingley James, beer retailer

Hingley James, butcher & farmer

Hingley James, chain maker

Hipkiss Henry, iron manufr. Lodge forge

Hipkiss Moses, beer retailer

Hipkiss William Evan, Lodge Forge inn

Hodgetts Emily (Mrs.) polishing felt manufacturer, Park side

Homer Benjamin, Bell

Homer Hill Colliery Co. Limited (A. Ebenezer Wenham, sec.; James Broughall, man)

Homer Hy. greengrocer, Cradley forge

Homer Paul, general dealer

Hughes Harry, grocer

Hughes Isaiah, Holly Bush

Hughes Samuel, maltster

Jones & Lloyd, manufrs. of anchors, anvils, vices, bolts & nuts, backnbands, cables & rigging chains, crane chains, hammers, horse nails, improved connecting links, rivest, shackles, sail clews, shipping tackle, ship's lamps, spikes, tackle & clip hooks, thimbles, traces, wrought nails &c. &c. Cradley forge & Scotia works

Jones Isaac, painter, Windmill hill

Jones Samuel, beer retailer

Kendrick Daniel, boot & shoe dealer, Colley gate

King Bros. fire brick makrs, Netherend

King Joseph & Co, brick mas. Netherend

Laister Thomas, farmer, Colley gate

Lane James, iron founder

Leonard Ann (Mrs.) frmr. Cradley forge

Leonard Samuel, May Pole

Mason Charles, farmer

Mole Jane (Miss), beer retlr. Colley gate

Mole Wm. Hy. blacksmith, Colley gate

Oliver Wm, Talbot hotel, & maltster

Oliver William, jun. Park lane tavern, Netherend

Paddock Hannah (Mrs.), grocer

Padbury Henry, grocer, Colley gate

Parkes William, shopkeeper, Colley la

Partridge Geo. chain manufr. High park

Pateshill John, tanner, Park side

Peake Samuel, grocer

Pearson Ambrose, dairyman & rate collector, Netherend

Pearson Amos, linen draper

Perry James, grocer, Two gates

Priest James, nail maker

RAYBOULD RD. contractor, Colley gate

Roper Emanuel, White Lion inn, Colley gate

Sidaway William, shopkeeper

Southall John, chain maker

Southam Geo. chain maker, Windmill hill

South Staffordshire Waterworks Co. offices, 56 Union passage, Birmingham

Spencer Edward William,shopkeeper, Windmill hill

Stevens John, grocer, Netherend

Stevens Richard, farmer, Windmill hill

Tandy David, butcher, Colley gate

Tate James, shopkeeper

Tate Samuel, British Arms

Tate William, beer retailer

Taylor Geo. boot & shoe maker, Colley la

Taylor William, beer retailer

Thompson Wesley Hayes, surgeon

Tibbetts Elizabeth (Mrs.), Shovel inn, Park side

Tibbetts Rachael (Mrs), farmr, Homer hl

Turner Richard, chain maker

Walker David, chain maker

Walker Felix, chain maker

Walker William, chain maker

Willetts John, Crown

Willetts Zachariah, coal dealer, Colley gt

Worton Chas. nail maker, Windmill hl


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Kelly's 1880 directory, page 1055

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