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The 1845 "Post Office Directory for Birmingham, Warwickshire and part of Staffordshire" has 316 names listed under "Halesowen, Cradley, &c."

Cradley Links wishes to record our grateful thanks to Jill Guest, who generously gave her time to produce this transcription.


Halesowen is a parish, formerly partly in Brimstree hundred in Shropshire, and partly in Halfshire hundred, lower division in Worcestershire, but now wholly in East Worcestershire, with a population of 17,376 and 11,290 acres; assessed at £73,940. It is divided into the townships of Halesowen, assessed at £5,262; Cakemore, Hasbury Hearn Hill, assessed at £19,921; Hunnington Illy, Langley, Lappal, Oldbury, assessed at £31,575; Ridgacre, Romsley, assessed at £4,401; Warley Salop; Warley Wigorn, assessed at £3,865; Cradley, assessed at £7,980; and Lutley, assessed at £934. The latter three alone were formerly in Worcestershire. It contains the towns of Halesowen, with 2,056 inhabitants, Oldbury with 6,572, and Cradley with 2,686. The district is full of collieries and iron works. The benifice is a vicarage in the diocese of Worcester, valued at £686 per annum, and in the patronage of lord Lyttelton. There are also churches at St Kenelm, Cradley Oldbury and Quinton, the two latter in the presentation of the vicar. Shenstone, the poet, and Caslon, the type founder, were born at Halesowen. Halesowen is six miles south of Dudley, and near the Dudley Canal. The district is hilly, watered by the Stour, which rises in this parish, and by its tributary streams. There is no marsh or common land. There is a good deal of brick earth, and the soil consists of clay and loam. There are quarries of red sandstone and lime and brick kiln. Here are many small dairy farms, and potatoes are much cultivated. The population is chiefly employed in mining, making nails, chain and horn buttons. At Halesowen is a market,on Saturdays, with a smaller one on Wednesdays, but they are not much frequented. It is the seat of the magistrates for the division. Here is a fair held by ancient charter on Easter Monday and Tuesday. The townships maintain their own poor separately. The mother church stands in a spacious church yard at the east side of the town of Halesowen, and is of oblong form, having a nave and aisles. The tower and graceful spire are its chief ornaments. The style is Norman and early English, and it is constructed of red sandstone; the length is about 120 feet and breadth 60. There are two Norman doorway arches, and a Norman font, there is also a costly monument to Major Halliday1, and a monument to Shenstone. In the tower are eight bells. There is a good organ. The church was repaired in 1838, at a cost of £3,000; the incumbent is the Rev. Richard Brindley Hone, M.A. The vicarage has nearly been rebuilt by the present incumbent at his own cost. Here was formerly an abbey about half a mile from the town. There are numerous dissenting meeting houses, also Sunday, National and Infant schools. The day schools accommodate about 300 children. There is a free school. The Netherton Canal passes through the parish. The Grange is the principal seat. The Leasowes, the residence and birth-place of Shenstone is another seat, and there is also Bellevue and Witley lodge. St Kenelm's chapel was erected on the spot where the body of that saint was found. He was the son of Kenulf, King of Mercia. The tower was erected in the reign of Henry III.

CRADLEY, a chapelry and town in the parish of Halesowen, Worcestershire, is situated two and a half miles east of Stourbridge, on the high road to Hales Owen and Birmingham, and is nine and a half miles from the latter place. The village itself lies a little off the main road. It is in the diocese of Worcester, and in the hundred of Halfshire, county of Worcester, with a population in 1841 of 2,686. It forms part of a populous, mercantile,and manufacturing neighbourhood, in which the iron trade is carried on in all its branches. The soil in general is a rich clay, fertile in all kinds of grain, and excellent pasturage, and the lands on the north and west of Netherend (a part of the township of Cradley), abound with coal and iron stone. A Court Baron and a Court Leet are held in Cradley, on the last Tuesday in October, at which the steward presides as judge, assisted by a jury of respectable inhabitants. Within the township are five places of worship, belonging respectively to the Church of England, benefice valued at £116 per annum, the Unitarians, the Baptists, the Wesleyans and New Connection Methodists; attached to the first two are free schools. That belonging to the Unitarians is supported partly by endowment and partly by an annual collection. The number of free boys is 30,of girls 12. The extensive iron works of Messrs Evers & Sons are in this district,and are engaged principally in the manufacture of superior qualities of iron by charcoal, or wood coal, process. One mile from the northern extremity of Cradley, in a romantic vale, agreeably diversified with plantations of firs, is a spring of salt water, highly esteemed on account of its medicinal qualities.

