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Pigot's 1829 directory for "Stourbridge, Swinford, Brierley Hill, Cradley and Neighbourhoods" lists 808 individuals

Cradley Links wishes to record our grateful thanks to Elizabeth Grice, who generously gave her time to produce this transcription.


STOURBRIDGE, a populous, wealthy, and flourishing market town and township, forming the central division of the parish of Old Swinford, in the lower division of the hundred of Halfshire; is 126 miles from London, 21 from Worcester, 12 from Birmingham, and 7 from Kidderminster; situated at the south-western extremity of the great midland mining and manufacturing district of England, on the south bank of the river Stour, and near to the head of the Staffordshire canal; by which it enjoys a water communication with all parts of the kingdom. The appellation of 'Stourbridge' was derived from a bridge erected over the river in the reign of Henry VII., previous to which time the township was known by the name of Bedcote, which is still the designation of a contiguous manor. Its vicinity abounds with valuable mines of coal, iron-stone, and clay of a very peculiar quality, calculated for the construction of vessels destined to endure high degrees of heat, without fusion, and for bricks adapted to the building of furnaces. The facility of procuring this useful material for the manufacture of crucibles, together with the plentiful supply of fuel afforded by the neighbouring mines, gave rise probably to the glass works in this vicinity, which were established in 1557, about the time of their introduction into England from Lorrain. Various branches of the iron manufactory are carried on here and in the adjacent villages, which give employment to several hundred hands. There are also two Roman cement manufactories, one in Brettell-lane, and the other at Bedcote Mill. From the advantages which this neighbourhood possesses for the manufacture of this article, it is of a very durable nature, and particularly suitable for aquatic and other purposes. At Bedcote may be seen, a layer of this cement, of about a quarter of an inch thick, which has withstood the action and re-action of a fall of three feet of hot water, from an engine, for upwards of three years.

The church, or rather chapel of ease to Swinford, situate in the Rye-market, is dedicated to St. Thomas, and was built by voluntary subscription; it is not consecrated, which gives the inhabitants the privilege of electing a pastor independent of the parish register: the Rev. Joseph Taylor is the present curate. The other places of worship are, a chapel each for the presbyterians, Calvinists, methodists, Roman catholics and quakers. Numerous charity schools abound throughout this populous parish, conducted upon the most liberal system. Here are also alms-houses for the aged and respectable poor; a bible society, and a public library, the members belonging to which are of the first order of respectability. Two miles south of this town, leading to Bromsgrove, is the magnificent and deservedly-admired park of Hagley, once the favourite retreat of the eminent Lord Lyttleton, and deriving an additional lustre and celebrity from the visits and the muse of Pope, as well as other contemporary classic and literary luminaries. Within five miles of Stourbridge are many other fine seats, and elegant mansions; and, not withstanding this neighbourhood is the seat of works in which the element of fire is employed to bring to perfection the manufactures upon which the prosperity and trade of Stourbridge are chiefly dependent, yet the general appearance of the country is highly picturesque, fertile and pleasing. The chief market is on Friday, but on Saturday the town is also well supplied with every necessary of life; which is exposed for sale in a commodious modern market house, erected on the plan of the new one at Liverpool, and was first opened  October 5, 1827. The fairs are March 29th and September 8th ; the first continues seven days, and is a widely-noted horse fair. By the parliamentary returns for 1821, the township of Stourbridge contained 5,090 inhabitants.

SWINFORD, or Old Swinford, is a populous parish, containing a village denominated 'Upper and Lower Swinford,' partly in the lower division of Halfshire hundred, and extending into south Seisdon hundred, Staffordshire, the village being about a mile from Stourbridge, and participates with that town in the character of its manufactures and trade. In Lower Swinford is situated the parish church, dedicated to St. Mary; the benefice is a rectory, in the patronage of the Rev. T.P. Foley, whose present curate is the Rev. Henry Hickman. Here is a blue coat school, founded by the ancestors of the Foley family; and a free grammar school, which is worthy of mention, as being a foundation to which that eminent scholar, Dr. Johnson, offered himself as an assistant master, without success. It was in this parish also, that Mrs. Siddons, the justly-celebrated tragic actress, made her debut in a barn, now standing in Bell-lane, at the coronation of George III. It is said, also, that this was the place of her birth, and a thatched cottage is pointed out in which, it is asserted, this eminent performer first drew her breath; certain it is that she resided here in very early life. The number of inhabitants in the parish, exclusive of the township of Stourbridge, amounted, in 1821, to 6,137.

BRIERLEY HILL is a hamlet, in the parish of Kingswinford, and the north division of Seisdon hundred, Staffordshire, rather more than two miles from Stourbridge. Here is a chapel of ease to Kingswinford, and a chapel belonging to the primitive methodists, the living of the former is in the possession of the Rev. Charles Neve. The iron works in this hamlet are very extensive; those of the greatest magnitude belong to Messrs. Horton's, and embrace the manufacture of rod, bar and sheet iron, tanks, boilers, &c. &c. The population of the hamlet is included with the returns for Kingswinford parish.

