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The entry for "Hales Owen, with the villages of Cradley and Netherend" in Pigot's 1835 directory has 252 individuals



HALES OWEN is a market town, situate in an insulated parish of the same name, separated from the county of Salop, and entirely surrounded by those of Stafford and Worcester - the parish extending into the hundred of Halfshire, in the latter county ; 117 miles N.W. from London, 11 E. by E. from Wolverhampton, 7 S.W. from Birmingham, and 5 S. from Dudley. This place is said to have been formerly a borough, though it does not appear to have ever returned members to parliament. The town, which is seated in a fertile valley, consists principally of one street, in which are some respectable houses, and of several smaller streets, containing humbler dwellings, irregularly built. The river Stour, which rises in some hills not far distant, passes the town, as does the Netherton canal, about half a mile from it. Lord Lyttleton is lord of the manor, and holds an annual court-leet, when a high and low bailiff, a constable, and headborough are appointed : a court for the recovery of debts under 40s. is also held every three weeks at the Lyttleton's Arms Inn. This place has been noted for the manufacture of nails, chains, and pearl and horn buttons : there is also an extensive concern, under the firm of 'The British Iron Company,' at Corngreaves ; another for the manufacture of rolled and slit iron ; three extensive manufactories for gun-barrels; others for wrought-iron hinges ; for anvils, vices, and hammers; and for spades, shovels, files, &c. The coal trade is of importance ; bricks and tiles are made to a considerable extent ; the malting trade is respectable ; and there are several corn-mills in the vicinity.

  The parish church, dedicated to St. Mary, and said to have been erected prior to the conquest, contains a beautiful monument to the memory of Major Halliday, and a plain one to Shenstone the poet. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of Lord Lyttleton, and Incumbency of the Rev. G. Biggs. There is also a chapel of much antiquity, dedicated to St. Kenelm,situate two and a half mles S.E. from Hales Owen : it is a donative, in the gift of the rector of Hagley; and in the town are chapels for the independents and Weslevan methodists. The free grammar school here was founded under a commission for charitable uses ; Shenstone received the rudiments of his education in this school. About half a mile from the town are the ruins of the Manor Abbey, founded in the reign of King John : part of the walls are yet standing, but overgrown with bushes and weeds. A short distance from the town are the Leassowes, the seat of the celebrated Shenstone ; and three miles south-east from this place, at Frankley, there was formerly a seat of that profound lawyer, Sir Thomas Lyttleton, author of the 'Tenures,' whose descendant, George, was created Baron of Frankley and Lord Lyttleton in 1757. This seat having been burnt down by Prince Rupert, in the civil wars, and never rebuilt, the family removed to Hagley. The country around here is fertile, and its general appearance pleasing and agricultural, presenting an agreeable admixture of hill and dale. The market, which is, at the present day, of little or no importance, is chartered to he held on Monday; and the fairs on the Mondays in Easter and Whitsunweeks ; but the latter has been discontinued. The entire parish of Hales Owen contained, in 1821, 10,946 inhabitants, and in 1831, 11,839.

  CRADLEY is a chapelry, in that part of the parish of Hales Owen which is in the lower division of the hundred of Halfshire, county of Worcester ; 2 miles N. N. W. from Hales Owen, and 3 from Dudley and Stourbridge ; situate on the river Stour, which runs on the north and western sides of the chapelry, separating it from the county of Stafford. Beautifully situate in a woody district, amid pleasing walks, and on the banks of a large pool or artificial lake, is Cradley Spa, where warm and cold baths have been erected: the water is impregnated with sulphate of soda, magnesia, &c., and is much used by invalids during the summer. An attempt was made, at one period, to manufacture salt here, but with very inconsiderable success. The making of nails and chains constitute, now, the staple trade of the chapelry. The places of worship are, the chapel under the establishment, and three others for dissenters ; the living is a perpetual curacy, of which the Rev. John Jones is the incumbent. A national school, established here, is supported by subscription. The soil of this district is fertile ; and there is brick clay obtained of an excellent quality. The chapelry contained, in 1821, 1,696 inhabitants, and in 1831, 2,022.