Adams Miss M. Cakemore house

Attwood Geo. Esq. Hawn house

Attwood Miss M. A. the Leasowes

Bissell the Misses, Hunnington

Bloxham Joseph, esq. Halesowen

Bowen Rev. Wm. Netherend

Burr John, esq. Halesowen

Clancy Rev. James, Halesowen

Edge Thomas, esq. Birch hill house

Evers James,esq. Homer hill

Evers Saml. esq. Netherend

Green John, esq. Hagley st

Harris Mrs M. High st.

Hayes Mrs M.A. Netherend

Hayes Wm. esq. Cornbow

Hayes Wm. Steele, esq. Cornbow

Homfray David, esq. Witley lodge

Homfray Jeston, esq. Halesowen

Hone Mrs. Church st

Hone Rev. Rd. Brindley, Church st

Hunt Wm. Henry, esq. Bellevue

Jones Rev. John, Cradley

Kenwrick George, esq. Church st

Matthie Mrs. A.M. Whitehall

Meeres Rev. Nathl. Cradley

Moore Edward, esq. Halesowen

Parker Miss E. Hasbury

Phillips Erasmus B. esq. High st

Phillips Mrs. Hagley st

Skelton Rev. Henry, Quinton

Smith Mrs. Col. the Grange

Tay Mrs. Lucy, Halesowen

Taylor John, esq. Cornbow house

Teed John Luscomb, esq. Cradley

Wood George, esq. Cradley

Wood Thomas, esq. Cradley


Adams Henry, beer shop, Cradley

Adams James, 'Anchor' Gosty Hill

Adams James, 'Holly Bush,' Red hill

Allen Joseph, grocer, Long lane

Attwood James, butcher, Netherend

Attwood Wm, butcher, Cradley

Bache Mrs Anne, beer shop, Cradley

Bache Richard, wheelwright, New road

Badger Richard, tanner, Cradley

Bannister Wm. farmer, Hunnington

Beasley John, beer shop, & sword blade forger, Cradley

Beasley Stephen, saddler, Cradley

Beasley Thomas, butcher, Cradley

Beddall Francis, beer shop, Cradley forge

Bell William, bootmaker, Hasbury,

Birch George, farmer, Red hill

Bishop Thomas, chemist & dea dealer, Cradley

Bissell Thomas John Smith, & Co. grocers & provision dealers, High st

Bissell Thomas & Sons, nail factors, Greenfield

Bissell Thomas John Smith, farmer, Hasbury

Bissell James, farmer, Webs green

Bissell Joseph, farmer, Hunnington

Bloomer Josiah, beer shop, Cradley

Bloxham Joseph M. surgeon, Halesowen

Bradley John, farmer, St Kenelms

Bretell, Homfray, & Bennet, Old Hill & Ridding's colliery

Bridgwater Mrs. Elizth. milliner, &c. Church st

Brunton Richd. nurseryman, Beech lane

Buffrey John, file manufacturer, Cradley

Bullus John, farmer, & earthenware manufr. Mucklow's hl

Burr John, civil engineer, Halesowen

Byng Thomas, beer shop, Cradley

Cemm Thomas, beer shop & vice maker, Cradley

Challiner Samuel, 'Lyttelton Arms,' High st

Chatwin Henry, shopkeeper, Islington

Charlton Mrs. Mary, straw bonnet maker, High st

Cheshire George, miller, St Kenelms

Clay John, shopkeeper, Birmingham st

Clay Mrs. Ann farmer, Cakemore

Clift Thomas, spade & shovel maker, Birmingham st

Clulee James, farmer & beer shop, Hunnington

Clulee Mrs. Hannah, beer shop, Hunnington

Cole John, beer shop, Gorsty hill

Compson Thomas, tanner & currier, Cornbow

Connop Benj. builder, Church st

Connop John, shopkeeper, Illey

Connop Samuel, beer shop, Hill

Connop Samuel, nailmaster, Cart house lane

Cooper Jas. Butcher & farmer, Perry hill

Cooper John, George inn, High st

Cooper John, plumber,&c. Park row

Cooper Richard, farmer, Illey

Cooper Thomas, 'Swan,' Long lane

Cox Mrs.Elizabeth, farmer, Lappal

Cox William, nail factor, Cradley

Crumpton James, plumber, &c. Halesowen

Dallow William

Darby Thomas, beer shop, Gosty hill

Darby William J. farmer, Green hill

Davenport Joseph, farmer, Quinton

Day Edward Green, plumber &c. Cornbow

Dickson Joseph, 'Beech Tree,' Beech lane

Eden John, bootmaker, Hagley st

Edwards Mrs Elizabeth, beer shop, Cradley

Edwards Samuel, farmer, St. Kenelms

Edwards Wm. Evan, anvil, vice, hammer, & nail manufactr. Cradley

Evers Samuel & Sons, manufacturers of a superior quality of rolled & slit iron, charcoal horse nails, rods, best rods, charcoal & best wire rods, plating bars, rounds, &c. Cradley iron works

