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Home Copyright Ode to geoffrey By sam taylor

Sam Taylor was born 5th Feb. 1915 at 5 Intended St, Cradley, the home of his maternal grandfather. He died 3rd January 2010, aged 94, an active member of the Cradley Then and Now group until just a few short weeks before his death, and a poet to the end.

He was well known locally for growing his own vegetables, walking from Fatherless Barn to High Town Ragged School every Sunday evening, although he did usually get a lift back up the hill, and writing poetry until well past his 92nd birthday.

He was the winner of the Cradley Day Poetry Competition in October 2007 with this poem, Ode to Geoffrey, our Local Tramp.

He sleeps on the wall in Beecher Road,

He begs his food from one and all,

A tattered bundle protects his head,

From the uneven bricks that are his bed.

Every morning you will see him there,

Dirty and smelly with matted hair,

His feet are sore, his clothes are rags,

All his possessions in plastic bags.

He has no friends, or loves, or blessed abode,

Only the sun, the wind, the rain, and the open road,

Or locks or keys for his earthly wealth.

But he is a free man and answers to none but himself.

Layabout! Dropout! Some glibly say,

and hastily look the other way,

but the gates of hell stand open wide,

to those that pass by on the other side.

 A typical English tramp, not necessarily our Geoffrey!