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“Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory, for 1820, Part First. Containing the CITY & SUBURBS of WORCESTER, the BOROUGH OF DROITWICH, And the Towns of Bromsgrove and Stourbridge”


Attwood Joseph, butcher

Auden Wm. pan maker

Bache Richard, vict.

Beasley Timothy, butcher

Beasley Joseph, vict.

Bennett William, tailor

Best Rev. Thomas

Bloomer Jos. nail factor

Bourne William, vict.

Brettle Noah, mason

Brettle Joseph, gent.

Brettle Edward, draper

Brettle John, mason

Coley Sam. iron master

Cox William, nail factor

Darby Phoebe, vict.

Eaton & Darby, farmers

Edwards R. and J. nail masters

Fellows Thomas, vict.

Forrest J. P. farmer

Forrest Edward, vict.

Gingell T, excise officer

Grove D. shop-keeper

Haden John, farmer

Harrison Benj. maltster

Hill William, file cutter

Hodgetts Moses, weaver

Hodgetts Moses, senior, woollen manufacturer

Hornblower William, iron master

Jones Lieut. Paul

Jones Lieut. Silvanus

Lee Francis, farmer

Lee Thomas, farmer

Marston Isaac, farmer

Mason J. barrel forger

Meredith J. scythe maker

Mole Daniel, smith

Mole J. blade forger

Mucklow William, bayonet forger

Pargeter T. maltster

Parker William, farmer

Parkes Isaac, miller

Reading William, glazier

Sanders Wm. shoemaker

Scott Rev. James

Stephens Edward, farmer

Townsend G. glass grinder

Westwood James, farmer

Westwood Benj. Vict.


Lewis’ 1820 directory

Lewis's General and Commercial Directory of Worcestershire for 1820