Farmer John, farmer, Quinton

Farmer John, grocer & provision dealer, Long lane

Farmer Mrs. Mary, farmer, Howley grange

Fellows George, file & rasp manufacturer, Netherend

Fellows Joseph, miller & maltster, Cradley

Fellows Noah, shopkeeper, Halesowen

Fellows Thomas, 'Old Mogul,' & chain maker, Netherend

Fernie Henry, draper, Hagley st

Fiddian George G. saddler, Peckingham st

Finney Laban, brick maker, Spring hill

Foley Ambrose, farmer, Quinton

Foley John, farmer, Quinton

Forrest Jsph. carrier, & bayonet & matchett forger, Cradley

Gadd John, beer shop, Cradley

Ganner Mrs Jane, beer shop, Birmingham st

Garrett William, 'Three Horse Shoes,' Long lane

Gilbert William, tailor, Church st

Glaze John, bootmaker, Hagley st

Gould Amos, horse dealer, Lappal

Granger Edward, beer shop, Birmingham st

Granger George, New Inn2, Whitehall

Granger Matthew, Field Peirce, grocer & druggist, Hagley st

Granger Samuel, fruiterer, Birmingham st

Green Thomas, farmer, Manor farm

Green Thomas, farmer, Lappal

Griffiths Henry, farmer, Netherend

Grove Eli, beer shop, Cradley forge

Grove James,beer shop, Islington

Grove John H. shopkeeper, Cradley

Grove Richard, bricklayer, Hasbury

Grove Thomas, beer shop, High st

Grove William, beer shop, Cornbow

Haddock John, beer shop, Netherend

Hadley William, beer shop & farmer, Cradley

Hall Joseph, beer shop, New road

Harper Edward, farmer, Middle Holt

Harper Joseph, beer shop, Colley gate

Harris George, carpenter, New road

Harris James, maltster, High st

Harris Joseph, farmer, Langley green

Harris Thomas, patent horn button manfr. Spring hill

Harris Thomas, plumber &c. Church st

Harris William, printer &c. High st

Harrison George 'Hare & Hounds, 'Hasbury

Harrison Mrs.Elizabeth, beer shop Cradley

Hawkeswood Joseph, beer shop,& nail & chain ma. Cradley

Hawkeswood Richard, bootmaker, Cradley

Hayes & Son, solicitors, Cornbow

Heath Joseph, beer shop & coal dealer, Manor lane

Higgs John, nailers' tool maker, Birmingham st

Hingley James, jun. farmer, Cradley forge

Hingley Joseph, chain & trace manuf. Cradley

Hingley Noah, manufacturer of anchors, chain cable, nails, &c. Cradley

Hodgetts Henry,butcher, Peckingham st

Hodgetts Mrs Jane, hairdresser, High st

Hodgetts Joseph, bricklayer, Cornbow

Hodgetts Moses, wool dealer & yarn spinner, Cradley

Hodgetts Timothy, farmer, Long lane

Hodgetts William J. farmer, Hunnington

Hodgkins Benjamin, grocer, Cornbow

Hodgkins Henry, nail factor, Spring hill

Hollies Henry, butcher, Spring hill

Hollies William, butcher, High st

Homer Joseph, bootmaker, Cradley

Homer Richard, farmer, Hunnington

Homer Thomas, beer shop, Cradley

Homfray Jeston, solicitor, High st

Horton William, grocer & tallow chandler, Hagley st

Hughes John, bricklayer, Netherend

Hulston William, miller, Lutley mill

Jakeman John, farmer, Ridgacre

Jeptha William, butcher, Hagley st

Jinks Thomas, farmer, St. Kenelms

Johnson Thomas, shopkeeper, Peckingham st

Jones Mrs. Mary, maltster, &c. Hill

Jones Thomas, butcher Cradley

