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The entry for Rowley Regis, Colly Gate, Cradley, Cradley Heath, Dudley Wood, Five Ways, Four Ways, Netherend, Old Hill, Overend and Reddall Hill from "Jones's Mercantile Directory of the Iron District of South Staffordshire and East Worcestershire", 1865 (558 names)

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Abbiss Samuel, draper, Old hill

Adams Enoch, chain mkr, Cradley hth

Adams Jbz, Bull's Head, Overend, Cradley

Adams James, Anchor, Gorsty hill

Adams James, beer retailer, Gorsty hill

Adams Joseph, seedsman, Blackheath

Adams Thomas, general dealer

Adams William, bootmaker, Blackheath

Albut William, brickmaker, Cradley

Allen Rchd G, tailor & hatter, Five ways

Archer Nthnl, shpkpr, Waterfall ln, Old hl

Astley Joseph, shopkeeper, Blackheath

Aston, John, pumpmaker, Cradley heath

Attwood Benj, mnftr of hames, chains, and traces, and beer retailer, Cradley

Attwood G, butcher, High st Cradley hth

Attwood Geo. & Sons, steel converters, Corngreaves, Cradley heath

Attwood James, butcher, Two lanes' end

Attwood, John, beer retailer, chain and cable maker, Fox oak ln, Cradley hth

Attwood Matthias, greengrocer, Four ways, Cradley

Attwood Rebecca, shopkpr, Lomey town

Attwood Thos, btchr, High st, Cradley hth

Attwood Wm, beer retlr & shpkpr, Cradley

Attwood Wm, butcher, High st, Cradley

Badger Thos. nail mnf, High st, Cradley hth; and Wolverhampton st, Dudley

Baker Geo. Hy, agent to Messrs. Harper & Moores, Colley gate villas, Cradley

Baker Henry, gun welder, Blackheath

Baker, Hy, hatter and general dealer, Blackheath

Baker Joseph, butcher, Blackheath

Baker Thos, bootmkr, High st, Cradley hth

Bannister Thos, Holly Bush, New town, Cradley heath

Bannister Wm, chain mkr, New tn, Cradley

Barber Hy, earthenware dealer, Old hill

Barker Wm, lindrpr, High st, Cradley hth

Barnsley Anne, shpkpr, High st, Crdley hth

Barnsley Josiah, butcher, Reddall hill

Barnsley Jph, beer retailer, Gorsty hill

Barnsley Jph, gas and steam tube mkr, Coombe's wood tube works, Old hill

Barnsley Rowland, Cross Guns, and gun barrel mkr, New town, Cradley hth

Barnsley Rowland Glegg, ironmongr and seed warehouse, High st, Cradley hth

Barnsley Sophie, grocer, Blackheath

Bartlett Geo. H. sadlr, High st, Cradley hth

Bartlett Martha, staymkr, High st, Cradley heath

Bassano Walter & Co, coalmasters Haden hill colliery

Basteafield Wm, grocer, &c, and brick and tile maker, Four ways, Cradley hth

Bate Hannah, Cock, Cock green

Bate John, Fox Hunt, and porkbutcher, Old hill

Bates Benj, nail mnfctr, Tippity green

Bates Saml, baker, High st, Blackheath

Beach Thos, milliner, High st, Cradley hth

Beasley Josiah, beer retailer and sword and bayonet forger, Cradley

Beaven Wm, watchmkr, High st, Cradley hth

Bellingham Mary Ann, milliner, high st, Cradley heath

Bennett henry, grocer and provisn dir

Bennett, James, bootmaker, Blackheath

Bennett Saml, beer retailer, Two gates, Cradley

Bennett & Whitley, bootmakers, High st, Cradley hth

Bennett Wm, btmkr, High st, Cradley hth

Bennett Wm, Rose and Crown, and greengrocer, Cradley

Billingham Benj, beer retailer, Five ways, Cradley heath

