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Bentley's "History, Guide and Alphabetical Classified Directory of Stourbridge" includes a particularly good treatment of Cradley.

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Is a populous Village in the chapelry of the same name, belonging to the parish of Halesowen, which is an isolated portion of Shropshire. The village is 2 1/2 mile E. of Stourbridge, and 2 N.E. of Halesowen, and consists mostly of irregularly built cottages, and a few shops and respectable houses. The township contains about 700 acres, and in 1831 the population was 2,202, but is much increased since that time.

  The land seems well cultivated, but the principal part of the inhabitants are employed in making nails, traces, anvils, gun barrels, and many other articles of iron and steel to a great extent; and there are mines of coal in the neighbourhood, but of inferior quality. An attempt was made some time ago to manufacture salt here, but without adequate success.

  The CHAPEL-OF-EASE, or CHURCH, was erected in 1789, containing seats for 600, with galleries on three sides; and a neat organ was added in 1793, by voluntary contributions. The church is situated full 1 mile N.W. from Halesowen on the brow of a commanding hill, from whch may be seen a fruitful and extensive landscape. The living is a perpetual curacy in the joint patronage of certain trustees, in whom also is vested the lay impropriation, net income £160.; and the present curate is the Rev. John Jones, M.A. There were several small charities belonging to the township, but most of them are lost. The roof, ceiling and other parts of the church being much dilapidated, underwent a thorough repair in 1824-5, by subscription and voluntary contribution. Service commences every Sabbath at half-past 10 morning, and half-past 2 afternoon; and every Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. There are National and Sunday Schools attached to the church.

  BAPTIST'S CHAPEL was erected in 1803, containing sittings for 350, and the Rev. William Davies is the officiating minister. Service commences on Sunday at 1/2 past 10 morning, 1/4 before 3 afternoon, and 6 evening. There is a Sunday School attached, erected in 1830.

  METHODIST (WESLEYAN) CHAPEL is situated in the N.W. part of the township, and is a neat brick edifice, with sittings for 300; it was erected in 1826, but from the increased attendance it is expected to be rebuilt shortly on an enlarged plan, on the present site. Service every Sunday at 1/2 past 10 in the morning, 1/2 past 2 in the afternoon, and 6 in the evening, and there is a Sunday School behind the Chapel.

  UNITARIAN CHAPEL, in Park-lane, Weather-end, was erected by subscription, (T. Pargeter, Esq, of Foxcote, gave £100) in 1796, about a quarter of a mile W. from Cradley Church. It is approached by a gateway, and a few trees shading the entrance, gives it a neat appearance. There is a burial ground, parsonage house, and two fields belonging to it, and a free school for 30 boys and 12 girls. There are also several charities belonging to the chapel. Service commences every Sunday at 11 morning, and 3 in the afternoon. The Rev. William Bowen, of Chapel-house, officiates.

  In Cradley is Noah Hingley's manufactory for chains, cables, anchors, anvils, &c. erected in 1839, and employing about 300 hands.

Adams Henry, victualler, Windmill, Colly Gate

Allchurch Thomas, miller, Colly Gate

Attwood James, butcher, Two-lanes-end

Attwood Joseph, farmer, butcher &c.

Bache Noah, gardener, Old Two Gates

Badger Richard, Farmer

Beasley Benjamin, victualler, Sun ; and gun-barrel maker, Overend

Beasley John, sword-blade forger and victualler, Blue Ball

Beasley Joseph, butcher

Beasley William, butcher, Colly Gate

Beasley William, butcher

Bennett William, tailor,Colly Gate

Best Mr. William Henry, Windmill-Hill

Billingham Joseph, schoolmaster, Park-lane

Bishop Thos., druggist, grocer, &c.

Bloomer John, carpenter, Windmill-hill

Bloomer Joseph, victualler, Robin-Hood

Bloomer Mr. Thomas

Bourn Mr. William

Bowater Mr. James, Park-side

Bowen Rev. William, Chapel house

Brettell James, bricklayer, Netherend

Brettell John, bricklayer

Brettell Samuel, bricklayer &c Old Two Gates

Camm Thomas, beerseller, &c.