Jones Thomas, nail factor, Olive House

Jones William, beer shop, Islington

Jones William, maltster & farmer, Hagley st

Kendrick Daniel, sword blade forger, Colly gate, Cradley

Kenwick George, surgeon, Church st

Knight Thomas, carrier, Birmingham st

Knight William, beer shop, Spring hill

Lashford John, farmer, Hunnington

Leech Edward, boot & shoe maker, Peckingham st

Leonard Samuel, 'Maypole,' Cradley forge

Lewis William, farmer, Gorsty hill

Lomax John, school master, Halesowen

Macdonald Henry Foley, cabinet maker, Quinton

Male James, boot & shoe maker, Red hill

Mallen Isaac, 'Half Moon,' Peckingham st

Mason Samuel, maltster, Netherend

Mole Daniel, 'Horse Shoe' & blacksmith, Colly gate

Moore Edward, surgeon, Halesowen

Moore Joseph, tailor, Spring hill

Moore Robt. Boot & shoe maker, Cornbow

Moseley George, 'Globe,' & butcher, Peckingham st

Moss Joseph, miller, Grange mill

Moss William, baker, High st

Nash Mrs. Mary, beer shop, Peckingham st

Nicklin William, sword blade forger, Colly gate

Nickolls Henry, farmer, Hawthorn

Nock John, boot & shoe maker, Cradley

Osborne Frederick, farmer, Hunnington

Osborne John, wheelwright, Spring hill

Oxford Joseph, nail factor, Cradley

Parkes Edwin, maltster, Cornbow

Parkes James, shopkeeper, Gosty hill

Parkes Thos. seedsman, Cradley

Parkes Wm. Boot & shoemaker, High st

Parrish John, farmer, New road

Parrish Mrs. Mary, farmer, Halesowen

Parton Peter, 'Cock' Cornbow

Partridge Charles, blacksmith, New road

Partridge John, farmer, Grange

Partridge John, jun. Farmer, St. Kenelms

Partridge Wm. blacksmith, Hunnington

Petford Felix, grocer & draper, Cradley

Phillips Erasmus Benjamin, surgeon, High st

Phillips Mrs. Elizth. Grocer, Peckingham st

Phillips Philip, farmer,Olive hill

Pixell Fredk. farmer, Upper Holt

Potter George, 'Bulls Head' & maltster, St. Kenelms

Potter John, farmer, St. Kenelms

Potter John, miller, Illey

Potter Joseph, farmer, Halesowen

Priest Jotham, chain cable & tracemaker, Cradley mill

Pritchett Wm. farmer, Carthorse lane

Prym Thos. saddler & harnesss maker, High st

Ragg James, farmer, Ridgacre

Reynolds Thos. saddler & harness maker, High st

Robinson Thos. farmer & butcher, Mucklows hill

Robinson Wm. 'Swan' & butcher, Peckingham st

Rock Jos. & Wm. nail, chain & trace manufactrs. Cradley

Rock Fredk. Chain maker, Colly gate

Roper Wm, beer shop, Cradley

Rose Aaron, gun barrel manufactuer, Halesowen mills

Rose Aaron, 'Plume of Feathers,' Church st

Rose Wm. Henry, spade & shovel maker, Birmingham st

Round Wm. plumber, painter, &c. New road

Salt Samuel, bookseller, Cornbow

Salt Mrs. Susan, shopkeeper, Cradley

Shaw Henry, maltster, Netherend

Shilvock Edward, glass & china dealer, Hagley st

Shilvock Wm. nail factor, Islington

Siviter Thos. gas tube manufacturer, Halesowen

Smart Joseph, cattle dealer, Margaret's hill

Smart Robt. Butcher, High st

Smith David, wood turner, Quinton

Smith Edwin, beer shop, Quinton

Smith Isaac, farmer, Illey

Smith James, 'Boat,' Gosty hill