CRADLEY is a chapelry, in the parish of Hales Owen, in the same division and hundred as Stourbridge, three miles east from that town, containing about 1,700 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, High-street, Stourbridge, Mary Oliver, Post Mistress. - Letters for LONDON, BIRMINGHAM &c. are despatched every afternoon at a quarter past three, and arrive every morning at half-past ten.- Letters for BRISTOL, &c. are despatched every afternoon at three, and arrive at half-past five in the morning.- Letters for WOLVERHAMPTON and the North are despatched at half-past five in the morning, and arrive at half-past ten in the morning.


Addenbrooke Hen. gent. Field house

Addenbrooke Jno. esq. the Hill

Amphlett Edwd. esq. Broom house

Amphlett John, esq. Clent hall

Attwood George, esq. Leasowes

Attwood Mathias, esq. Waste

Bate Mrs. Overs, Lower Swinford

Bate Thomas, esq. Old Swinford

Biggs Thomas, esq. Pedmore

Blackiston Rev. Dr. George, Bell Broughton

Brettell Miss Sarah, High st

Brookbank Christopher, gent. New road

Cambden Miss Mary, Church row

Cox Miss Ann, Church row

Cox Samuel, gent. High st

Cropper Mrs. Alice, Heath

Dixon Mrs. Mary, High st

Dudley Rev. Edward, Broome

Durant Mrs. Sarah, Clent

Durant Rev. George, Clent

Edwards Mrs. Mary, Union place

Ensell Mrs. Wordsley

Foley Rev. Thomas Philip, Lower Swinford

Freer Mrs. Anna Maria, Lower Swinford

Gill Miss Ann, Heath

Grazebrook Mrs. Audnam

Grazebrook Mrs. Stourton castle

Green Mrs. Ann, Union place

Hallifax Rev. -, Kinfarr

Hickman Captain Richard, Lower Swinford

Hickman Mrs. Lower Swinford

Hickman Rev. Henry, Heath

Hill Daniel, gent. Rowley Regis

Hobson Mrs. Sarah, Union place

Hodson Rev. John, Lye

Homer Richd. gent. Pedmore hall

Homfray Rev. Jerh. Caswell, High st

Hopkins Rev. Adolphus, Clent

Houseman Rev. J, Kinfarr

Iddins Mrs. Ann, High st

Jones Rev. John, Cradley

Jones Roger, gent. Heath

Lee -, Rockingham hall

Liell Lisses M. & E. Clent grove

Lyttleton Right Hon. William Henry, Hagley hall

Marks Mrs. Elizabeth, Union place

Mason Rev. James Augustine, All Saints, New road

Monteith Mrs. Ann, Hospital road

Neve Rev. Charles, Wordsley

Noel Charles, esq. Brookfield hall

Noel Mrs. Perrott, Lydiate house

Oliver Edward, esq. Heath

Paterson Rev. Alexander, New st

Philpott Rev. Thomas, Pedmore

Pidcock John, esq. Belle vue

Price Rev. -, Stourbridge

Richards Mrs. Sarah, Hospital road

Richards Thos. gent. Hospital road

Roberts Mrs. High st

Robins Miss Elizabeth, Church row

Robins William, esq. Hagley

Rogers Mrs. D. Wassell

Rufford Francis, jun. esq. Yew tree

Rufford Francis, sen. esq. Prescott

Rufford Francis, sen. esq. Bank house

Rufford Philip, esq. Heath house

Scott John, esq. High st

Scott William, esq. High st

Sillitoe Mrs. Sarah, Heath

Smith Ferdinando, esq. Grange house

Stamford & Warrington the Right Hon. Earl of, Enville hall

Sugden Rev. Samuel, New road

Taylor Rev. Joseph, High st

Trump Mrs. Lydia, High st

Turner Rev. J. Hagley parsonage

Waldron Edwd. gent. Breach house

Waldron Thomas, esq. Broome

Warren Rev. -, Drayton house

Webb Thomas, gent. High st

Wheeler Miss Sarah, High st

Wilkes Mrs. John, Heath

Witton Miss Ann, Heath


Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

Bate Samuel, New road

Baylie Misses (ladies' boarding) Church row

Beasley Thos. (gent.'s boardg) Nodland house

Brewer Edmund, Red hill

CATHOLIC SCHOOL, All Saints' - Mrs. Dowler, governess

Chavasse Hannah, Brierley hill

Coltman Miss F. (ladies' boarding) Brierley hill

Cox Mary (ladies' boarding) Lower Swinford

Evans George, Lower Swinford

FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, High st - Rev. Joseph Taylor, head master; Rev. J. C. Homfray, 2nd master