Billingham Benj, chainmaker and shop keeper, Old hill

Billingham George, grocer, Two gates, Cradley

Billingham Gideon, chain mnfctr, Cradley heath

Billingham Jesse, chain mnftr, Cradley pool

Billingham O, flat chain mkr, Old hill

Bird Thos, White Lion, Cox's lane

Birkin Wm. D, grocer, High st, Cradley hth

Bishop Thos, chemist, High st, Cradley hth

Blakeway & Mason, painters, plumbers, and glaziers, High st, Blackheath

Bloomer Alf, builder and cabinet maker, King st, Cradley heath

Bloomer J.P, builder, Colly gate, Cradley

Bloomer John, junr, builder, Cradley hth

Bloomer Joseph, nail manufacturer and shopkeeper, Cradley heath

Bloomer Josiah, pawnbroker and grocer, Cradley

Bloomer Thos. & Sons, nail mnfs, Cradley

Bluck Wm, pwnbrkr, High st, Cradley hth

Boilstone Jph, beer retailer, Blackheath

Bourne Benj, manufacturer of garden tools and shipping tackle, Blackheath

Bowater Daniel, Sir Robert Peel

Bowater Eliz, Bull's Head, Tippity gn

Bowater William, butcher, Old hill

Boxley Benj, beer retailr, High st, Cradley

Bridgens Chas, Talbot hotel, High St, Cradley heath

Bridgewater John, grocer, Cradley

Briggs John, grocer and druggist

Brookes Joseph, grocer

Bullas Sarah, grocer, &c, Blackheath

Bunn Wm, beer retailer and shopkeeper, New st, Cradley

Burgess Edward, accountant, Old hill

Burley Joseph, Round of Beef, and butchr, near Four ways, Cradley heath

Burley Thos, coach builder and wheelwright, High st, Cradley heath

Burr Brs gun barrel mnfs , Hayseech wks

Caddick David, grocer and provision dir

Carr Hy, beer retlr and filecuttr, Cradley

Carter Fanny, Ladies' school, High st, Cradley heath

Cartwright Martha, cooper and shopkpr, Cradley

Cartwright Sopha Amelia, Vine, and shopkeeper, Cradley heath

Challiner Geo. Read, White Swan, and plumber and painter

Chambers John, builder, Blackheath

Chandler Alf, auctioneer, accountant, and surveyor, High st, Cradley heath

Charlton Wm. Henry, tailor, Two gates, Cradley

Chatham Mary, grocer, New st, Cradley

Clay John, rivet manfctr, Blackheath

Clee Hezekiah, shopkeeper, High st, Cradley heath

Clewes Thos. Matthew, wool dealer and mop manufacturer, Cradley

Cliff Charles, New inn, Blackheath

Clifton L, grocer, &c, Old hill

Cole John, wheelwright, Four ways, Cradley heath

Cole Jph, beer retailer, Cradley heath

Coley Benj, Elephant and Castle, New town, Cradley heath

Coley Benj. & Son, chain and cable manufacturer, Dudley wood

Coley Christopher, shopkeeper, Cradley

Coley Jno, chainmkr, New st, Cradley hth

Cooksey Ruth, Cooksey's hotel, Old hill

Cooper R, wchmkr, Four wys, Cradley hth

Co-operative Society, grocers, &c, 1 High st, Cradley heath

Connor Jph, linen and woollen draper

Cope Gregory, builder and wheelwright, Old hill

Cope Herbert, carpenter, Queen st, Cradley heath

Cope Jph, wheelwright and builder, Five ways, Cradley heath

Cox Anne, Five Ways, Cradley heath

Cox Jph, butcher, High st, Cradley hth

Cox Joseph, Wheatsheaf, Turner's hill

Cox Thos, beer retir, Colly gte, Cradley

Cox Thos. Augustus, chemist, Old hill

Crosby Sarah, milliner & statnr, Cradley

Crump Joseph, bootmaker, Blackheath

Crump Shadrach, rivet mkr, Blackheath