Smith Jesse, boot & shoe maker, High st

Smith John, 'Bull's Head,' High st

Smith Joseph, boot & shoe maker, Spring hill

Smith Joseph, farmer, St Kenelms

Smith Joseph, farmer Hasbury

Smith Samuel, grocer, Cradley

Southall Joseph, wheelright, Spring hill

Southall Josiah, blacksmith, Romsley

Standen Robt. blacksmith, Spring hill

Stevens John, chain maker Netherend

Stevens Joseph, chain maker, Netherend

Stokes Wm. Crown, Bull ring

Stuckley John, farmer, Cakemore

Talbot Thomas, beer shop Cradley forge

Tate Abel, beer shop, Overend

Taylor Frank, blacksmith, Long lane

Taylor Jesse, farmer, Illey

Taylor John, beer shop, Hunnington

Taylor Thos. blacksmith and farrier, Halesowen

Teed John Luscomb, surgeon, Cradley

Thomas Fras. carpenter, Peckingham st

Tibbetts Joseph, beer shop & shop keeper, Cradley

Tibbetts Wm. maltster, Cradley

Tinsley Richard, carrier, Church st

Todd Mrs. Charlotte, preparatory school, Hunnington

Tomlinson Richard, farmer, Hawthorn

Trewalla Benjamin, wollen & linendraper, High st

Turnley Richard, 'Sun,' Hunnington

Vaughan William, spade, shovel & pickaxe maker, Drew's forge

Wakefield Isaac, linen & woollen draper, Cradley

Wakeman Benjamin, miller,Coomb's mill

Wallis James, tailor, Colly gate

Walters Joseph, farmer, Gosty hill

Ward Nathanial, 'Black Swan,' Cradley

Warr Benjamin, brickmaker, Cradley

Webster Thos. chain maker, Cradley forge

Weston Matthew, beer shop, Gosty hill

White Edward, farmer, Romsley

White John, farmer, Quinton

White Mrs. Sarah, beer shop, Birmingham st

White Samuel, beer shop, High st

White Richard, shopkeeper, Bull ring

White Wm. nail factor, Islington

Whitehouse Joseph, builder, Hagley st

Whitehouse Wm. farmer Lower Holt

Willetts Abraham M. farmer, St. Kenelms

Willetts George, shopkeeper, Islington

Willetts, Mrs. Ann, 'Malt Shovel,' & Maltster, Church st

Williams James, 'Royal Oak,' Carter lane

Winnall Thos, beer shop, Hasbury

Withers Henry, beer shop, Hasbury

Withers Joseph, timber dealer, Hasbury

Withers Thos. timber dealer & beer shop, Cornbow

Wood Brothers, anvil, hammer, vice, & edge tool manufactory, Halesowen mill & forge, and at Lye, Worcestershire

Wood George, wharfinger & beer shop, Lappal

Woodall Benj. Lodge forge inn, & manufacturer of iron vices, anvils, butts, &c. Cradley

Wooldridge Semel, beer shop & bootmaker, Cradley

Wright Wm. farmer, Lappal

Wyer Samuel, plumber, Cradley

Yates John, blacksmith, Hunnington

York Edward, nail master, Cornbow

POST OFFICE.- Miss Elizbth. Cox, Postmistress, Letters arrive, per mail from Birmingham, 1/2 past 7, morning, and are despatched 6 evening


Birmingham District, Absolam Coxhomer, Colley gate Birmingham Fire, Matthew F. P. Granger, Halesowen Clerical and Medical, Absolam Coxhomer, Colly gate Phoenix Fire, Benjamin Trewalla, Halesowen


County Police station, George Graham, superintendent Dudley Canal Office, Thomas Brewin, agent Excise Office, Lyttleton Arms Inn, High st Gas Works, Wm. Hayes, manager, Cornbow Stamp Office, Wm. Horton,sub-distributor, Hagley st