Geary George, Brierley hill

Grafton Mary, Brettell lane

Hill Thomas (gent.'s) High st

Hopkins Elizabeth & Maria, Hollows end

MADRAS SCHOOL, Holloway end - Elijah Cartwright, master - Phoebe Dukes, mistress

Maurice Mrs. Theodosia (ladies' boarding) Church row

Nock Samuel, Heath road

Pemberton Ellen, High st

Perry Louisa and Cordelia, Upper Swinford

Pritchard Sarah (ladies' boarding) Windmill st

Round & Pemberton, High st

Saunders & Dancer, Brierley hill

SCOTT'S CHARITY, Wollaston rd- Thomas Dean, master

SWINFORD BLUE SCHOOL, Upper Swinford - James Fisher, master

WHEELER & GLOVER'S CHARITY, Lower Swinford - Edm. Brewer, master

Whiffen Mrs. U. (boarding) Windmill field

Whiffen Uliage, High st


Baylis Joseph, New st

Grazebrook George, High st

Hunt William & Son, High st

Roberts Henry & Son, High st

Robins Thomas, Church row

Rogers Edward, High st

Wragg -, Church row


Davies John, High st

Matthews Jeremh. High st, & Hagley

Moseley John, High st

Payton James, High st

Rollason Joseph, High st

Webb John, High st


Ballard Edward, High st

Barker Samuel, High st

Benbow Jas. (flour dealer) High st

Bradshaw Ellis & Thos. High st

Burton Thomas, High st

Dockerty Sarah, High st

Heathcock Ann, High st

Sambrook James, Brierley hill

Shirt Richard, High st

Taylor Thomas, Coventry st

Taylor Thomas, High st

Woodward James, High st


Hill, Bate & Robins, High st - (draw on Esdaile & Co. London.)

Rufford, Biggs & Rufford, High st - (draw on Spooner, Attwoods & Co. London)


Billingham Samuel, Wordsley

Bradley James (and coach smith) Hospital road

Davis William, Heath

Deeley George & James, Lye

Fulwood Joseph, Brockmoor

Higginson William, Crown lane

Jordan John, Wordsley

Jordan Samuel, Brierley hill

Mallin David, Lye

Parker Thomas, Holloway end

Penny William, Rye market

Price John, Holy cross

Price William, Bell Broughton

Richard Wm. & Sons (and lock) Beauty bank

Smith Levi, Common side

Thomas Richard, Lower Clent

Thomas William, Hagley

Titley William, High st

Westwood John, Common side

Westwood Francis, Brettell lane


Foster, Rastrick & Co. (and steam engine) STOURBRIDGE WORKS

Horton Joshua (& steam packet & other boilers) Brierley hill

Pearsall Ann & Son, Brierley hill


Fowler Joseph, High st

Heming Joseph, High st

Rollason Joseph, High st


Amphlett John (& patten) High st

Brazier Benjamin, Coventry st

Brindley Thomas, Rye market

Bullock William, Rye market

Coley Joseph, Upper Swinford

Compson Joseph (& patten) High st

Guest Edward, Brettell lane

Hawkswood Richard, Cradley

Hazledine John, High st

Homer Jos. & Absalom, Cradley

Hyrons Joseph, Coventry st

Levi Edward, High st

Lowe George, Heath

Lowe James, High st

Perkins, John, High st

Porters Samuel, High st

Price John, Brierley hill


Baggot John, High st

Guest John, Brettell lane

Hill John, High st

Richardson Thomas, Brettell lane

Scott George, High st


Edwards Richard, Cradley

Green Samuel, Chawn hill

North Edward Parsons, Ley farm

Pearson George, Brierley hill

Pearson Thomas, Brierley hill

Rufford Francis jun. Stepping stones

Warr James, Delph

Wasall George, Brettell lane

Wasall Levi, Moor lane

Wasall Richard, LEY WORKS

Wasall Samuel, Common side

Wasall Thomas, Common side

Wheeley John, Bretell lane


Deeley George & Jas. Hay green

Fallows John, High st

Hartle Edward, Upper Swinford

Osten Thomas, New road

Robinson Robert, Holloway end

Simms Samuel, New st

Stevens Seth, Brierley hill

Webb Joseph, Wordsley


Aston John, Hay green

Attwood Charles, Delph

Brookes Elijah, Coventry st

Brown James, Coventry st

Cooper George, Wordsley

Corbett John, Brettell lane

Darby John, Wordsley

Edwards Sarah, Coventry st

Ellis Richard, High st & Heath

Hancox Joseph, Brettell lane

Higgs James, Brierley hill

Jones Edward, Lower Swinford

Mallin George, Lye

Moore James, Brettell lane

Newey Thomas, High st

Oseland James, High st

Pagett James, Brierley hill

Palmer George, High st

Perkes William, Hagley

Perkes Witton, Upper Swinford

Scriven John, Brierley hill

Siddens Mary, Brierley hill

Skelding Joseph, Brierley hill

Taylor John, High st

Webb James, High st

Webb Thomas, Wordsley

Webb William, High st

White William (pork) Rye market


Allport James, High st

Haynes Richard, Coventry st

Lees James, Worcester road

Nock Thomas, High st

Payton James, High st

Underwood William, Hospital road


Bate George, Waste

Baylie Eli & Co. Bell lane

Binns Joseph, Waste

Coley William, Careless green

Davis Joseph, Brierley hill

Foster & Orme, High st

Harrison & Co. Coalbourn brook

Hill William, Cradley

Hodgson Saml. Stourbridge wharf

Meredith Joseph, Cradley

Pargeter Joseph & Thomas, Lye

Parkes James, Brierley hill

Perrins Thomas, Careless green

Perrins William, Upper Swinford

Sidaway Ths. & Sons, Rowley Regis

Welch Daniel, STAMBER MILL       

Wood Brothers (& cable chain) Lye


Burton Charles, Enville row

Mills Thomas, High st

Parker Richd. & Thos. Beauty bank

Payne Francis, Coventry st


Bland John Handel, High st

Coltman George, High st

Morris Samuel, High st

Pitt John, Brierley hill

Stanton John, Coventry st


 (See Stourbridge clay.)


