Welcome to the 'Stephen OnLine' Site!
The aim of this site is to act as a portal for people who wish
to recreate the world wide web of the late 90's.

This site is optimised for vintage computers and or dial up web access.

This site has been developed out of a need to access vintage world wide web sites on an
old Research Machines Pentium 1 Computer running Windows 98SE; with a 56k dial up modem.
I wanted the computer to be able to access the World Wide Web of the 90's so after some
research i found several sites that offer vintage archived pages. However there is not one
central location for it. I therefore set about creating this site to serve as a portal to
the web of the nineties to enjoy some vintage surfing.

The Site has been created in Notepad and coded manually. Designed to resemble the
layout of a typical nineties home user created website. This site is optimised for text
browsers and will work on a machine of any age that can access the World Wide Web.

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If you notice any broken links or have any ideas or suggestions for

the site please contact the webmaster webmaster@marlgray.com

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