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The entry for Cradley in Kelly's 1864 directory has 93 individuals.

Cradley Links wishes to record our grateful thanks to Paula Anne Beasley, who generously gave her time to produce this transcription.

CRADLEY, is a very extensive and populous district of the parish of Halesowen, situated 2 1/2 miles east from Stourbridge, 3 south from Dudley, and 9 1/2 from Birmingham in the county court district of Stourbridge, diocese of Worcester, in the hundred of Lower Halfshire, Stourbridge union, Worcester archdeaconry, and deanery of Kidderminster. The town itself lies a little off the main road : it forms part of a populous, mercantile and manufacturing neighbourhood, in which the iron trade is carried on in all its branches. The soil in general is a rich clay, fertile in all kinds of grain, and excellent pasturage, and the lands on the north and west of NETHEREND (a part of the township of Cradley parish) abound with coal and ironstone. A court baron and a court-leet are held at Cradley, on the last Tuesday in October, at which the steward presides as judge, assisted by a jury of respectable inhabitants. The living is a perpetual curacy, annual value £151, in the gift of the Vicar of Halesowen, and held by the Rev. J.H. Thompson B.A. Here also are places of worship for Unitarians, Baptists,  Wesleyans and New Connexion Methodists; attached to the Church is a National school, under the government inspection. The Unitarian school is supported partly by endowment and partly by an annual collection. The number of free boys is 30, of girls 12. The extensive ironworks of Messrs. Evers and Sons are in this district, and are engaged principally in the manufacture of superior qualities of iron, by the charcoal or wood coal, process. There are likewise manufactures of files, rasps, vices, anvils, hammers, nails, anchors, chain cables and fire bricks. Iron stone and cement works are extensively carried on at the Hayes, Messrs. George Atwood and Sons, proprietors. One mile from the northern extremity of Cradley, in a romantic vale, agreeably diversified with plantations of firs, is a spring of salt water, called the Lady Well, highly esteemed on account of its medicinal qualities. In the summer it is very much frequented. Lord Lyttelton is lord of the manor. In 1852, a grant of land was made by the sons of the late Rev. George Biggs (a former vicar of the parish of Halesowen), for the enlargement of the burial ground of this parish. The population in 1861 was 4,075.

NETHEREND, Colly gate, Overend, Two Gates and Colman Hill are near the town.

Parish Clerk, Henry Charlton


Bradshaw Mr. Ellis

Cochrane Rev. W. [Unitarian], Netherend

Fennell Sidney, esq

Hingley Mr. Noah, Chapel house

Hingley Mr. Samuel

Homer Mrs. Colley gate

Homer Mr. Joseph, Colley gate

Homfray Jeston, esq. Coleman hill

Moore Henry, esq, Park house

Smith Mr. William

Thompson Rev. Joseph H. B.A. [incumbent], Colley gate

Wood, Mr. Thomas, Colley gate


Adams Jabez, British Arms, Overend

Attwood Benjamin, beer retailer

Attwood James, butcher

Attwood William, beer retailer

Attwood William, butcher

Beasley Joseph, Blue Ball

Bennett William, beer retailer

Bloomer Thomas & Son, nail manufacturers, Colley gate

Bloomer John, carpenter, Colley gate

Bloomer Josiah, Robin Hood

Boxley Benjamin, beer retailer

Bridgewater John, grocer

Cartwright Isaiah, Cooper

Cemm Thomas, Bridge inn, & vice manufacturer

Clewes Thomas, mop maker, Park side

Cox Thomas, beer retailer, Colley gate

Darby Joseph, tailor, Windmill hill

Davenport Thomas, Crown

Dawe Joseph, shopkeeper, Colley gate

Evers Samuel & Sons, manufacturers of charcoal horsenail rods, best & common iron wire rods for fencing, cables, bars &c. Cradley iron works

Emmett George, shopkeeper, Netherend

Fellows John, miller

Fellow Thomas, Old Mogul, Netherend

Fennell Sidney, surgeon

Finch Simeon, Old Two Gates

Forrest Edwd. shopkeeper, Windmill hill

Fox Thomas, Fish, & maltster

Gadd John, cider retailer

Gill Daniel, butcher & shopkeeper, Windmill hill

Grove John Haden, grocer, Colley gate

Hall James, shoemaker

Hall John, shoemaker

Harper & Moores, coal masters, manufacturers of Stourbridge fire bricks of all descriptions, fire clay retorts, crucibles & glass house pots of all kinds, & proprietors of best glasshouse pot clay, Lower Delph

Haddock John, plumber & painter, Netherend

Harper Joseph, farmer, Homer hill

Hawkeswood Joseph, beer retailer

Hawkeswood Richard, tax collector, Colley gate

Hawkesworth William Herbert, Sun, Overend

Hingley James, butcher

Hipkiss Henry, iron manufacturer. Lodge forge

Hipkiss Sarah (Mrs.), iron manufacturer, Rag mill

Hodgetts Chas, hat manufr, Park side

Hughes Isaiah, Holly Bush

Jones Joseph, accountant

Jones Mary Ann (Miss), shopkeeper

Jones William, Black Swan

Jones William, maltster Netherend

Kendrick William, beer retailer

King Brothers, proprietors of Stourbridge clay & manufacturers of fire brick, glasshouse pots &c. Netherend

King Joseph & Co. coal masters, manufacturers of glassed stoneware & blue sewerage pipes, terra cotta, white building bricks, Chimney tops, blue & red bricks, quarries, roofing tiles, drain pipes &c. Netherend

Laister Thomas, maltster, Colley gate

Leonard Samuel, May Pole

Mason James, farmer, Overend

Mole Lucy (Miss), beer retailer, Colley gate

Mole William, beer retailer, Colley gate

Mole William Henry, blacksmith, Colley gate

Oliver William, beer retailer, Colley gate

Paddock Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Pateshall Thomas, tanner, Park side

Perry James, wood turner, Colley gate

Rock William & Co. nail manufacturers

Roper Wm. beer retailer, Colley gate

Shaw William. beer retailer, Netherend

Sidaway William, shopkeeper

Smith Samuel, grocer

Stringer Wm. beer retailer, Netherend

Talbott George, beer retailer, Netherend

Tandy James, butcher, Colley gate

Tate Abel, Bull's Head

Tate James, shopkeeper

Tate William, beer retailer

Thomas Henry, beer retailer, Netherend

Tibbetts Joseph, Shovel inn,Park side

Warr John, beer retailer

Webb William, beer retailer, Colley gate

Westwood Benjamin, beer retailer

Williams Eliza (Mrs.), Netherend tavern, Netherend

Wyer Samuel, plumber & glazier

Wythes Joseph, linendraper & grocer

Yeomans Williams, tailor

Young William, greengrocer

POST OFFICE.- Mrs Elizabeth Christopher, receiver. Letters arrive from Brierley Hill at 7.15 a.m. ; dispatched at 6 p.m. The nearest money order office is at Cradley heath


National, James Simpson, master; Miss Mary Ann Wooldridge, mistress

Unitarian, Mr. Thomas Henry Billingham, master ; Miss. Elizabeth Kennedy, mistress

CONVEYANCE:- Coaches from Stourbridge to Birmingham & back, pass through daily

Kelly’s 1864 directory

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