Attwood Matthias (and lime) Lye

Banks William, White hall

Bannister Jesse (& lime) Brettel lane


Brettell Thomas, Moor lane

Dudley, the earl of, Brockmoor

Hill, Hampton and Co. Lye

Littlewood, King and Co. Lye and Holloway end

Pidcock and Brettell, Moor lane

Rufford Francis, jun. Lye

Wheeley Jno. & Co. Coalbourn brook


Adams William, High st

Corns John, High st

Roberts Robert, High st

Whitehouse Richard, High st


Dallow William, Hagley

Jones Samuel, High st

Pearson William, Brierley hill

Purchase William, High st

Skidmore Jonas, Brierley hill

Steventon Thomas, Coventry st

Young Jos. & Son, Holloway end


Barker Samuel (corn) High st

Dugard John, Brierley hill

Fowler Samuel, High st

Fowler William, High st

Pearsall William, Wordsley


Addenbrook William & Co. Common sd

Aldred James, BEDCOAT MILL

Barker Samuel, High st

Eaton Richard A. Cradley

Fellows Joseph, STOMBER MILL

Jewkes Richard, Coventry st

Parkes Isaac, Cradley

Parrish John and Co. Wordsley

Roberts Daniel, RED HILL MILL

Smith Francis & Sons, Brettell lane


Badger Thomas, New st

Compson Thomas, Rye market

Haynes William, New road

Thomas William, High st


Blew John, High street

Blew William, High street

White John, Rye market


Barnbrook John (black) Brierley hill

Brocksopp Benjamin (black) Lye

Edge Samuel (stone and black) Brettell lane

Evans Richard (stone) Moor lane

Green Benj. (black) Brierley hill

Irons John (black) Amblecote bank

Onions John (black) Thorns

Smith Francis & Sons (stone and black) Brettell lane

Turner Joseph (stone) Delph

Westwood, Moore & Rider (stone) Brierley hill


Pitman Joseph (and leather dresser and parchment maker) Mill st


ATLAS, James Light, High st

BIRMINGHAM, Rd. Hopkins, High st

MANCHESTER, Ts. Cooper, Crown la

NORWICH UNION, Joseph Fowler, High st

PELICAN & PHOENIX, Stephen and Thos. Griffiths, Bank, High st

ROYAL EXCHANGE, James Payton, High st


Attwood Mathias, Waste

Brettell and Rufford, Lye

Brooks John and Co. Lye

Foster James, STOMBER MILL

Hill, Hampton, Harrison & Wheeley, Coalbourn brook

Hughes and Eades, Delph

Littlewood, King & Co. Lye and Holloway end


Rufford Francis, jun. (& glass house, pot, crucible, &c.) Hay green


Green William, High st

Oliver John, Rye market


Webb John, High st

Webb Richard, Coventry st


Cox Nebo, Brettell lane

Davis Thomas, Brettell lane

Dovey Richard, Stourbridge

Evans Benjamin, Wordsley

Jukes Richard, Coventry st

Parrish John and Co. Wordsley

Parrish Joseph, Brettell lane

Parrish Thomas, Brettell lane

Thompson James, Delph


Ensell Richard Bradley sen. (Executors of) Wordsley

Ensells and Co. (of plain and cut) Wordsley

Grazebrook Michael & Wm. (flint) Audnam

Hill, Hampton, Harrison & Wheeley (of black bottles) Coalbourn brook

Littlewood Benjamin & Son (flint) Hollows end

Pidcock, Cope & Co. (of broad glass and bottles) DIAL GLASS HOUSES

Rufford Philip (plain & cut) HEATH GLASS WORKS

Silvers, Mills and Stevens (flint) Brierley hill

Wainwright, Brothers (plain & cut) Wordsley

Westwood, Moore & Rider (black bottles) Brierley hill

Wheeley Wm. Seager (flint) Brettell lane


Biddle Edw. (& cheese factor) High st

Blakeway George, High st

Bland John Handel, High st

Bradshaw Ellis and Thomas, High street and Brierley hill

Brown Henry and Co. High st

Daniel Saml. (& hop dealer) High st

Light Jas. (& cheese factor) High st

Mansell & Webb (& cheese factors) High st

Mapp James & Thos. Brierley hill

Parkes Thomas (& hosier) High st

Pearsall William, Wordsley

Richards George & John, High st

Shutt William, Market place

Tomlinson Thos. (tea) Rye market

Venables Thomas A. High st

Wythes Joseph, High st


Hughes Hugh, High st

Mills Thomas, High st

Morgan Henry, High st

Price John, High street


Ashley Mary, Rye market

Ealand Richard, Coventry st

Hughes Edward & Richard, High st

Oldacre Samuel, High st

Wright George, High st


Crown (and posting-house) John Moseley) High st

Falcon, John Woodhouse, Rye mkt

Foley Arms, Thomas Kings (and porter dealer) High st

Lyttleton Arms, Elizth. Matthews, Hagley

Talbot Hotel (and posting-house) Robert Loverock, High st

Vine, Francis Richards, High st



Emuss, Sanders and Heywood, Brockmoor

Horton Daniel and George (& of round & square rolled rods, cable bolts, angle and rivet iron, slit charcoal horse-nail rods, & boiler-plates & sheets) LEY IRON WORKS, near Stourbridge