Crundall Wm, bootmaker and shopkpr, Cradley

Curtler Frdk, shopkpr, Four ways, Cradley heath

Dallow Chas, cooper and packing case maker, Cradley heath

Danks Jph, Hail Stone inn, and boiler manufactr & blacksmith, The Knowle

Darby Jno, maltstr & grocr, Blackheath

Darby Jno, tailor, Windmill hill, Cradley

Darby Jph, tailor, High st, Cradley heath

Darby Samuel, beer retailer and provision dealer, Old hill

Darby Thomas, carpenter, Blackheath

Darby William, grocer, and Royal Oak, Blackheath

Davies Enoch, chain and cable manufacturer, High st, Cradley heath

Davies James, Painter's Arms, & painter, glazier, &c, High st, Cradley heath

Davies James, grocer, Old hill

Davies Jph, beer retailer, Cradley heath

Dawes William H, coal and iron master

Deely Cornelius, shopkeeper, Four ways, Cradley heath

Dewsbury George, shopkeeper, Four ways, Cradley heath

Dewsbury Geo, bootmakr, Cradley heath

Dingley Dvd, shopkpr, Whiteheath gate

Dingley Robert, shopkeeper, Blackheath

Ditheridge Richard, shopkeeper, High st, Cradley heath

Dixon John Thos, maltster and grocer

Dowler Benjamin, hairdresser and watch dealer, High st, Blackheath

Downing Joseph, haberdasher, Old hill

Dudley George, coalmaster, Whitehall colliery, Cradley heath

Dudley William, linendraper and pawn broker, Blackheath

Eames James, beer retailer, Old hill

Easthope Thomas, plumber, glazier, and painter, Five ways, Cradley heath

Eaton Henry, greengrocer, High st, Cradley heath

Eberhard Benjamin, brick and tile manufacturer, Waterfall lane, Old hill

Edge Mary, Two Furnaces, Old hill

Eley John, maltster and grocer, Waterfall lane, Old hill

Ellis Jas, beer rtailr and mason, Cradley heath

Evans Phillis, boot manufr, Blackheath

Evans Wm, porkbtchr, High st, Blackheath

Evans William, wheelwright and blacksmith, Blackheath

Evers Samuel & Sons, ironmasters, Cradley iron works

Fear Hy, ironmonger, High st, Cradley heath

Fellows John, miller, Cradley

Fellows Noah, grocer and maltster, High st, Cradley heath

Fellows Susannah, maltster, Cradley

Fellows Thomas, chain manufacturer, Netherend, Cradley

Fellows Thos, beer retailer, Netherend, Cradley

Fennel Sydney, M.D., surgeon, Cradley

Fiddian Richard, porkbutcher, High st, Cradley heath

Finch Simeon, Old Two Gates, Two gates, Cradley

Finney Francis, shopkeeper, Blackheath

Fletcher Robert, grocer and butcher

Foley Edward, colliery proprietor, Lyde field, Cradley heath

Foley John, Duke William, Old hall

Foley Joseph, saddler, wheelwright, and steam saw mills, Old hill

Foley Joseph junr, British Oak, Old hill

Ford George, printer, stationer, and newsagent, High st, Cradley heath

Forrest Caleb, nail and chain manufacturer, Windmill hill, Cradley

Forrest Edw, grocr, Windmill hill, Cradley

Forrest S, irnmgr, Windmill hill, Cradley

Forrest William, bookseller and stationer, Cradley heath

Forrest Wm, shopkeeper, Cradley heath

Foster Wm, ironfounder, Cradley heath

Fox Thomas, Fish, and maltster, Cradley

Foxall Thomas, maltster, Netherton

Fry Sarah, straw bonnet mkr, Cradley hth

Gadd John, greengrocer, Cradley

Gadd Thos, rivet manufctr, Blackheath

Gaunt Jem, Oak, Waterfall ln, Old hill