  NETHEREND is a small village, in the chapelry of Cradley, adjacent to Hales Owen; and is chiefly to be noticed as having in its vicinity the extensive ironworks of Samuel Evers, Esq. for the manufacture of bar, rolled, and slit iron, for horse-nails, &c. which furnish employment to many hands ; and others are engaged in the malting trade. In the village is a chapel for unitarians, and a free school for boys and girls. The population is returned with Cradley chapelry.

POST OFFICE, Hagley-street, HALES OWEN, Frances Cox, Post Mistress - Letters from BIRMINGHAM (by mail cart) arrive every morning at ten, and are despatched every afternoon at four.


Attwood James, esq. Hawne house

Attwood Miss Mary Ann, Leassowes

Attwood Matthias, esq. Hawne house

Best Benjamin, esq. Corngreaves

Bowen Rev. Wm. Parkham, Cradley

Bradley Miss Charlotte, Cornbow

Brettle Richard, esq. Luttley

Edwards Mr. Richard, Coleman hill house

Evans Rev. Charles, Cornbow

Grazebrook Michael, esq. Belle vue

Green Mr. John, Hagley st

Griffiths Stephen, esq. Horner hill, Cradley

Homfrey David, esq. Witley lodge

Jones Rev. John, Cradley

King Joseph, esq. Chapel house, Cradley

Meredith Miss Mary, Collygate, Cradley

Parsons Mr. Joseph, Dudley road

Piercy Rev. John, Vicarage

Powell Mrs. -, Hagley road

Smith Col. Ferdinand, Grange house

Todd Rev. John, Honnington

Wharton Mrs. Mary, Highfield

Wood Mr.Thos., Collygate, Cradley


FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Dudley road - John Lomax, master

FREE SCHOOL, Netherend-Joseph Westwood, master; Sarah Westwood, mistress

Hart -, (ladies' boarding and day) New road

NATIONAL FREE SCHOOL,Cradley - Henry Sprye, master

Rudge John, Cornbow

Todd Rev. John (gent.'s boarding) Honnington

Westyood Joseph (gent.'s boarding and day) Netherend


Coley Thomas and Co. Buckle mill and Dudley wood

Edwards William Evans (and hammer) Cradley


Hayes William Steel (and clerk to magistrates, and deputy lieutenant of the county) Cornbow

Snow and Wood, Short cross


Homer Thomas, Peckingham st

Nash William, Cornbow

Pardoe William, Cornbow

Russell Elizabeth, High st

Stonley William, Cradley

Whitgrove John, Peckingham st


Higgs John, White hall

Mole Daniel, Cradley

Partridge William, Grange

Standen Robert, Hagley road

Taylor Thomas, Cornbow


Brettell Charles, Islington

Brettell John, Cradley

Glaze John (and patten maker, and leather cutter) Peckingham st

Grove Edward, High st

Grove Thomas, High st

Hawkswood Richd. Overend, Cradley

Hodgkins Samuel, Peckingham st

Homer Joseph & Absalom, Cradley

Nock John, Cradley

Parkes Benjamin, Hagley st

Parkes Edwin, High st

Parkes William, High st

Smith Joseph, Hagley st


Attwood Matthias, Hawne house

Darby Joseph and Sons (and lime) the Hill

Edwards Richard. Cradley

Finney Leahon, Islington

Grove Richd. & Wm. Hagley road

Harrison Elizabeth, Cradley


Brettell John, Cradley

Brettell Samuel, Cradley

Grove Edward, High st

Grove Thomas, High st

Wakefield William, Cornbow


Attwood Joseph, Cradley

Beasley John, Cradley

Beasley Stephen, Cradley

Beasley William, Cradley

Hodgetts Henry, Cornbow

Hollis William, High st

Male George, Cornbow

Neale Edward, Hagley st

Stuart Joseph, High st


Bloomer John, Cradley

Connop Benjamin, Church st

Egginton Richard, Cornbow

Hall Samuel, Hagley st


Attwood Matthias (and lime & fire clay and steel works) Corngreaves and office, Hawne