Foster, Rastrick & Co. (and steam engine manufacturers) STOURBRIDGE IRON WORKS

Guttery Thomas and Son, EAGLE FOUNDRY


Oliver William, Cradley

Swift John, near Stourbridge

Wheeley John & Co. Brettell lane

Wood Brothers, Lye


Banks William, White hall

Bate John, GREAT BRIDGE WORKS & Red hill


Coley Samuel, Cradley


Foster & Orme, High st


Small, Shears & Taylor (& steel) CORNGREAVE WORKS

Wheeley John & Co. Brettell lane


Bowen John (brazier & tin-plate worker) New street

Hughes Henry, High st

Jeavens Joseph, High st

Pagett Thomas, High st

Perry John, High st

Saunders Samuel, Rye market


Bird Peter, Windmill st

Cooper Michael, Bowling-green la

Guttery John, Brierley hill

Hinnett Edward, Rye market

Saunders Joseph, Hagley


Cooper Thomas, Crown lane

Hopkins Richard (and sub-distributer of stamps) High st


Edwards & Blakeway, High st

Fowler Elizth. & Rachael, Rye mkt

Harris & Penn, High st

Hughes Edwd. & Richard, High st

Maidens William, High st

Stevens Thomas, Brierley hill

Walker Francis, High st


Milward John, Upper Swinford

Young William, Angel st


Addenbrooke Wm. & Co. Commn side

Ash John, High st

Attwood John, Waste

Bate Henry, Coventry st

Beckley Benjamin, Brierley hill

Beddard Samuel, Wordsley

Bird Elizabeth, Upper Swinford

Brett William, Bell Broughton

Brinsford John, Crown lane

Brown Henry & Co. (& hop dealers) High st

Burton William, Holloway end

Collis Thomas Charles (and hop dealer) Rye market

Cooke George, Wordsley

Corser Rebecca High st

Crump Sarah, Broome

Darby Edmund, Rowley Regis

Darby John, Wordsley

Darby Joseph, Clah's plain

Evenson Thomas, Lye

Fellows Noah (factor) Upper Swinford

Fowler Samuel, High st

Fowler Wm. (factor only) High st

Gilbert Richard, Pedmore

Green Samuel, Upper Swinford

Grove Charles, Three-road gardens

Harrison Elizabeth, Cradley

Hawkswood Thomas & Jno. Upper Swinford

Lee Edward, Rye market

Lester Jeremiah, Rowley Regis

Lewis Thomas, George's walk

Matthews Charles, Hagley

Moseley John, High st

Oliver William, Cradley

Pargeter Thomas, Nether end

Parrish Richard & Jas. Wordsley

Partridge Thomas, Rowley Regis

Pearson Noah, Brierley hill

Richards Francis, High st

Richards Thos. Upper Swinford

Rowley John, Coventry st

Shutt William, Market place

Stokes William, High st

Tew William, Wordsley

Tibbits John, Rowley Regis

Walters John, Coventry st

Webb William, Audnam

Wiggin John, Bell Broughton

Worrall Richard, New st

Yardley John, Upper Swinford


Floyd Elizabeth & Jane, High st

Jones Ann & My. (millinrs) High st

Seager Ruth, High st

Starling Elizabeth, High st

Thompson Eliza, High st


Addenbrooke Samuel, Coventry st

Bate George, Waste

Binns Joseph, Waste

Bloomer Joseph, Cradley

Brooks John & Co. Lye Waste

Brooks Joseph, Lye

Edwards Joseph, Cradley

Eveson Thomas, Lye

Grainger Daniel & Stephen, Cradley heath

Grainger Stephen, Upper Swinford

Griffiths William, Upper Swinford

Harrison & Co. Coalbourn brook

Hill William, Cradley

Hodgetts T. W. High st & Hagley

Jones Thomas, Rowley Regis

Nock James(and gas pipe maker) Rowley Regis

Pargeter & Skidmore, Delph

Pargeter Joseph & Thomas, Lye

Perrins Thomas, Careless green

Perry John, Waste

Sidaway Thomas & Sons, Rowley Regis

Sparrow Henry & Edwin, Thorns

Walters Joseph, Waste

Webb Thomas & Richard, Delph

Williams Elijah, Rowley Regis

Wood Brothers, Lye

Woolridge Daniel, Hay green


Goode George, Bell Broughton

Green Isaac, Hospital road

Green Richard Acton, High st

Moreton Joseph, Brierley hill

Nock John, High st

Round Joseph, High st

Smith William, High st

Teverill Richard, High st

Webb Richard, Wordsley

Wright Edward, Hagley


Bartlett William, Brierley hill

Bellamy Henry, Upper Swinford


Aldred James (& ornamental chimney pipe, &c.) BEDCOTE MILL

Smith Francis & Sons, Brettell lane


Barney Rd. (& bed sacking) High st

Grosvenor John, Brierley hill


Corbett George, High st

Richards Benjamin, High st