Gaunt Thos, beer rtlr, Powke ln, Blackhth

Gilbert John, chain cable and anchor manufacturer, Cradley heath

Gill Absalom, chain manufctr, Cradley

Gill Daniel, butcher, Cradley

Gill Josh, chain manufacturer, Cradley

Gill Lucy, butcher, Cradley

Gill Misses, ladies' school, High st, Cradley heath

Golding Hezekiah, Reindeer, and furniture dealer, King st, Cradley heath

Goodfellow Daniel, shopkeeper, Cradley

Gould Thomas, butcher, Cradley heath

Grainger John, corn factor, High st, Cradley heath

Green Geo, linendraper, Four ways, Cradley heath

Green Joseph, shopkeeper, Old hill

Green Joseph & Richard, grocers, High st, Cradley heath

Green Richard, grocer, Old hill

Griffin Wm, anchor mnfctr, Cradley hth

Griffiths Benj, chain mnfctr, Cradley hth

Griffiths Thos, stonemasn, Cradley heath

Grove Jno H, grocer, Colly gate, Cradley

Grove Josh, bootmaker, Four ways, Cradley heath

Guest Jas, shopkeeper, and beer retailer, Old hill

Guest Thomas, grocer, New town, near Cradley heath

Hackett Edward, shopkeeper and horse nail maker, Reddal Hill

Hackett Jph, George & Dragon, Blackheath

Hadley Benjamin, shopkeeper, High st, Blackheath

Hadley Caroline, saddler, Blackheath

Hadley Samuel, blacksmith, Tippity gn

Hadley Sml, grocer, High st, Blackheath

Hadley Timothy, harness and collar maker, Whiteheath gate

Hadley William, breech pin manufacturer, Gorsty hill

Haines George, Ring of Bells

Hall, Holcroft & Co, coalmasters, Ash tree collieries, Old hill

Hall George, shopkeeper, Old hill

Hall Isaac, Wagon and Horses, Fox oak, Reddal hall

Hall James, bootmaker, Cradley

Hall Joseph, bootmaker, Old hill

Hall Philip, clothier and general dealer, Cradley heath

Hampton Henry, bootmaker, Five ways, Cradiey heath

Hancox Thos, cable chain maker, Old hill

Harley William, bootmaker

Harper Dvd, beer rtlr, Netherend, Cradley

Harper Edw, beer rtlr, Whiteheath gate

Harper George, tailor and outfitter, High st, Cradley heath

Harper & Moores, firebrick manufacturers, Lower Delph, Cradley

Harper Rd, grocr, High st, Cradley heath

Harrington Jno, Vine, Whiteheath gate

Harris Andrew, shopkeeper, Gorsty hill

Harris Benjamin, Pack horse, Old hill

Harris John, grocr & postmastr, Old hill

Harrold Josh, shopkeeper, Moore's lane

Hartshorne & Ward, chain and cable manufacturs, Providence works, New town, Cradley - offices, Queen's cross

Hawkeswood Joseph, beer retailer, Cradley heath

Hawkeswood Wm, Sun, & grcr, Overend, Cradley

Hay Jno, saddir, High st, Cradley heath

Haynes John, beer retailer and carpenter, Blackheath

Heaton Hy, confectionr, High st, Cradley heath

Hemming Nancy, shpkpr, New st, Cradley

Hemming Thos, butchr, High st, Blackhth

Henn Silas, watchmaker and jeweller, High st, Cradley heath

Heyes James Boston, professor of music, High st, Cradley heath

Hickman George, shopkeeper, Old hill

Hickman William, Plough and Harrow, Four ways, Cradley heath

Higgs John L, currier, leatherseller, and dealer in toys, High st, Cradley heath

Hill John, bootmaker, Cradley

Hill Joseph, grocer, Cock green

Hingley Barzilai & Sons, manufacturers of chains, chain cables, anchors, &c, Lion chain works, Cradley heath