Darley Joseph and Sons (and lime) the Hill


Dallow William (& timber dealer) Cradley and Hagley

Stokes William, Bull ring

Tinsley Edward, Church st


Hill William (& chain) Netherend

Shaw William, Cradley


Beache Noah, Cradley

Bennett Wm. (& nurseryman) Cradley

Roper William, Cradley


Bissell Thomas & James, High st

Bloomer John, Cradley

Brettell Samuel, Cradley

Briggs Saml. (& druggist) Hagley st

Granger Joseph, High st

Grove Mary, Birmingham st

Hadley John, Cradley

Harper Joseph, Cradley

Hawkswood Joseph, Cradley

Homer Thomas, Cradley

Horton William (and stamp distributer) Hagley st

Jones George, Cradley

Nock John, Cradley

Phillips David (& druggist) Peckingham st

Salt Samuel, Cradley

Smith William, Cradley

Taylor Abraham, White hall

White Benjamin, Bull ring

Willett George, Islington


Beasleys' and Farmer, HAYSEECH MILLS

Eaton Robt. Augustus (grinder only) LUTTLEY MILL, Birmingham st

Edge and Rose, BIRCH HILL MILL


Hodgetts James, High st

Parish Thomas (& hatter)Hagley st

Pershouse Joseph, Netherend


Hardeman James, Birmingham st

Rose William, Birmingham road


Blue Ball, John Beasley, Cradley

British Arms & Bull's Head, Abel Tate, Cradley

Crown, William Stokes, Bull ring

Fish, Elizabeth Harrison, Cradley

George Inn, Geo. Granger,Church st

Globe, Geo. Moseley, Peckingham st

Golden Cross, Thomas Harris, Peckingham st

Half Moon, Margt. Tomlins, Peckingham st

Horse, Daniel Mole, Cradley

Kidderminster Tavern, John Smith, Hagley street

Leopard, Thomas Grove, High st

Lyttleton Arms Inn (& excise office) Samuel Challoner, High st

Malt Shovel, Wm. Willetts, Church st

New Inn, Hy. Hodgson, White hall

Old Mogul, Thos. Fellows, Netherend

Plume of Feathers, Aaron Rose, Church st

Queen's Head, William Ganner, Birmingham st

Robin Hood, Mary Yardley, Cradley

Royal Lodge of Free Givers, Reuben Parsons, Furnace hill

Sun, Benjamin Beasley, Overend, Cradley

Three Horse Shoes, George Farmer, Long Lane

Two Gates, Richd. Beache, Cradley

White Lion, Wm. Roper, Cradley

Retailers of Beer.

Beasley Stephen, Cradley

Bloomer George, Cradley

Bloomer John, Cradley

Brettell Samuel, Cradley

Connop Benjamin, Church st

Cox William, Cradley

Darby Hannah, Cradley

Egginton Richard, Cornbow

Forrest Edward, Cradley

Forrester Noah, Cradley

Ganner William, Islington

Golden George, Cradley

Granger Edwd. (& fruiterer) Birmingham street

Grove Mary, Islington

Grove William, Cornbow

Hall Joel, Cornbow

Harrison George, Hasberry

Harper Joseph, Cradley

Hawkswood Joseph, Overend, Cradley

Hollins William, High st

Homer Thomas, Cradley

Jones Mary, Cradley

Lewis John, Furnace hill

Oxford Thomas, Hagley road

Parish Joseph, Cradley

Parish Thomas, Hagley st

Powell James, Canal basin

Smith Ann, Islington

Switer Thomas, White hall

White Samuel, High st

White Thomas, lslington

Withers John, Church st


BRITISH IRON COMPANY, Corngraves, Benjamin Best, agent

Evers Samuel (and manufacturer of rolled slit iron, for horse nails, rods, & c.) CRADLEY IRON WORKS