Barker Jn. (& sickle) Bell Broughton

Foster & Orme, High st

Harrison & Co. Coalbourn brook

Meredith Joseph, Cradley

Waldron Wm. & Sons, Bell Broughton

Wood Brothers, Lye


Bodington John, Brierley hill

Davis E. Wordsley

Davis William, Brierley hill

Deeley George, Brierley hill

Dugard John, Brierley hill

Goode George, Bell Broughton

Gough Richard, Mill st

Gough Thomas, High st

Hodges Thomas, Brierley hill

Holder Phoebe, Coventry st

Jones Henry, High st

Lacy James, Bell Broughton

Lloyd David, Brierley hill

Lowe Thomas, High st

Matthews Joseph, Wordsley

Newell William, Brierley hill

Parkes Joseph, Heath

Parkes Thomas, Coventry st

Richards Thomas, Upper Swinford

Scott Sarah, Angel st

Stevens Adam, Brierley hill

Walters John, Coventry st

Wilson Jane, High st


Beavington Charles, Market place

Blurton John, High st


Bache William, Church hill

Foster & Orme, High st

Hodgson Saml. Stourbridge wharf

Meredith Joseph, Cradley

Owen Christr. & Son, Lower Swinford

Parkes Joseph and Thomas (and wheelwrights) Heath & Kirwan

Wood Brothers, Lye


Darby Joseph, Bell lane

Jackson Joseph, Hagley

Robinson Robert, Holloway end


Brettell & Rufford, Lye

Hill, Hampton, Harrison & Wheeley, Coalbourn brook

Littlewood, King & Co. Holloway end & Lye

Pidcock John, Coalbourn brook

Rufford Francis, jun. Hay green


Appleby Mary (& stay mkr) High st

Compson Ann, High st

Dean Elizabeth, Queen st

Morgan Mary, High st

Wright George, High st


Causer Edward, Greenfield House

Causer John, Long lands

Downing and Causer, High st

Evans and Shipton, High st

Freer William Henry, High st

Greaves Thomas, Clent

Hawkins Robert, Brierley hill

Hickman William, High st

Lister John Matthew, High st

Norris William, Hospital road

Perry John, High st

Storer John, Brierley hill


Davies John, High st

Fallows John, High st

Mathews Jeremiah, High st


*Marked thus are also drapers

*Allden John, Rye market

*Burroughs Daniel, Coventry st

Histon Uriah, High st

Hyde John, Holy Cross

*Jackson Thomas, High st

*Matthews Paul, High st

*Osborne Charles, High st

*Perks Francis, High st

*Perry Thomas, High st

*Saunders John, Brierley hill

*Scott Walter, Heath

*Stokes James, High st

*Trueman John, High st

Walker Edward, Heath

*Wright Henry, Brierley hill


Biddle Edward, High st

Blakeway George, High st

Mansell and Webb, High st

Richards George & John, High st

Shutt William, Market place


Badger Richard, Cradley

Collis John, High st

Pitman James and Joseph (basil) High st


Anchor, Mark Tench, Coventry st

Angel, Joseph Venables, Coventry st

Bear, John Pilkington, High st

Bell, Thomas Jones, Rye market

Bell, Thomas Mees, Brierley hill

Blue Ball, Richard Jones, Thorns

Board, Phoebe Darby, Cradley

Boat, John Payton, Wordsley

Bottle & Glass, Joseph Bates, Moor lane

Britannia, William Lee, Delph

Britannia, Ann Sanders, Coventry st

Bull's Head, -------, Brockmoor

Bull's Head, Abel Tate, Cradley

Bush, Abraham Evans, Common side

Bush, John Farmer, Moor lane

Bush, Edward Forrest, Cradley

Bush, Elizabeth Woolridge, Waste

Cat & Cushion, Geo. Cooper, Wordsley

Chequers, Thomas Biven, High st

Coach & Horses, Elias Barlow, High st

Cottage of Content, Benj. Parkes, Wordsley

Crab Mill, Edw. Hartle, Upper Swinford

Crispin, Francis Shaw, Windmill st

Cross, George Cole, Upper Swinford

Cross, William Cox, Lye

Cross, Isaac Mullett, Brockmoor

Cross, William Parkes, Holy cross

Crown, Francis Westwood, Brettell lane

Dudley Arms, Sarah Round, Waste

Duke William, David Higgs, Delph

Duke William, Ths. Prescott, Coventry st

Duke of Wellington, John Edwards, Wordsley

Duke of York, John Witton, Hay green

Fish, John Evers, Coalbourn brook

Fish, Elizabeth Harrison, Cradley

Foley Arms, Ann Clive, Pedmore

Fortune of War, Geo. Pearson, Brierley hill

Fox, Thomas Morris, Hospital road

Gate, Daniel Mole, Cradley

George III, Hannah Sutton, Wordsley

Hare & Hounds, Wm. Coley, Careless gr.