Hingley Elizabeth, beer retailer, Cradley

Hingley Henry, boot manufacturer, High st, Cradley heath

Hingley James, chain and anchor maker, Cradley heath

Hingley Jas, beer retailer and butcher, Cradley

Hingley J. H, chain and trace manuturer, Waterfall works, Old hill

Hingley Noah & Son, ironmasters, and chain and cable manufacturs, Cradley

Hingley Timothy, nail manufacturer, Waterfall works, Old hill

Hingley Tobias, Heath tavern, and chain manufacturer, High st, Cradley heath

Hinton John, blacksmith

Hipkiss Henry, Lodge Forge, and iron manufacturer, Cradley

Hipkiss Sarah, iron manufctr, Rag mill, Cradley

Hodgetts Charles Rubey, felt manfctr, and wool carder, Felt works, Cradley

Hodgson Hy F, surgeon, Cradley heath

Holloway Harriet, grocer, Four ways, Cradley heath

Homer James, manufacturer of chains and traces, High st, Cradley heath

Homer John, porkbutcher, High st, Cradley heath

Homer Nehemiah, Holly Bush, High st, Cradley heath

Homer Thomas, tobacconist and newsagent, Five ways, Cradley heath

Homer William, chain and trace manufacturer, Cradley heath

Homer Wm, butcher, High st, Cradley hth

Homes Chas, Queen's Head, Cradley heath

Homes Frederick, cabinet maker

Hopton Nathaniel, Engine, Old hill

Horton Thomas, shopkeeper, High st, Cradley heath

Hughes Isaiah, Holly Bush, Cradley

Humphries Henry, plumber, painter, and glazier, Cradley heath

Hyde James, beer retailer, Cradlay hth

Jackson James, bootmaker, Cradley

Jennings & Chavasse, brickmakers

Jewkes William, nail factor

Johnson Chs. A.H, bill postr, Cradley hth

Johnson D, chain mkr, Old hill, Reddal hl

Johnson Enoch, shopkeepr, Waterfall ln

Johnson Hy, Hawthorn tavern, and nail and rivet manufacturer

Johnson John, shopkeeper, Cradley hth

Johnson Jph, butchr, Pitt st, Cradley hth

Johnson Joseph, beer retailer, Old hill

Johnson Saml, shopkeeper, Rowling gn

Johnson T, chain mkr, Old hill, Reddal hl

Johnson W, chainmkr, Old hill, Reddal hl

Jones George, jew's-harp mkr, Blackhth

Jones Joseph, accountant, Cradley

Jones Joseph, grocer, Cradley

Jones P, jew's-harp maker, Blackheath

Jones Samuel, shopkeeper, Old hill

Jones Thos. Pargeter, chain, anchor, and anvil manufacturer, Rowley

Jones Wm, Black Swan, Cradley

Jones Wm, greengrcr, Overend, Cradley

Jones Wm. J, nail and chain manufctr, Powke lane

Jordan Rchd, confectnr, High st, Cradley hth

Kendle Wm, spade maker, Gorsty hill

Kendrick Wm, beer rtlr, Colly gte, Cradley

Kenwick L. H, surgeon, Cradley heath

King Bros. fire brick mnfctrs, Netherend

King Jph. & Co, coalmasters and glazed stoneware mnfctrs, Netherend, Cradley

Knight Geo. John, tailor, Cradley heath

Knight Simon, greengrocer, Five ways, Cradley heath

Laister H, maltster, Cradley heath

Laister Jeremiah, Crown, Old hill

Laister Thos, maltster, Colley gt, Cradley

Laister Wm, maltster, The Hays, Blackhth

Lane Jas, anchor manufctr, Cradley hth

Legge Alf. H, bedstead warehouse, High st, Cradley heath

Leonard Samuel, Maypole, Cradley forge

Levett James A, senr, Portway tavern, Perry's lane

Levett Jas A, junr, grocer, Perry's lake

Lowe Mary, Neptune, Old hill

Lowe Sarah, beer retailer, Gorsty hill

Lowe T & E, corn & lime mchts, Old hl