PUBLIC OFFICERS.- Hayes & Son, Clerks to the Magistrates for the Halesowen division. Wm. Hayes, esq. Deputy Coroner for the Halesowen division. Geo.Granger Fiddian, Registrar of Births & Deaths for Halesowen division

PUBLIC SCHOOLS.- Free Grammar, John Lomax,master. National, Benjamin Harrison, master ; Mrs Ann Allen, mistress, (Cradley). National, Thos. Fox, master; Mrs. Jane Fox, mistress (Halesowen). Infant, Miss Mary Ann Thompson, mistress. Primitive Methodist, Peckingham street, Henry Pearson, master: Mrs Mary Ann Pearson, mistress. Unitarian, Netherend, Thos. Billingham, master; Mrs Mary Ann Billingham, mistress

POSTING HOUSE.- New Inn, Whitehall, George Granger.

COACHES.- To Birmingham, the Independent, from Stourbridge, calls at the New Inn, every morning at 10, and returns at 6, evening. To Birmingham, Gardener's and Jordan's omnibuses, from Kidderminster, calls at the New Inn every morning (Sunday excepted) at 1/2 past 8, and returns at 5, evening

CARRIERS.- To Birmingham, Tinsley, every tuesd. thurs. & sat. from his house, and returns the same day. To Birmingham, Knight, every mon. thurs. & sat. To Birmingham, Forrest, every thurs. & sat from Cradley. To Bromsgrove, Knight, every tues. To Kidderminster, Ashmore's waggon, from Birmingham, calls at the 'New Inn' every tues & fri. and returns the same day. To Stourbridge, Tinsley, mon. wed. & fri.

WATER CONVEYANCE.- to Birmingham, Dudley, Tipton, Stourbridge, Worcester & Stratford-upon-Avon, Thomas Brewin, agent, Dudley canal office.


Jill Guest has provided the following notes to accompany her transcription:

1 According to F. & K. Somers (Halas, Hales, Hales Owen, 1932)  the "costly monument to Major Halliday" was removed in 1874. This led to the discovery of an old door into the vestry, a sedilia, and an uncommon and curious XII century window, although in each case they were bricked up and plastered over.

In 1792 Mr Horne sold the Leasowes to Mr Halliday, who spent a lot of money in restoring the grounds.

In 1794 John Delap Halliday died at the Leasowes.

2 "Granger George, New Inn, Whitehall"

Jill has very kindly sent this photograph of the New Inn as it was in 1955 - 110 years after this directory was published (1845):

The New Inn, Whitehall Road, in 1955 (photo. Jill Guest)

  The New Inn, Whitehall Road, in 1955 (photo. Jill Guest)  

Jill also writes:

There are 44 beer shops listed in this the directory; 21 are in Cradley, and the other 23 in Halesowen and surrounding townships. My 4x greatgrandfather John Beasley appears as both a sword blade forger and as keeping a beer shop; in later directories this becomes the Blue Ball Inn. Many of the beer shops listed are named as public houses in later directories.

Definitions of some of the trades listed (from the Oxford Dictionary):

  Bridgwater Mrs. Elizth. Milliner, &c. Church st - person (usually woman) who makes up hats or other female headgear

  Compson Thomas, tanner & currier, Cornbow - one who dresses and colours tanned leather.

  Fellows George, file & rasp manufacturer, Netherend - rasp: coarse file having separate teeth raised with pointed punch

  Forrest Jsph. Carrier, & bayonet & matchett forger, Cradley - matchett - broad heavy knife.

  Granger Matthew, Field Peirce, grocer & druggist, Hagley st -  dealer in drugs, pharmaceutical chemist

  Horton William, grocer & tallow chandler, Hagley st - maker, vendor of substance got by melting the harder and less fusible kinds of fat used for making candles and soap

  Priest Jotham, chain cable & tracemaker, Cradley mill - trace: each of the two sided straps or chains by which horse draws vehicle

  Wood George, wharfinger & beer shop, Lappal - wharf owner


1845 post office directory

The New Inn

Post Office 1845 directory  

Post Office 1845 directory  

Post Office 1845 directory  

Post Office 1845 directory  

Post Office 1845 directory