Hole-in-the-wall, Saml. Hughes, High st

Horse Shoe, William Cooksey, High st

Horse Shoe, Ann Pearsall, Brierley hill

Kings Head, Joseph Dobson, High st

Kings Head, Thomas Penn, High st

Malt Shovel, Ths. Yardley, Lower Swinford

Marquis of Granby, Hy. Moody, Audnam bk

Mitre, William Webb, High st

Mouth-of-the-Nile, Js. Padgett, Brierley hill

Nag's Head, Richard Worrall, New st

Navigation, Rhoda Wood, High st

New Inn, John Attwood, Waste

New Inn, Thomas Cooper, Crown lane

New Inn, Edward Darby, Wordsley

New Inn, Wm. Ledbury, Lowr. Swinford

New Inn, Thos. Tomkinson, Brierley hill

Old Gate, James Raybould, Clent

Pig, Henry Corns, Coventry st

Pipe, Hannah Blew, High st

Plough, Thos. Green, Coalbourn brook

Red Lion, Andrew Newton, New st

Red Lion, James Pagett, Brettell lane

Rising Sun, Benjamin Beesley, Over End

Rising Sun, William Jinkes, Cradley

Rose & Crown, Jos. Tomkiss, Audnam bk

Rose & Crown, Jas. Wellings, Wordsley

Round Oak, John Bowater, Brierley hill

Royal Oak, Ed. Shearstone, Hollows end

Saracen's Head, John Wall, High st

Serjeant, Diana Edwards, High st

Seven Stars, Francis Palmer, Rye market

Shakespear, Frances Brown, New st

Star, Samuel Brookes, High st

Star, George Randle, Coventry st

Star, Samuel Thompson, Brierley hill

Star, Joseph Williams, Upper Swinford

Star and Garter, John Griffin, Heath

Swan, William Richards, Moor lane

Talbot, Thomas Spilsbury, Bell Broughton

Talbot, Benjamin Wellings, Brettell lane

Three Crowns, Thomas Jones, High st

Three Crowns, Wm. Stanley, Hay green

Three Furnaces, Edward Oakes, Level

Three Tuns, Sarah Thatcher, High st

Turk's Head, Margt. Homer, Audnam bk

Waterloo, John Shaw, Brierley hill

Waterloo, Wm. Wyatt, Lower Swinford

Wellington Arms, Sl. Edge, Brettell lane

Wheat Sheaf, Abraham Pritchett Brown, Coventry st

Wheat Sheaf, John Darby, Wordsley

Wheat Sheaf, James Tart, Delph

Whimsey, Isaiah Dawes, Brierley hill

White Hart, Thomas Weaver, Wordsley         

White Horse, Benj. Hyde, Brettell lane end

White Horse, Thomas Parkes, Heath

White Lion, Elizabeth Hall, Mill st

White Lion, Edward Lee, Rye market

Woolpack, Joseph Green, High st


Pearson Oliver, Brierley hill

Robinson Robert, Holloway end

Rollinson Charles, Hospital road


Attwood John (anvil) Waste

Brooks John & Co. Waste     

Coley Samuel, Cradley

Edwards Joseph, Cradley

Eveson Thomas (& chain) Lye

Foster & Orme, High st

Harrison & Co. Coalbourn brook

Wood Brothers (anvil) Lye


Beavington Charles, Market place

Blurton John, High st

Coates Richard, Brierley hill

Edward James, High st


Weston Thos. Stourbridge wharf

Weston Wm. Stourbridge wharf


Carter Thomas, Coalbourn brook

Davis William, Heath

Deeley Francis, Hay green

Deeley Geo. & James, Hay green

Guest Joseph, Hospital road

Moore Thomas, Coalbourn brook

Newnam John, Lye

Price John, Holy cross

Scott William, Brettell lane

Stokes Thomas, High st

Tomkins Edward, Hagley

Wall Richard, Common side


Burford John, High st

Burford Solomon (bell hanger and iron and copper spout maker) Queen street

Welch Daniel, Stamber mills

Willetts William, Church hill


Ash Mary & Son, High st

Barlow Elias, High st

Collis Thos. & Chas. Rye market

Jones Thomas (spirit only) High st

Light James, Coventry st

Nichols John, Rye market

Nickless William, Coventry st

Palmer Francis, Rye market

Richards Francis, High st

Stinson Benjamin, Brierley hill


Blew John, High st

Gough Richard, Mill st

Gough Thomas, (dealer) High st

Parkes Thomas, (dealer) High st


Bate John Henzy, High st

Blew William, High st


Allport Thomas, landscape & miniature painter, High st

Attwood George and Sons, steel refiners, Corngreaves

Beesley & Farmer, spectacle glass manufacturers and gun barrel borers & grinders, Cradley

