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“Billing's directory and gazetteer of the County of Worcester, containing a descriptive account of every town, village, hamlet, etc., followed by a general directory”

CRADLEY, a chapelry to the parish of Halesowen, is distant about 2 1/2 miles E. from Stourbridge, on the road to Halesowen and Birmingham. It contained in 1851 a population of 3383 inhabitants.

 Cradley is bounded on the N.W. by the river Stour, and coal and ironstone are found in great quantities and of good quality in this locality ; whilst on the opposite side the soil is a rich clay, and affords excellent pasturage. It is a very populous neighbourhood, and the chief trade carried on is the manufacture of chains, cables, anchors, nails, hammers &c.

 The CHURCH is a plain but neat erection, situate at Church Hill. The Rev. Archdeacon Hone, Vicar; Rev. Charles W. Simons, Incumbent; Rev. G. A. Caley, Curate ; Mr. F. Simms, organist; Mr Thomas Home, Clerk1. Service - 10 30 a.m., and 6 p.m. ; Wednesday, 7 p.m.

 The BAPTIST CHAPEL is a small2 brick building, situate at the top of the town. Rev. John Sneath, Minister. Service - 10 30 a.m., and 6 p.m.

  The UNITARIAN CHAPEL is at Nether End. Rev. Wm. Cochrane, Minister. Service - 11 a.m. and 3.pm.

 The WESLEYAN METHODIST CHAPEL is a large edifice3, situate at the bottom of the village. Rev. John S. Redsdale, Minister. Service - 10 30 a.m., and 6 p.m.

 The PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL is a small building, and was erected in 1853. No stated Minister. Service - 10 30 a.m.. and 6 p.m.

 The NATIONAL SCHOOL is supported partly by endowments, and the remainder by the children's payments.

 THE UNITARIAN SCHOOL, for boys and girls, is supported by endowments and subscriptions. Thomas H. Billingham, Master; Mary Ann Billingham, Mistress. Average number of scholars - boys, 40; girls, 30.


Cochrane Rev. William, Unitarian Minister, Nether End

Homer Mrs. Sarah, Colley Gate

Jones Mrs. Elizabeth F, Tregarren House

Mason Mr Samuel, Nether End

Redsdale Rev. John, Welseyan Minister

Simons Rev. Chas. W., Colley Gate

Swindell James E., Esq., Magistrate

Adams Jabez, victualler, Bull's Head, Over End

Adams Henry, shopkeeper

Attwood James, butcher, Nether End

Attwood William, butcher

Beasley John, victualler, Blue Ball

Bennett Samuel, beer retailer

Bishop & Patshall, tanners

Bloomer Joseph, victualler, pawnbroker, and shopkeeper, Robin Hood

Bloomer Thomas, nail and chain factor

Brettell John, shopkeeper

Cemm Thomas, vice maker, jobbing smith, and victualler, Bridge Inn

Clews Thos. M., woollen mop maker, Park Terrace

Emmett George, shopkeeper, Nether End

Fellowes Joseph, malster and miller

Fellowes Thomas, victualler, Old Mogul, Nether End

Fox Thomas, victualler, Fish

Gadd John, cider seller and fruiterer

Gill Daniel, shopkeeper

Grove John H., beer retailer and shopkeeper, Colley Gate

Haddock John, painter and glazier, Nether End

Hall James, hair dresser

Harper Joseph, farmer, Colley Lane

Hawkeswood Joseph, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Yew Tree

Hawkeswood William, victualler, Rising Sun, Over End

Homer Thomas, Parish Clerk4

Hingley Noah, & Sons, ironmasters, chain and anchor makers, &c.

Hodgetts Charles R., woolstapler, Park Terrace

Howell Thomas, auctioneer, appraiser, victualler, printer, and stationer, agent to the Birmingham Fire Office, Black Swan

Hughes Isaiah, victualler, Holly Bush

Jones Henry, fruiterer

Jones William, maltster, Nether End

Kendrick William, beer retailer

King Messrs., Fire-Brick Works, Nether Endl house, Wassell Grove

Laister Thomas, maltster

Leonard Samuel, sen., shopkeeper and farmer

Mole Fanny, blacksmith and victualler, Colley Gate

Oliver Benjamin, contractor

Owen William, beer retailer and shop-keeper, Old White Lion

Parkes William, beer retailer, Crown

Parrish Henry, victualler, Two Gates

Rock Wm., & Co., manufacturers of nails, rivets, traces, chains, chain cables &c., and at 143, Gt. Charles St., Birmingham see advertisement

Simms Elizabeth, victualler, Crown

Smith Samuel, shopkeeper

Stevens John, chain maker, Nether End

Tate A., victualler, British Arms,Over End

Tibbets John, victualler, Old Two Gates, Park Side

Westwood Joseph, victualler, malster, and shopkeeper, Malt Shovel

Whythes Joseph, grocer and draper

Williams Eliza, victualler, Nether End Tavern, Nether End

Williams Joseph, beer retailer, Horse and Jockey, Nether End

Wood Thomas, spade and shovel maker, &c., Colley Gate House

Wright Alfred J., chemist, grocer, &c.

Wyer Samuel, painter and glazier

Wyer Samuel E, beer retailer

Yeomans W., tailor and draper, Colley Lane


The microfilm at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia (which is almost certainly from the BMSGH films) from which this transcription was prepared shows four hand-written markings on the original, made by persons unknown. While not condoning the defacement of library books, it is intriguing that somebody felt strongly enough to make their thoughts known in this way.

1 The person has marked this as Clerk beadle, now dead. The words "now dead" would seem to indicate that the markings were made perhaps around the turn of the century.

2 Apparently the person felt that the Baptist Chapel was being slighted, for they have crossed out the adjective: small

3 Conversely, they have taken exception to the description of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: a large edifice

4 Again, Thomas Homer's title is corrected: Clerk Beadle

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