Colden Susanna, beerseller, Park-row

Cooper John, plumber, glazier, &c. Park-row

Cox James, gardener, Old Two Gates

Cox Timothy, chain and trace maker, Old Two Gates

Cox William, nail-factor and beerseller

Davies Rev. William

Downing John, millwright, Colly-Gate

Edmonds Mr Ingley, Colly Gate

Edwards Henry, maltster, Park-Row

Edwards Richard, steel manufacturer, Homer-hill

Edwards Mr William Evan, Old Two Gates

Evers Henry, stock-taker, Netherend

Evers Samuel, iron manufacturer, Netherend

Fellows Joseph, miller

Fellows Thomas, chain manufacterer and victualler, Mogul, Netherend

Forrester Joseph, saddler

Forrest Noah, beerseller, Light green

Forrest S., bayonet-blade maker

Haddock John, painter and beerseller, Netherend

Hadley William, beerseller, Park-row

Harper Joseph, grocer

Harper Joseph, beerseller, Colly Gate

Harrison Benj., schoolmaster, National School

Harrison Elizabeth, victualler, Fish

Haslewood George Dowler, surgeon and registrar of births and deaths for the Halesowen District

Hawkswood James, farmer, Overend

Hawkswood Joseph, beerseller and farmer

Hawkswood William Herbert, beerseller

Hill Miss Elizabeth, Windmill-Hill

Hill Samuel, clerk

Hingley Noah, chain-cable, anchor, anvil, &c., manufacturer, Netherend

Hodgetts Moses, wool-dealer, Park-row

Holyoake Catherine, schoolmistress, National School

Homer Absalom, boot, &c., maker, Colly Gate

Homer Noah Cox, beerseller, boot, &c., maker, Colly-gate

Homer Sarah, letter-carrier, Park-row

Homer Thomas, beerseller

Horton Mr. William Henry

Jones Rev. John, M.A.

Johnson Levi, beerseller

Jones George, grocer, Park-row

Kenderick Daniel, sword-blade forger, Colly Gate

Lea Francis, farmer, Old Two Gates

Leonard Samuel, victualler, May Pole, Old Forge

Mason James, farmer, Over-end

Mason Saml., maltster, Netherend

Meredith Mrs Esther, Park-row

Mole Daniel, victualler & blacksmith, Colly Gate

National School, B. Harrison, master, E. Holyoake. mistress

Nicklin William, sword-blade forger, Colly Gate

Oliver William, malster, Netherend

Pargeter Thomas, nail manufacturer, Park-side

Parish Joseph, beerseller, Old Two Gates

Partridge Nr. Samuel, Netherend

Pearson James, beerseller, Old Two Gates

Petford Felix, draper and grocer

Priest James, beerseller

Reading Michael Pratt, relieving officer

Rock John, grocer and boot and shoemaker

Rock Mrs Mary, Colly Gate

Roper William, beerseller and farmer, Colly Gate

Shaw Henry, maltster, Netherend

Smith Samuel, grocer and druggist

Slocombe John, coal-merchant, Park-row

Southall Joseph, clerk, Old Two Gates

Southern Thomas, Colly Gate

Stevens Ed., farmer, Netherend

Tate Abel, victualler, British Arms, Overend

Talbot Mr John, Colly Gate

Tibbets Joseph, beerseller, Park row

Troman Mr. Daniel, Overend

Walker Stephen, beerseller, Light Green

Wallis James, tailor, seedsman, &c., Colly-gate

Unitarian Free school, Park-lane Joseph Billingham, master, Mary Billingham, mistress

Westwood Joseph, boarding and day school, Netherend

Wickes Gerard N, schoolmaster

Wood Thomas, chain-manufacturer, Colly Gate

Woodall Benjamin, iron-manufacturer, Lodge Forge

Wright Daniel, victualler and porter dealer, Holly Bush

Yorkshire Fire and Life Office, G. D. Haslewood, agent


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