Maddocks Edw, grocer, Cradley forge

Male George, saddler, Cradley heath

Mallen Thos, millinr, High st, Cradley hth

Mallin Ann, school & shopkpr, Blackhth

Mason & Blakeway, plumbers

Mason C, butchr, Five ways, Cradley hth

Mason Edwn, shpkpr, High st, Cradly hth

Mason Enos, shopkeeper, 0ld hill

Mason Fanny, Rose and Crown, Old hill

Mason Jas, prkbtchr, High st, Cradley hth

Mason Jno, butchcr, High st, Cradley hth

Mason Samuel, shopkeeper, Old hill

Masters Thos, grocer, Netherend, Cradley

Matthews Anna Maria, shpkeepr, Mincing lane, Blackheath

Matthews Jno, grocr, High st, Cradley hth

Merris Wm, beer retailer, Mincing lane

Millard Wm, Three Furnaces, Waterfall lane, Old hill

Millington Wm, wheelwright, Blackhth

Mills Wm. & Son, coalmasters, Gawn collieries, Waterfall lane

Millward Jas, grocer, Netherend, Cradley

Millward S, grocer, Four wys, Cradley hth

Mole Lucy, beer retailer, Colly gte, Cradley

Mole W. Hy, blacksmth, Colly gte, Cradley

Moore, Thomas, surgeon, Cradley heath

Morgan Wm, beer retailer, Cradley hth

Morris Phoebe, bootmaker, Blackheath

Morrow Hugh, surgeon, Cradley heath

Mountfield James, bootmaker, Old hill

New British Iron Co, Corngreaves works

Nicholls Chas, furniture broker, High st, Blackheath

Nicholls John, grocer

Nicklin Joseph Goslin, pawnbroker

Nicklin Samuel, coalmaster, Portway

Nock Bros, coalmasters, Burnhill collry

Nock George, shopkeeper, Old hill

Nock James, chemist, High st, Cradley hth

Nock Joseph Bate, grocer and wine merchant, High st, Cradley heath

Nock Samuel, greengrocer, Cradley

Nock William H, Four Ways, High st, Cradley heath

Oliver Joseph, shoeing smith, Cradley hth

Oliver William, beer retailer, Old Vine, Colly gate, Cradley

Onslow Thomas, Bridge, Cradley

Paddock Hannah, grocer, &c, Cradley

Pardoe, Alfred, beer retailer and spade maker, Springfield

Parish Abraham, grocer and bootmaker, Tippity gn

Parker Edmund A, Old Vauxhall, New Rowley rd

Parkes James, grocer

Parkes Joseph, beer retailer, Old hill

Parkes Saml, shopkeeper and smallware dealer, High st, Blackheath

Parkes Tim, Bird in Hand, and chain maker, Four ways, Cradley hth

Parsons Alx, shopkpr, Four ways, Cradley hth

Parsons Jas, butcher, High st, Blackhth

Parsons Joseph, shopkeeper

Parsons Joseph, shopkeeper, Bell end

Parsons Thos, beer retailer, Five ways, Cradley heath

Parsons Thos. H, prov dir, Four ways, Cradley heath

Partridge Guest & Raybould, blue and red brick and tile works, Old hill

Partridge Harriet, shopkeeper, Cock gn

Pateshall John, tanner, Cradley

Patrick Jesse, tailor, Blackheath

Patrick John, tailor and grocer, High st

Payne Jas, Shoulder of Mutton, and butcher, Blackheath

Payne John, butcher, Old hill

Payne Sarah, shopkeeper, Four ways, Cradley heath

Payne William, bootmaker, Gorsty hill

Pearshouse Wm, newsagent, Netherend, Cradley

Pearson James, New inn, Old hill

Pearson Jph, beer retlr and grocr, Old hill

Pearson Mary, shopkeeper, Old hill

Penn & Edwards, Providence iron works, Cradley heath

Perkes Jno, gnrl dlr, High st, Cradley hth

Perkes John, Bee Hive, Cradley heath

Perry Jas, grocer, and manfctr of ebony and fancy wood mortice lock furniture, Two gates, Cradley