Berkley Matthew, excise officer, Union rw

Bird John, basket maker, Church row

Bird Peter, librarian, High st

Boden William, clothes dealer, High st

Couch Jno. Collector of excise, Windmill st

Fallows John, architect, High st

Fellows Joseph, spade and shovel plater, Stomber mill

Floyd Ann, governess of poor-house, High st

Godsann Edward, excise officer, Union rw

Grove Chas. Nursery & seedsman, Three road gardens

Hill John, clerk of the market & deputy constable of request Rye mkt

Hodgetts and Son, linsey & carpet manufacturers, Cradley

Hulme & Homer, file cutters, Beauty bank

Jones Noah, livery stable keeper, High st

Lee John, constable, Rye market

Lewis Reese, supervisor of excise, New rd

Lovatt James, excise officer, Union row

Mee Edwd. veterinary surgeon, High st

Mucklow Samuel, constable, High st

Oakes Ed. & Sons, furnace builders, Level

Perry Jos. Casting pot manufacturers, Lye

Raby Thomas, hammer maker, Lye

Rastick Jno. U. civil engineer, Beauty bnk

Rowley John, pawnbroker, Coventry st

SAW MILL, Lord Dudley's - Wm. Robinson, agent, Brierley hill

Simms Henry & Samuel, music masters, Lower Swinford

Simpson John, coach proprietor, High st

Southall Richard, jobbing smith, New s

Southall Thos. china dealer, Brierley hill

STOURBRIDGE CANAL COMPANY, office, Stourbridge wharf - Henry Roberts, agent & chief clerk, High st

Walker Wm. brush manufacturer, High st

Webb Joseph, boat builder, Wordsley

Wyatt Wm. pump maker, Upr. Swinford


To LONDON, the Royal Mail (from Stourport) calls at the Talbot Inn, High-street, every afternoon at half-past three; thro' Dudley, Birmingham &c.

To BEWDLEY, the Royal Mail (from Birmingham) calls at the Talbot every morning at a quarter past ten - the Emerald calls at the Crown - and the Greyhound calls at the Talbot, every morning at a quarter before eleven.

To BIRMINGHAM, the Bang-up (from Kidderminster) calls at the Talbot, every morning at half-past eight - the Invincible, calls at the Vine, every afternoon at half-past two - and the Independent, from the Talbot Inn, every morning at eight - and the Emerald (from Bewdley) calls at the Crown every afternoon at four; all go through Cradley and Hales Owen.

To KIDDERMINSTER, the Bang-up (from Birmingham) calls at the Talbot, every evening at seven - the Invincible calls at the Vine, every morning at elevn - and the Royal Mail Cart (from Wolverhampton) calls at the Anchor, Coventry-street, every morning at ten

To MANCHESTER, the Eclipse (from Worcester) calls at the Talbot, every morning at nine; goes thro' Brierley Hill, Dudley, Wolverhampton, &c.

To STOURPORT, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Talbot, every morning at a quarter-past ten; goes through Kidderminster and Bewdley

To WOLVERHAMPTON, the Everlasting (from Worcester) calls at the Talbot, every evening at half-past six; goes through Brierley Hill and Dudley - and the Mail Cart (from Kidderminster) calls at the Anchor, every evening at a quarter before six

To WORCESTER, theEclipse (from Manchester) calls at the Talbot, every evening at five - & the Everlasting (from Wolverhampton) calls at the same Inn, every evening at half-past seven


To LONDON, John Jolly's Waggon, from Thomas Stokes, High-street, every Sunday morning at eight; goes through Bromsgrove, Redditch, Alcester, Stratford, Shipston, Enstone, Woodstock, and intermediate places - and every Monday evening at six; and Thursday afternoon at three; goes through Kidderminster and Stourport.

To BATH & BRISTOL, John & Wm. Ashmore's Waggon (from Bromsgrove) calls at the Foley Arms, High st, every Wednesday and Friday morning at ten; goes through Worcester, Tewkesbury, Gloucester &c.

To BIRMINGHAM, Samuel Jones, from the Mitre, every Friday night - Joseph Wallford, from Crown-lane, every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday morning at eight - and Thomas Stokes, from High-street, every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

To BRIDGNORTH, Thomas Stokes, every Sunday evening.

To BROMSGROVE, John & William Ashmore's Waggon, from the Foley Arms, High-street, every Wednesday and Friday afternoon at four.

To ENVILLE, John Walford, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning at eleven.

To LICHFIELD, John Wakefield's Waggon, from the Wheat Sheaf, Coventry st, every Mon. & Thurs. afternoon at three; goes thro' Birmingham.

To LUDLOW, Samuel Jones, from the Mitre, every Monday morning.

To TIPTON, John Whitehouse & Sons, every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

To WOLVERHAMPTON, Joseph Wallford, From Crown la, every Wednesday morning at eight; goes through Dudley and Sedgley.

To WORCESTER, Budd, Robins a Co. from the Mitre, every Monday & Friday evening at five - & John Jolly, from Thos. Stokes, High -street, every Monday evening at six, and Thursday afternoon at three; through Kidderminster and Stourport.



To LONDON & the intermediate places, George Rider, Bird & Son.

To LONDON, BIRMINGHAM, BRISTOL, CHESTER, GLOUCESTER, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, SHARDLOW, WORCESTER, and to all parts of the kingdom, John Whitehouse and Sons, and Crowley, Hicklin and Co.

To BIRMINGHAM & WORCESTER, William Partridge.


To BRISTOL, DERBY, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, SHARDLOW, &c. J.G. Ames & Co. Barnett & Co. and Matthew Heath. - Thomas & William Weston, wharfingers.    

Pigot and co’s 1829 directory

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Pigot's 1829 directory, p. 122  

Pigot's 1829 directory, frontispiece  

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