Britton James, Cradley

Petford Felix, Cradley

Petford Jason, Hagley st


Harris James, High st

Harrison Elizabeth, Cradley

Jones William, Hagley street

Mason Samuel, Netherend

Oliver William, Netherend

Pardoe William, Cornbow

Parkes Edwin, Hagley st

Shaw Henry, Netherend


Bowler John, Hasberry

Eaton Robert Augustus, LUTTLEY MILL, Birmingham st

Fellows Noah, Elly

Grove William, Hasberry

Moss Joseph, Grange

Raybould Fillias, Cradley


Beasley Joseph and Co. HAYSEECH MILLS

Bissell Thomas & Sons, Greenfield

Bloomer Thomas, Cradley Cox William (factor only) Cradley

Darby Joseph & Sons (& trace and shoe tips and hurdles) the Hill

Edwards Joseph, Cradley

Edwards William Evans (& cable) Cradley

Fellows Thomas (chain & trace) Netherend

Hawkswood Joseph, Cradley

Hodgkins Thomas, Cornbow

Newey Mary, Cornbow

Pargeter Joseph and Thomas, Birmingham st and at Carless green, Stourbridge

Sidaway Thomas, Cornbow and Rowley Regis


Iddridge John, Church st

Siverter Joseph, Islington


Day Edward, Cornbow

Harris Thomas, Peckingham st

Harris William, High st

Round Henry, Hagley St

Round William, Birmingham road


Brakewell William, Church st

Fiddian Geo. Granger,Peckingham st

Prynn Samuel Thomas, High st


Beasley Joseph and Co. HAYSEECH MILLS

Eaton Robert Augustus (plater and steel tilter) LUTTLEY MILL, Birmingham street

Rose William Henry, Birmingham street

Vaughan William (plater and steel tilter) Drew's forge


Bloxham Joseph, High st

Kenwrick George, Cornbow

Moore Edward, Church st

Phillips Erasmus Benjamin, High st

Stokes Thos. Park cottage, Cradley


Bennett William, Cradley

Brettell Benjamin, Islington

Moore Charles, Cornbow

Moore Joseph, Cornbow

Payne John, New road

Wood Timothy, Cradley


Briggs Samuel, Hagley st

Horton William, Hagley st

Lee Thomas, Netherend

Phillips Thomas, Peckingham st


Beach Richard, Peckingham st

Southwell George, Grange

Withers Joseph, Townend


Brewin Thomas, clerk to the Dudley Canal Company, the Hill

Burr John, engineer and mining agent, Highfield house

Compson Thomas, tanner and currier, Cornbow

Farmer William, optic & spectacle glass manufacturer, Hayseech mill

Harris Joseph, horn button manufacturer, High street

Harris Wm. letter-press printer & binder, High street

Hodgetts Moses, wool dealer and worsted manufacturer, Cradley

Hodgkins Edward, wood hoop maker, Birmingham street

Jones Mary, coal dealer and lime burner, the Hill

Moore Charles Clement, road surveyor, White hill

Oliver William, iron founder, Netherend

Reynolds Thos. excise officer, Cornbow

Switer Thomas, gas and steam tube manufacturer, White hall

WORKHOUSE, Church st - Sarah Foley, governess

WORKHOUSE, Cradley - Michael Reading, governor


All call at the New INN.

To BIRMINGHAM, the Tantivy (from Stourbridge) every Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning at ten - and the Nimrod (from Kidderminster) every evening at seven.

To KIDDERMINSTER, the Nimrod (from Birmingham) every morning at ten; goes through Stourbridge.

To STOURBRIDGE, the Tantivy (from Birmingham) every evening at seven; goes thro' Cradley and Rowley Regis.



To BEWDLEY, John Bennett, from the Kidderminster Tavern, every Tuesday and Friday afternoon at one.

To BIRMINGHAM, - Falkner, from the New Inn, every Tuesday & Friday - John Bennett, from the Kidderminster Tavern, every Monday and Thursday and Mary Hackit's Mail Cart, from the Post Office, every afternoon at four.

To KIDDERMINSTER, - Falkner, from the New Inn, every Thursday and Saturday afternoon at two.


To BIRMINGHAM, Benjamin Cole and Ann Smith, from their respective houses, Birmingham st and Bull ring, every Monday, Thursday & Saturday - James Tildersley, from his house, High street, and Edward Forrest, from his house, Cradley, every Tues. Thurs. and Satur.

To BROMSGROVE, Benjamin Cole, from his house, Birmingham st, Tues.

To STOURBRIDGE, James Tildersley, from his house, High street, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


To BIRMINGHAM, DUDLEY, TIPTON, STOURBRIDGE, WORCESTER & STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, boats pass through daily, from whence goods are forwarded to all parts - Thos. Brewin, clerk, Hales Hill Brewin, clerk, Hales hill.

Pigot and co’s 1835 directory

Pigot's 1835 directory - title page  

Pigot's 1835 directory, p. 357  

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