Perry Jas, shopkeeper, Two gts, Cradley

Perry Thos, beer rtlr and fruitrer, Old hl

Phillips Dnl. W, surgeon, Rowley village

Pickersgill Sml, baker, High st, Blackhth

Piteaway Thos, nail fctr, High st, Blckhth

Plant Mary, beer retailer Springfield

Preece James, wheelwright and builder

Preston Mary, mlnr, Four wys, Crdly hth

Price Dnl, grocer, King st, Cradley hth

Price Joseph, butcher, Gorsty hill

Priest Alf, beer rtlr, Five wys, Cradley hth

Priest Benj, nail, chain, and rivet manufacturer, Old hill

Priest Daniel, tailor, Old hill

Priest Mary, shopkeeper, Cradley heath

Priest Timothy, grocer, Old hill

Pugh Jno, hairdressr, High st, Cradley hth

Randall Thos, grengcr, Hgh st, Blackhth

Raybould Henry, bootmaker, Old hill

Raybould Jeremiah, earthenware dealr, High st, Cradley hth

Roberts Solomon, greengrocer, Blackhth

Roberts Thos, shpkpr, Modd st, Blackhth

Robertson Thos Hurly, Whiteheath Gate, and carpenter, Whiteheath gate

Robinson James, bootmaker, Cradley hth

Robinson Thos, beer retailer, Five ways, Cradley heath

Rock Morris, chainmaker, Old hill

Rock Wm. & Co, nail, chain, and cable mfrs, Cradley; & Gt Charles st, Brmgm

Rollason Joseph, beer retailr, Blackhth

Rollason Stephen, shopkeepr, Blackhth

Rolinson Wm, grocer and earthenware dealer, Blackheath

Roper Wm, beer rtlr, Colly gate, Cradley

Round Moses, shopkeeper, Cradley hth

Round William, bricklayer, Blackheath

Rowley Thos, beer retailer, Cradley hth

Shaw Herbt, grngcr, High st, Cradley hth

Shaw Samuel, greengrcr, Cradley heath

Shaw Zari, shpkpr, High st, Cradley heath

Sherwell George W, shpkpr, Blackheath

Sidaway Josh, beer retailer, Old hill

Sidaway William, shopkeeper, Cradley

Siveter Jeremiah, shpkpr, Waterfall lane

Siveter William, Beech Tree, and shop keeper, Blackheath

Skelding Charles, bootmaker, High st, Cradley heath

Slim James, manufacturer of nails, rivets, chains, &c.

Slim Sarah J, Handel hotel, Blackheath

Slim Thomas, grocer, Blackheath

Smith John, shopkeeper, New town, Cradley heath

Smith John & Frederick, grocers and druggists, High St

Smith R. H.& Co, iron mrchts, and mnfrs of nails, chains and rivets, Old mill

Smith Samuel, grocer and druggist, High st, Cradley

Smith Sydney, rivet maker, Blackheath

Smith Thomas, shopkeeper, Blackheath

Smith Thomas, shackle maker, Pitt st, Cradley heath

Smith Thomas, grocer, and manufactrer of nails and rivets, Blackheath

Smith Thomas, linendraper, and agent to the Birmingham District Fire Office

Smith Thomas, chainmaker, Old hill

Smith William, tobacconist and gas fitter, High st, Cradley heath

Smith William, Navigation, Old hill

Smyth Thomas Charles, chemist and druggist, High st, Cradley heath

Snelling William, stationer and news agent, High st, Cradley heath

Southall Frederick, hinge manufacturer

Southall Isaac, nailfactor, Cradley

Sparrow Arthur, coalmstr, Cradley heath

Stainton Henry, Ward Arms

Stevens Thomas, shopkeeper, Old hill

Stevens William, Horse and Jockey, Netherend, Cradley

Stoneley Josh, beer retailer, Cradley

Stoneley William, baker, Cradley heath

Stringer Eli, grocer, and chain and cable manfctr, Foxoak lane, Cradley heath

Sturman Samuel, saddler, Old hill

Sutton Joseph Collins, tailor and drapr, Five ways, Cradley heath

Swindell & Collis, coalmasters and brick and tile manufacturers, Granville and Gorsty hill collieries

Talbott George, beer rtlr, Cradley forge

Talbot Mary, Pig and Whistle, Old hill

Talbot Shadrach, shopkeeper, Old hill

Tate Abel, beer rtlr, Colly gate, Cradley

Tate William, beer retailer, Cradley

Taylor, Abraham, shopkpr, Springfield

Taylor Geo, shpkpr, High town, Cradley

Taylor George, bootmaker, High st, Blackheath

Taylor Jesse, rivet manfctr, Blackheath

Taylor Joseph, hairdresser, High st, Cradley heath

Taylor Joseph, rivet and nail manufacturer, Britannia rivet works

The New British Iron Co, Corngreaves

Thomas Charles, bootmaker, High st, Cradley heath

Thomas Edwin, bootmkr, Cradley heath

Thomas John, shopkeeper, Four ways, Cradley heath

Thompson Saml, general dealer, High st, Cradley heath

Tibetts Samuel, grocer, Cradley heath

Tibbets Frederick, grocer, Gorsty hill

Tibbetts John, beer retailer, Two gates, Cradley

Tibbetts, Joseph, Malt Shovel, and grocr and maltster, Colly gate, Cradley

Tibbetts Thomas, porkbtcher, Five ways, Cradley heath

Tibbetts William, New inn, and maltster, Cradley heath

Tinsley Eliza, furniture broker, High St, Cradley heath

Tinsley Eliza, nail and chain manufacturer, Reddal hill

Townsend Edward, draper, milliner and hosier, High St, Cradley heath

Tromans Jabez, Boat, Old hill

Tromans James, bellows manufacturer, furniture dealer and broker, New town

Tromans John, rivet maker, and King's

Tromans Margt, Old Hill Cross, Old hill

Tromans Matthew, chain mnfr, New town

Trow Eliza, shopkeeper, Four ways, Cradley heath

Turner Robert, blacksmith, Old hill

Wakeman E, grocer, High st, Blackheath

Waldren & Skidmore, coalmstrs, Old hill

Wallace William, tailor and draper, High st, Cradley heath

Walters John, Vine

Walters Joseph, butcher

Warr Samuel, brick and tile works, Cradley heath

Warr James, shopkeeper, Cradley heath

Waters Wm, wheelwright, Cradley heath

Watkins J. F, coalmstr, Old hill colliery

Webb Thomas, butcher, Blackheath

Webster Norman P, surgeon, High st, Blackheath

Wesley Thomas, tailor and draper, Old hill

West John, tobacconist, High st, Cradley heath

Weston Josiah, butcher, Four ways, Cradley heath

Westwood Benjn, beer rtlr, Cradley heath

Westwood Jph, chain mnfr, Cradly heath

Westwood Thomas, beer retailer and butcher, High st, Cradley heath

Westwood T, shoeing smith, Blackheath

Westwood Wm, chain mkr, Cradley heath

White Anne, beer retailer, Blackheath

White Samuel, Gate, Old hill

Whitehouse Eli, greengrocer, Four ways, Cradley heath

Whitley Robert, linendraper, Five ways, Cradley heath

Willetts Benjamin, Blue Ball, Old hill

Willetts Daniel, beer retailer, Five ways, Cradley heath

Willetts David, nail, chain, and rivet manufacturer, Old hill

Willetts Eli, butcher, Old hill

Willetts George, grocer, Old hill

Willetts James, tailor, Old hill

Willetts Mary, shopkeeper, Old hill

Williams Benjamin, carpenter, Old hill

Williams Eliza, Netherend tavern, Netherend, Cradley

Williams Geo, shpkpr, High st, Cradley

Williams Josh, chainmaker, Reddal hill

Williams Josh, greengrocer, and dealer in old iron, Reddal hill

Williams Phineas, grocer, Modd st, Blackheath

Wilson William, builder, Blackheath

Wise Joseph, draper and grocer, Cradley

Wood Brothers, chain and anchor manufacturers, Cradley heath

Woodall Daniel, chain mnfr, Garrett's ln

Woodall Samuel, chain mnfr, New town

Woodcock William, shopkeeper, Old hill

Woodhall Wm junr, chain mkr, New town

Woodhouse John, Spring House, and bricklayer, Springfield

Woodhouse William, china and earthenware dealer, High st, Cradley heath

Worton Israel, grocer, Five ways, Cradley heath

Wright John, Sportsman, and maltster, Old hill

Wright Joseph, Prince of Wales, Old hill

Wright Samuel, butcher, High st, Cradley heath

Wright Thomas, butcher, High st, Blackheath

Wyer Samuel plumber, glazier, and painter, Cradley

Wythes Joseph, linendraper and grocer, Cradley

Yardley Charles, chain and cable manufacturer, Four ways, Cradley heath

Yardley Joseph, Chainmaker's Arms, Four ways, Cradley heath

Yeomans Wm, tailor, Colly ln, Cradley


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Title page of Jones's Mercantile Directory (1865)

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Advertisement for Harper and Moore's in Jones's Mercantile Directory (1865)